Wednesday, April 30, 2008


My sweet little birdie is sooo happy and she's telling her friend Cricket that she is soooo glad that she didn't have to go out into the public without her make up on!! Can you hear her chirping?! New blush will do that to a birdie!
I finished my newest creation. I added a hint of a pink vintage hanky, just because it was the perfect pink. On the pincushion is vintage buttons, a pearl blingy thingy, a sweet little butterfly, vintage flowers and pins that I glittered.

The sun was JUST right, can you see the little crackles, just the right amount.
I just added this to my EBAY

New project

My sweet little Bunny's By the Bay bunny is holding my latest. I got this done yesterday...hopefully I can finish it up today. I took a little silver plated sugar bowl which didn't look new or old so I gave it a make-over. Priming and painting. After I was happy with the way it looked....
I added a crackle finish to it, and slathered my most favorite paint...metallic champagne gold, it gave it just the right amount of shimmer. Oh my, the sun is out today! Makes for a great day!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

And The Painted Bird Nest goes to.............

Donna Lynn
Here is my latest creation. She thought the nest was for her...but no...its going to the **WINNER**... Donna Lynn of Blushing Rose Antiques. Thank you all for signing up...I'll tell you, I enjoyed it so much, I'm working on another giveaway.
She's all decked out with her shimmery ribbon.
See this hat full of flowers. They are all glued on, so I have to carefully pry them off. See the three flowers on the pincushion...amazing what a little Glimmer Mist will do. While I was at it, I spritzed little more color on the birdie. There in the front...cutest tiniest vintage button I think I've ever seen. Look at that price tag $4.50...about 15 years ago!
Look at this spoon handle. I left the patina, just the way I found it, doesn't it show the scroll work nicely. I don't know if I should point this out...but my little birdie doesn't have rosy cheeks, poor thing...yes, there is a story. Well, I haven't spoken about my little kitty critters, they have been behaving them selfs (well, sort of) I had my little blush container on my desk. When I came home the other night I was looking for it. Not sure why I mentioned it to my hubby, he said there had been an accident, one of the sweet adorable kitties had knocked it off, when it hit the floor, it broke open and pink powder went EVERYWHERE. He actually cleaned it all up (slight tint to carpet) So, off I go to find more pink powder...LOL

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pink, Pink, Pink

The perks of making fun things that go on the wall...I hang them up and enjoy until they fly off for someone else to enjoy. Thank you, everyone!!! Oh my goodness. Do you have any idea how great I feel, seeing the response to the little GIVEAWAY. Thank you thank you!! Oh...if you haven't signed up...I'll be picking a winner tomorrow.
Here is a wall sconce that I painted pink. I think its ceramic. I shaded behind the scroll work, then highlighted areas with pearl to make it stand out.
Along with this birdie, you will be getting the handpainted rose on the button pin, and a rose on a charm that I made this morning, which is on a tag that I spritzed with Glimmer Mist. There are a few glittered pins. Look at that beautiful piece of vintage lace, also a bit of vintage millinery. I'll be adding this to my EBAY

Friday, April 25, 2008

Nippon China Cup Pincushion

I'm down to the last couple of birdies that are in the the Somerset Life Magazine.
I added this to my EBAY.
This china cup is marked " Handpainted Nippon "
The flowers are exquisite.
Be sure and scroll down and sign up for my giveaway.
Bj is having bird themed a giveaway HERE

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Robins Egg Blue Giveaway!

I thought I would have a little
Thank you to everyone that has left me a comment on my Robin Egg Blue plate.

Please leave me a message on this post and I will give someone this "little plate" It's silver plated and made in Italy. Its a whopping 4". I crackled it and added my glittery metallic paint to make the cracks show up. Lets see...I will pick a winner on Monday.

Not just another pretty plate...

My obsession with Robins Egg Blue started with this little box, working with colors to get the box to match the drawers.Then I came across this wonderful sugar bowl with aqua patina on it.
The silver plate was to new looking. I sanded it down. I tried to patina it, using a variety of techniques, I wasn't real happy with it, it turned to dark. so I sanded it lightly, sprayed it with a fixative, painted it with blue-greens. It was still to new looking
After painting the nest and flowers I put on a crackle finish...carefully I started out with Champagne gold, it was pretty, but I really couldnt see the cracks and it was to shiny.

So I jumped in and went for it...a dark metallic paint, wiping and blending...oooh I was loving it.
I just love how it turned out.. aged to perfection! I primed the center and painted it with chalkboard paint. Let me know how you like it. It's going to be added to my Ebay

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Note to Self

Don't put the Honey Bear in the microwave.

Don't put the plastic tongs next to the pot of boiling pasta!

The little birdies eggs ARE NOT TOYS!!
one is broken and one is MIA!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Little Birds Nest

This is one little 4X4 wrapped canvas.I'm showing the glimmer in the left one, the right one is showing the side where I wrapped the branch around. I painted a sweet little nest with robins egg blue eggs. It has a crackle finish that I glazed over with a Champagne Gold. This is now on Ebay

I added little blossoms, in honor of Spring.

I was at a little spring bazaar and it was closing time. It was labeled "toilet paper holder"
I'm thinking..rolls of ribbon...I'm running up to the checkout counter, I stopped a helper lady and said "How does this open" she pulls on one end and says..."like this" so I bought it. I get it home and guess was broken, thats why it moved on one end...It doesn't open, so I can't use it...not only do I ask...what is it...I ask...what can I do with it now...I'm not going to pass it along as a useless piece of plastic... I may use it on my blog as a useless "give-away" lol

Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring Birdie, Hydrangeas

oops, I got two pictures on, I cant figure out how to take one off...oh well, this is a tin a friend gave me. I sponge the background, painted the sweet birdie, then added the hydrangeas.

I'll be putting this on ebay tomorrow...I had to paint SPRING!!! We had snow in our rain again today, enough all ready, bring on Spring!! lol.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Vintage Enamel Plate

Here's what I did to a vintage enamel plate. I love the blue edging. I left the little chippy showing.
I made little tubes for flower seeds out of copied vintage French music. I've had this little glass creamer for years, now I feel like I have put it to good use. How cute would it be to put a real bouquet of flowers in the creamer.
I drilled (with my new dremel)holes in the plate to attach an old key and also to make a hanger on the back
I made the charm to hang from the key adding glimmer mist colors to the paper.
I then painted the quote on the rim and painted the Hydrangea and rose...adding the cutest little bumble bee. I just put this on my Ebay.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Vintage Copper

I found another piece of copper, isn't this one beautiful!! I love the trim around it...and the handles...ooooh, what to do with this!!? I also got a ladle...ummm, how would THAT look on this?? I found this lovely Emily Post book. Next time I post, I will try to give you a little info. on common mistakes in etiquette, from 1939...oh how far we have come!! Also inside this book was a stack of old newspaper clippings of Emily Post...they are wonderful...I need to figure out something to do with them. I had more photos to show you, but blogger is misbehaving today.
The patina is so beautiful. I wanted to show you an old key that I have been playing around with, It was to bright, so I rusted neat! Now I have a silver sugar bowl that I am trying to give a a blue-ish patina to...oh, and I wanted to show you my new tools. Please check back for more show and tell.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Blue Bird~Blackboard~Baby Shoe

Isnt this a beautiful design on this spoon
I've been busy, here is another little plate that I painted with chalkboard paint,
then added a nest with 3 little robin eggs and vine with sweet little berries and leaves,
I added a touch of metallic paint to the branches.
This little blue bird on the spoon is one that was featured in the Somerset Life mag.
Here is the other little shoe (the other shoe is on the copper plate) I wanted to paint and then age this sweet shoe. I used Glimmer Mist then metallic paints, a touch of pearl. Can you see the little soft polka a dots?? I painted a little rose on the toe of the shoe, I dyed the silk ribbons, I wanted the one around her neck to pull out the color in the rose.
I have just listed all these goodies on my EBAY

Monday, April 14, 2008

Winners & Copper

This is what it all started with. I'm at the Goodwill with Stacey and I came across this BEAUTIFUL tray. Now, Stacey laughed and know, I cant believe they didn't throw this away!!..I in return said...oh no! It's so beautiful! Laughing I said "Its coming home with me!"
I didn't know what I was going to do with it, but I was I laid it down and we started picking out different things and sitting them next to it wondering how we could make this all come together.
I needed a way to hang it. Stacey suggested attaching this little hanger, so I drilled two holes with my new toy...(I got a cordless lithium ion dremal... I love it!) I typed "nest" on the center paper of the hanger. I also drilled holes to hold the little jar, that Stacey picked out. It was so much fun having her work with me on this. I attached the old lace so it could be untied to take off the bottle to fill with water for real flowers, It would also be sweet holding vintage flowers. I used some Omni gel to transfer the words "flowers for all seasons" onto the bottle The necklace was a little pearl bracelet that I aged.
I bent some old black wire, added sweet vintage buttons. I also soldered a copper wire to the back of the charm which is holding my painted nest. The tag is a vintage one, I added a little button and attached the description "nest" from an old dictionary. The old rusty bell on the shoe is original to be shoes, how cute is that! I added coppery colored glittered pins and more old buttons to the pincushion. Please check out my EBAY listing
Now for the winners. I do want to THANK YOU for coming over to visit and leaving a message. I met a lot of "new to me" bloggers.
#1 Rose Garden Romantic
#2 A Bit o Paris 2 U
#3 Michaele
#4 The Farrier's Daughter ( Lindsey, I made you one)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Blog Giveaway

Now this is what Im talking about!! A whole day of painting chocolate!! Here is a close up of the finished chocolate...its suppose to be at the bottom of this post, but it wanted to be
Heres my giveaway. I made these paper flowers, were sooo fun to make..I made a little to many, I painted some with metallic paint and I spritzed some with glimmer mist. some were made from very vintage french sheet music that I copied. Please say you would like a flower and I will pick a three winners on Tue.
Here is the underpainting.
close up of the chocolate underpainting
scratched in some fabric texture.
Let me know what you think. It was so much fun! I sat where I could see Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens it was 85 we had all the windows and doors open. It was heaven!