Monday, March 31, 2008

Sweet Yellow Birdie

This is the sweetest yellow bird, it isnt showing up as yellow, I'll take another picture...but I had to play around with this digital scrapbooking elements just a bit. This little gal is going to be on Ebay. I hand painted the flowers and leaves. The top was a candle holder
My little helper...likes warm towels!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Buttons, Birds, Boxes

I am going about this all wrong, and backwards...but tomorrow there is going to be a big bunch of button blog photos going on in blog land. so here is my photo. I'll add the link in the morning...all the photos will be on Analises blog...Sugar*Sugar. Isnt this the cutest little box, I'll tell you..It was UGLY when I got it..It was just a hand made box, but these drawers OH MY, they grabbed me!! The color is just what you see in the photo, with a little gold. So it took a bit of work and layers to get the box to match..I was going to sell it, but you know how it goes...I'm going to have to wait until something else comes along to take its My little birdie on the left is a work in progress. The one on top is one I sent to Somerset Mag. I'll be putting it out for sell real soon. The one on the right just sold. I'm going to try to get my cupcake charms put on etsy tomorrow...wish me

Kitty helpers

Oh my sweet little helpers. Can you just hear them..hey bro...what do you think is in here!!
I was going through a little box of mish mash of jewelry, someone wanted to help!
I had some "play" time..I cast these little vintage looking treasures. I used fimo clay and then poured in plaster of worked a bit better then my cupcakes!! One piece is MIA..where do you think the kittys sent it flying off too?

ok, yes, I had these ON my desk, guess they shouldn't have been there! lol
Do you SEE the tip of this can of air...little hard to blow off the computer now!!
Have a great weekend...No more Snow!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm back

My high speed internet decided to take a break! So the tech is to come this morning...guess what! Its working...isnt that the way it is. I thought I would show you the photos of the Somerset Life Mag. They sent me an early copy. My birdies in print...I'm thrilled!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Baby Shoe

OOOOh am I ever having fun. I wanted to get back into soldering, but I wanted to do something that was different, something I really havent seen in blog is my take on the charms...I painted the cupcakes on watercolor paper and framed them. The "big" ones are 1 1/2 square and that tiny one...1" square. I did use the spica glitter pens, they add just the hint of sparkle that I like. I think these would be good to put on my etsy, which I have set up, but haven't used.Let me know what you think. I plan to painting chocolate truffles, cherries...I would love to hear some idea's. Oh, I have painted a birds nest and eggs, thought I would put that in a charm...
Oh the morning sun was shining through my window! Here is another sweet baby doesnt really show, but I spritzed it with gilmmer mist, there is the softest hint of antique pink glimmer.
see the hint of glimmer on the toe area...not really? lol

This little guy is on Ebay
I decided it was time...I gathered all my tools and gadgets. Went and bought a tile to put it all on and now I have a soldering station. I found this clip in the paint department at Home Depot it is perfect for holding up the glass for soldering. My soldering iron is about 20 years old. A bit of crud on the tip. I got it cleaned up, still isnt staying hot on the tip, so I plan to get another, anybody have any idea what kind I should get? I would love to hear what is being used out there. No one mentioned my my banner just a bit big, dont you think. LOL!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

And you thought....

Just when you thought they might not be getting into trouble....

Saturday, March 22, 2008

New Birdie

Here is my latest charming friend, I hand cut all these little flowers and notched them and then added the floss to pull in the little petals, I also dyed these cut leaves and stitched veins in I nuts??! lol. The centers of the flowers are pins that I glittered. I have this sweetness listed on Ebay

Friday, March 21, 2008

And The winner is....

From My CHEERY Heart....Dolly

Thank you all for coming by and saying hi,
the celebration was fun!!

Staceys' Apt.

I'm going to take you on a little tour of Staceys apt. It is so darn cute!! Look at her printer...nope, you cant buy them like that! Didnt she do a great job painting it!
This little cooking hat came with red shoes...would have looked just fine in my house! LOL, but she gave them a coat of green
The picture above is above her tiny kitchen sink. She found and painted this HUGE salt shaker. The S was a great find also. She has quite a collection of oils
We have found quite a few pears at thrift shops, she has repainted them. The black and white candle on the right is a handcarved candle, so beautiful when lit.
Here are two handcrafted vase holders, we have the most wonderful art fair every summer.
An Ikea curtain, it puts such a pretty color in the room with the sun shining through it.
Ok! Who says you cant paint your toaster if it isnt the right color! LOl. Yep, she painted it!
Heres another one of these wire shelfs...she LOVES them!!

This isnt the best picture, but I had to show you this HUGE pear, it is brass and she painted it, Look at the great fork! She painted that too.
The phone jack is on the wall, so she has to put her phone somewhere. Look at this great collection of LeCreusets!!
I love how these older apt.s have such character..We did find out this use to be an old motel!
Do you see another pear!! yep, those are more salt shakers
All the things you see here...bought at different thrift stores!
Interesting mirror
See those bottles on the right and that frame. Stacey sent in photos to Jones Soda and they put them on their should have heard me whoop it up in the store when I found them.LOl They have her name on them and where shes from...pretty cool!!
on the bottom shelf...little tiny pear salt and pepper, glass and metal, she bought those off of ebay.
One last shot...a few more of the unique salt and pepper grinders that she has found and painted!

Hope you enjoyed seeing what a 26 year old likes..

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'll pick a winner tomorrow!!

I'll be picking a winner tomorrow, so be sure and comment if you are interested!!

Let me explain this picture!! While my husband was getting in the closet...his jacket fell off the hanger. This little one crawled inside the sleeve and was wiggling around. Dean got to laughing and called me in, I of course...ran and got my camera, then he poked his head out.Soooo darn cute!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Little Teapot

I was busy putting the groceries away in the kitchen, I came back to get the kitty food...well, what is left of it!! lol. You'd think I never feed them!! *Note to self: Put Kitty food away FIRST*
This is my latest...cute shabby chic teapot. I dyed the lace with glimmer mist. Its listed on my ebay.
Dont for get to sign up for my free blog giveaway, It's the little red birdie in the cup! Just leave a comment on THAT post.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy 200th Blog Give-away!!

WoW 200 posts!! I cant believe it! REALLY!! I have Never had such fun and ALL the wonderful gals that I have met!! I LOVE YOU ALL!
SO....see this little red birdie...well, I am giving it to one of my wonderful blog readers!! I will pick a winner in a few I need to pick a date right now?? Ok, how about Fri eve. Just leave me a message on this post and a name will be picked!!
Now on to a BIT more red...Stacey and I went to a great antique sale and she found this...anybody know what it was used for???...other then a kitty holder!! Looking closer it use to be black...we sprayed it, it is now black again.
Nothing is safe from these two!!
One more thing...I got an early copy of Somerset Life with my birdies in it...4 PAGES!! wooohooo! Who would have thought!!! It is SUCH a lovely magazine!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Robins Egg Blue Bird Pincushion

This first photo is a little blah... But, look at that handle...its a beauty.
Here is my latest creation that I just put on is just a bit busy.
How many photos do you guys take before you get one you like??
I brought home some wonderful small wild daffodils, guess who liked them...

It was sooooo yummy, he asked his brother to join him. Do you like that classy vase. LOL, my hubby loves starbucks ice tea...I'm glad he finished it!!
Another subject...I was checking out Dawns site The Feathered Nest, and she showed this book. I googled the author and she is having a class up in Portland...The one class I would like to take is full, she said she would open up another class on fri if there is enough interest...anybody in the area interested??
Heres the LINK
The class is Junk Metalsmithing! Looks fantastic