Monday, January 28, 2008

Vintage Vase

There is a great give a way over here for a wonderful new book...go check it out!

I have been working on ideas for this vase...I came across a really old I ripped it apart and used the Tulle and leaves...and again, I spritzed the flowers with Bubblegum Glimmer Mist. I even added the corsage pin...How cute did this turn out??? I'll put it on my ebay tomorrow.
The little cluster of little flowers are vintage and a little washed out...humm.spritz spritz!! Then a Magenta Bird to top it all off!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Glimmer Mist Flowers

Here is my latest creation. This is one of those ugly gold things that painted white.This photo is the back side I found this little heart when I was going through the buttons. It was red, so I sprayed it with pink Glimmer Mist it gave it a beautiful shimmer. The flowers weren't the right I sprayed them with glimmer Mist, I put glue in the centers and added German Glass Glitter, also a touch on the petals.

I glittered the pin tops. I found some great vintage buttons that I added
I used a lighter colored Glimmer Mist or the daisy. The candles are Cranberry Tea Candles that are in their own little cup. I painted the base a pale pink and painted a rose and buds, on both sides. This will be on my Ebay

WoW! What a response to my buttons!'s what I think I'll do, I have bagged up a LOT of bags, I have a few more to, If you email me with your address...I will send them out until I run out, say "Buttons".Stacey and I went to a Home store...we came across this table...we laughed and said...WHAT A CONTAINER FOR A BIRD!!! I whipped out my camera...what do you think??!! A bit big??? lol

One quick trip to a Goodwill, found 2 of these vintage cuties! I'm sure I can get a birdie to fit in it somehow!! LOl... I look forward to hearing from everyone...give me a few days to get the buttons in the mail to you.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


NO! Not my kitties! I bagged up some of the old buttons and will be giving away 3 bags. I painted a rose on the green button and fancied up the box with a rose and polka dots, and also added a tag. If you think this is something you can use, leave me a comment and I will choose 3 winners on Sat.
Now for my latest birdie, this spoon is just gorgous, look at the old shell heart button!! I have just added this to my Ebay

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Free Kitties to non-crafty home!!

What DO I do???? Today was my day off. When I got home I was on the computer and I heard a plastic bag rattling around. So, I had to check it out...going around my desk...I looked of the kitties had a plastic bag in its mouth shaking out what was left...of...CRAFT POWDER SNOW!!! So I followed the trail....they had ripped open the bag in my craft room..... took it all through the living room..... down the hall into the closet.... finished going down the hall.... into the bathroom.... and finishing up with it ALL OVER THE OFFICE FLOOR!!! Now, I think this stuff is plastic...It is so cold and dry outside, what do you think happened to this is stuck to the chairs... the doors... the walls!! AHHHHH !!!! I have a dyson vacuum, its sticking to it, inside and out! When I asked the sweet babies what they were THINKING, they looked at me soooo sweetly...This next week I guess am going to try to kitty proof my house...I thought I was done doing that!! I didn't even have to child proof my house when my daughter was a baby, and now I DO!?! LOL. Anyone feeling my pain??? So much for crafting tonight!!

Monday, January 21, 2008


Can a crafter have to many
vintage white pearl shell buttons??
Look at these beauties!! There's even a couple of big white ones that are begging for roses to be painted on them. There were just a few "treasures" in this batch.
And the Spoons....I'm in heaven!! Then this cup and saucer WOW...It said Pegasus 20 K gold...cant wait to get started on this one!!
And then the table cloth!!
Funny how you can go for weeks without finding anything then when you're almost broke, wham!! Goodies Galore!!
For those of you asking for more spoons with birdies on them...I'm working on them!
I am soooo grateful for all of your support!
I love all your comments...
and yes, I still want to hear the interesting names your pets have...
and yes, I do understand that their names can change when they behave badly. LOL!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

That Darn Cat

Remember my story of how my kitties took my bag of frozen peas, I opened the bag, and they ate them! Well, here is today's antics!

While my back was turned, this one took the bag of spaghetti off the counter, dragged it into the other room and opened it...then started eating them. I was laughing sooo hard, I had to run in and get the camera...what will they eat next???
Have I ever mentioned the names of our cats? Well, one of Staceys cats is "Bug" He started out "otter" He loved to lay upside down and has these huge,long white whiskers and eye brows, then he started bugging us, so it was otter bug, then it was shortened to Bug, they love that name at the vet. LOL ! The other is "Pood"... short for poodle, he thinks hes a puppy dog, loves to chew on shoes and sandles.LOL.Then our two kitties...I am REALLY embarrassed to say..."Dirty" (isnts that awful!) He looks like his paws have been in the mud.. and "Whitie" well, he just has pretty white, clean looking paws. lol. The picture above is Dirty...doesnt look so bad with the flash of the camera lol.
Ok, PLEASE tell me some of you have weird names for your pets!!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Found Treasures

I found the most beautiful pink fabric top with rhinestones all over it...I cant amagine wearing it, must be why someone gave it to the goodwill ! lol. Cant you just see it on one of my pincushions!!

Have you seen those bags of jewlery at the thrift shops with a bunch of ugly looking jewelery...I have never purchased any, UNTIL yesterday...see that yellow flowery looking piece, It GRABBED me!! I had to have it!
Thats really about all that was in the bag...see the white rounds, I they were earrings, I tore off the backs, got out my enamel paints and wa-laa. The daisy is the other one like the one I put on yesterdays birdie pincushion, which I will be painting also..
I remembered to take a picture of these gold thingys...
Here are the items I got yesterday...What do you think...pretty good huh!
Here is my latest birdie. It's ceramic. I painted it with white first then added pink pearl paints, I added a pin to the back of that white earring that I painted. Oh what fun I have had the last couple of days! Dont forget to check out my ebay.

Friday, January 18, 2008

A touch of Gold & Pink Yum!

I really cant wait until Spring. I found this bit of charm today...had to run home and get started! I found the cutest jewelry today, so I thought I would add them to this pincushion. How charming did this turn out!! I love it. I get so excited when things go just right! Stacey and I took a trip to Albany today and hit every junk shop and Goodwill we could find...bought lots of goodies, brought them home a primed and sprayed, ready for color, I got so excited I forgot to show the "before" but tomorrow I'll get a picture of the "middle" then once I get them painted, you'll see them here!! Let me know if you like this pincushion. I love hearing your comments! Its, going on my ebay.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Two Posts in one day!

vintage flower and glass buttons
This is such an unusal sparkly vintage glass beaded leaf.
Aged Crackle finish

Beaded Tassel
We all thought the Vegemite tasted like condensed thick soy sauce.
What do you think we have that the Aussies dont?
Here is my latest creation. I LOVE it. I painted the cone then put a 2 step crackle med. on it, when dry I rubbed it with some metallic black, and couple of golds. Instead of trim around the top I painted it with the same black and added gold dots.
I found this gorgous black beaded tassel. I made a copy of a vintage calling card. I added 3 beautiful vintage glass buttons. Not very valentinie (is that a word?) How about I call it "Paris Chic" Please let me know what you I've got to go get it put on Ebay...
It is sooooo nice having my computer back!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yahoo!! I'm back on my computer

Now that was awful!!! No computer for a few days...I missed everybody! I've had a chance to get a few birds done in the meantime, I can't wait to show you! But first I have to tell you how the Vegemite tasted...maybe these pictures will help...Just to remind you, my friend Natasha sent this to me...from Australia...Im sending out a there ANYONE here in the States that LIKES this?Jenn and Jacqui said to spread it VERY thinTime to take a the same daughter, husband and myselfI must tell the was AWFUL. LOl!!Then one of our kitties thought he would give it a sniff, then a little licky lick...He loved it!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

milk glass

Im making this post very short. My computer went to the pc hospital, should have it back by Wed. Just wanted to mention that I measured the milk glass that my little red birdie is sitting on...its 4" high and 4" wide...little big for an egg cup...isnt this "hobnail" guess I should add that word to my ebay listing....I'll be putting on another birdie on, as soon as I get my computer back...I also found another "goodie" to put my birdies on...stay tuned Ill show you the "before". lol

Friday, January 11, 2008

Milk Glass Pincushion

I love the old milk glass, I have a small collection. I thought I would make a pincushion out of this vase, or candy dish..again...I dont know what these were used for. LOL I love Red and White. I just put this on ebay.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Antique Silver Holder

When I took my little jont out looking for goodies...I went to my favorite antique shop and I found this tucked into a cabinet...oooooh my goodness...what would a birdie look like on this!!! So I made my little purchase and I couldn't put it on hold...I got right to work to see how this would turn out...I am soooo happy with it. It is an old piece...maybe for a bathroom, to put a glass in and then hang a wash cloth on the bottom? Any ideas ?? So I added my little vintage jewelry embellishment and bits of old flowers and lace. I added this little heart that I added German glass glitter to (along with the pin tops) Silver of course.

I almost forgot...Here is what Natasha sent me...I couldnt figure out WHAT it was...I sure wasnt going to open would ask different people that would come into my office...some guy says, Ya, I know what it is...oh good I say. What is it...well, they eat this like we eat peanut butter...I'm like "ew! ITS BROWN" I heard they dont like peanut butter in Australia...Is THAT true?? He went on to say its an "aquired taste". Ummmm do I or dont I??? TASTE IT ??!! LOL

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tussie Mussie Pincushion

I finished the 1st of 4 that I'm doing. The others are taking a little more time...I wanted some I had to go to the bead store...I wanted some vintage I had to go to a few antique shops...I wanted special ribbon...went to a few stores for that...well, you see why its taking a little longer! lol oops, I got an extra photo on here...don't know how to get it off! lol
I'll be getting this on ebay... ummm, I can't add another photo, so I'll show you something Natasha sent me, tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Have you guys visited Vicki's blog...She is soooo creative. She also got me hooked on Glimmer Mist..(I'm up to 12 bottles now!) Vicki's blog today just delighted me...she has a photo of one of my birdies amoung her bounty of pink yummieness.
I'm working on some birdies on Tussie Mussies...Im really excited about them, I should have them ready to show in a couple of days!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Lovely cupcakes

Ok, I showed you those wonderful, beautiful, perfect, charming cupcakes that I received from Natasha. Well, I will try anything...I thought it might be nice if a made a few little cupcakes of my own to add to the cake cant be THAT hard...I had some plaster of paris on hand from a previous I mixed some up with my wooden spoon (the first of my problems) and some in my little cups. I thought I could flatten them a bit, so I dipped the spoon handle in water and then onto the "glob"...ummm, then I had a puddle on top of the "sludge" then as I tried to flatten them it warped the paper...not what I was looking for! I invisioned the lovelyness of Natashas...I look at hers, then I looked at mine...HAVE YOU LOOKED AT MINE!!

Now go take a look at Kari and Kijsa's blog, they have the most beautiful you REALLY think I should try it?? LOL

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Valentine Lovebirds Pink & Minty Green

What was this??? Anybody have any idea what this was? I wondered if it held a fancy salt and pepper, vinegar and oil...I've never seen one, but I knew it would be perfect for my birds...whatever it was! I made a little heart to hang from the center. I left it gold, but if it doesn't sell...I'll have to paint it!lol. I tied gold ribbon and glittered my pins in gold.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Cake plate and cupcakes!

I'm so excited! Look what I got in the mail I received this beautiful 2 tier cake plate from Stephanie and those cup cakes....from great do these look together!! Its been so dreary around here, the sun came out for a half a I placed this in the sunshine, so I could pretend that it is a beautiful spring day!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Glass GIitter Sparkle

This spoon needed a touch of sparkle so I thought I would try the beautiful German Silver Glass Glitter, it really is great stuff. I just added this spoon and bird to my ebay listing...I added silver and pink glittered pins and a little wool heart that I cut out of wool with a tag that says LOVE...I thought it all went so well with this Gorgeous ribbon that I cant stop using!! I have this beautiful vintage postcard, I made a copy to give with this birdie, it says Best Wishes.