Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Xing signs...Love this duck one. doesn't SAY "Xing" so look what I found

Dont you just love them!! To see more X's be sure and check out Jenny Matlock's blog, the X's should be interesting this week

Looking for Old

Love this old gate

Went up to Mt. Baldy. Love the old sign

These flowers were on their last bloom, at closer look, I thought they looked like vintage paper roses.
Then I wish I had picked a few to let them finish drying.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

More photos from the Mountain drive

Love my camera. This is super macro and I was able to blurr the background...on purpose

Love how this root makes a circle

Wildflowers, blue sky, sunshine and warmth. What a day

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day up in the Mountains

First I want to say....I just found out Pacasa only lets me upload 4 pictures at a more are to come. If there is an easier way to downsize the "size" of a bunch of photos at one time that would be great. So, here we started out at the bottom of the mountains

Here we are at the top, looking was so beautiful and green

We found the greatest antique shop...How fun is this outhouse

Posted by PicasaMore of the Antiques...I'll show you my purchases tomorrow

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Urban Barn Sale

How fun and shabby chic are these photos. What a fun place to visit!!
I met my new friend Susan today, we had such a nice time. She treated me to a delighful lunch.
I'll show a few more photos tomorrow. Hope you all had a wonderful sunshiny day!!
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday...

Stacey has such a great eye for the unusual. How neat is this photo. You can even see the cobweb
This beauty was taken on our tropical

I couldn't resist this Pink Strawberry cupcake

Thank you to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for being our host.
Please pop over there to find more pink.
I want to put a shout out to someone that I met while blogging. We
have become such good friends, AND tomorrow we are going to meet in person.
We going to go to the Urban Barn in Escondido, they are having a Street Faire.
Well, dear Susan just started her own blog. If you get a chance, please
stop by and say Hello.
I have another sweet friend Stephanie, she is having a fabulous
Wedding Blog Party.
I wanted to join in the fun...but I couldn't locate my wedding
photos...they are still packed away.
We have been married for 37 years...I must say, our looks have changed!! lol
you can visit her wonderful blog,

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Alphabe-Thursday "W"

This week our class is using the letter W. Check out the other students words usine W at
Jenny Matlock. So...What does one think about in a W. I was thinking Whiskey, but I don't think that is a good blogland word. I came up with Work. I like to work, wether it is play work or hard work, everything is work, sometimes work comes easy, sometimes it is hard.
One thing I have been working on lately, as you all have and photoshop. What fun I am having, but it is work. It is new and requires me to Work to get it right. The photos below are some photos that have come from my fun Work.

Vintage Tweeking

Original and vintage style

I had a little time to play in photoshop. Below is the original I learned how to make a boarder around my photo and I aged it even more. I like the muted look.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Photography Class

I took both these photos for a photography class. I am not sure it is what the teacher wants
Do these photos keep you "in" the photo?
I love the angles of the doorway. with the lamp...I'll let you know if they are "right" or not.

New Camera and Bag

Here is my sweet new camera...26X zoom and an extra macro. LOVE IT!!
I went looking for a bag pattern. There are some lovely bags on Etsy
I looked through every pattern book, I didn't want a big bag

I looked at this pattern a couple of times, its found on those staningd racks of patterns.
After the 3rd time of looking at it and reading the measurements I knew it would
work. I brought it home and compared it to bags on the internet...after cutting
out the pattern I took the pattern pieces back to Jo Anns. Everything was on sale...bag cost..
Fabric $6
Pattern $4
strap from the thrift store $1
I plan to make another...changing the pattern to fit my needs a little better.
I made Stacey the big bag, mine is the small size

Monday, June 21, 2010

Have you had one of those days?

Before I get into my story...Did I tell you about my new camera, if not, I'll get into that another day...right now I'll tell you, this squirrel was soooo far away. My camera has a built in 26X zoom. I was in the car...I cant believe how clear he turned out. Next time I'll take one regular photo so you can see the distance.
Now for my story...We had plans to take my husband to Sarduccis in San Jaun Capastrano, for brunch. The place was packet, the wait was going to be 45 min. AND they only had a brunch menu. So, we got in the car and drove to Dana Point, tried out a Mexican Food place, we even sat at the bar..and waited and waited, completely ignored, (asked a customer next to us how she like what she ordered, she said, usually its really good, but not today) no surprise, we got up and left, We found an Italian place, just a few people were in there, he asked if we had reservations (no) he put us out on the patio. and left us there, no menu, no water....we got up and left. We walked across the street to the Harbor, found a place, out in the sun, next to the beautiful bay, lots of people enjoying the sunshine...had the BEST mahi mahi fish and chips I have ever had...It turned out fabulous. We walked around looking at all the little shops, there was an "art walk" that was fun to view.
Our day turned out to be fabulous!!

While walking around I came across this...funniest thing! Look how he attached his surf board to his bike

Thursday, June 17, 2010

V for Alphabe-Thursday

I pondered upon the "V". I thought about my Dyson Vacuum which I love.
I thought about varacous vein, but, eew. My SIL's (ugh) name is Vickie, I've been to Vancouver BC, its beautiful...but then I remembered a couple of posts ago, I mentioned that we are living life like we are on VACATION...Thats my word.
The picture above is in Santa Monica. We were having lunch at Wolfgang Pucks, outside, and this lady was singing right below us, she was wonderful

Stacey bought these seashells at Seal Beach and made this darling dish to hold her earrings

Oh the freeways around LA. I-5, 210, 710, 605, 2, 101, 1, 110, 57, 60. 10, 22, 71,15 and the list goes on and on.

This colorful bird was at the Aquarium that we went to last week

This colorful ferris wheel was at Balboa Island.
Hope you enjoyed my Vacation living, in So. California~
To visit more "V"'s
Please visit our teacher, Jenny Matlock, she has so many wonderful
students that go out of their way to come up with their own words.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sew Somerset!!!

I received this wonderful comment, last night, from a fellow blogger, saying she liked my tags in the latest issue of Sew Somerset...WHAT??!! I had just purchased this to take on a little trip in a couple of weeks and hadn't opened I ran and got it, acted a little silly with glee....
And there it tags... They didn't say who's was who's, so, I'll tell you...on the page up above mine is on the right...

all of the above are mine but the one in the upper right on the left..thats Colettees.
See the little blue bird, I painted that on fabric, as with the rose.
When we moved back to California, one of the things we said "lets act like we are
on vacation"
So, we have been. Yesterday we went to Long Beach...We found a delightful
restaurant. If you order certain "retainable" fish from their menu, they
would give you a free pass to the Aquarium. Since we were parked across the street from it, we couldn't pass it up.
We had the best time!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

How cute is this

Went to a thrift store yesterday and saw this cute you might remember...I sold everything before moving so I didnt have any shelfs. This was $5.00 and I didn't get it. You know how it goes, I wasn't in the mood to get it into the car, so I left it. This morning I woke up and thought " I better go get that" It was still there...with a 30% discount...hows that.
It was pretty grimy, my husband hosed it down and painted it...a few drips...but hey, he painted it, so I"m not complaining!!
Since I got such a good deal...I bought a new camera, I cant believe I did it.
I researched and researched and researched some more...I dont have the money for an SLR so this Olympus SP 590 UZ is right up my ally...with a built in 20X zoom. I'll let you know when I get it!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Alphabe-T Thursday Upper

This week our class at Jenny Matlocks school it is the letter U. I had plans, I was going to show you all the umbrelas at the flea markets I've been going to recently...but my computer with my photos shut down this morning and there are NO photos.

So, I decided to go with the word UPPER... Its not good, so be prepared.
My upper teeth have crowns
My upper lip has a nasty scar from a kitty incident
My upper eye lids are drooping
My upper forhead has a mole
My upper head needs a new dye job.
oh bosoms need to be uppered
Thats photo. lol. Please check out the other U's, I haven't been ove there yet today, it should be good, it always is

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This one

I cleaned up the bottom of this got the best grade. I'm glad, I love it

Monday, June 7, 2010

When you take a class

You should read the instructions more then once. I was suppose to take WHOLE circles...
with a little movement...

Circles with circles are good. Stacey said people were watching me bending over to take these pictures that were on the Santa Monica pier

You'r not suppose to be looking at this for what it IS...but for the circle and texture...but it sure was