Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years!!

I'm so excited, a friend gave Stacey and I tickets to the Rose Parade, front row ticketsStacey changed the decor on our fire mantel, sparkly red and white. Most of the goodies came from scouring the thrift shops.

The metal leaves were brass, a little spray paint and they fit in real well. The red vase is a Viking glass vase

I left the lights up, they add a bit of sparkle. The red beads, half price at Micheals.

Now for a tour of our day. We wanted to find out where our seats were located and where we wanted to park...We started out getting gas, the price jumped up 15 cents a gal.over night, ouch.

There's our spot...over on the left

This was at 10 am, balloons, chairs, tables,
Did you HEAR how cold it is ???? it could get down to 34 tonight

I'll be back tomorrow with my New Years Update!!
I am SO excited!!! I love the beautiful floats!!!
Oh yes, we asked my husband to drop us off, there was
NO parking spots left on the streets, and I just couldn't pay the $30 to parking in the parking structure...they said it could take hours to get out, when it is over.

Monday, December 27, 2010

I Got Bit By a Bug...

Have you ever been caught, crouching down low, on the sidewalk, taking a macro shot of
the old wall?? Pretty funny watching peoples reaction.
That bug, its a good one...the crafting bug. I've been waiting for it to hit me, I had 4 days off,
I looked around, poking and proding my crafting things, looking to see what I may have started...this little 4" square popped into my hand, and away I went. What fun I had, paper, glue and paint, what more could a gal ask for...
oh, there is one more thing I could ask online class with Misty Mawn, I'm all signed up
ready to go, only had to get one pencil I had the rest of the supplies. I've heard such wonderful things about her class, I cant wait for it to start.

The next bug that bit me was...sewing. I wanted to try my hand at some free motion stitiching
WHAT FUN. It does work better with the feed dogs (weird name huh) down!!

After stitching, I used So-Soft paints to lightly tint the designs

Out and About Town

As a surprise, Stacey took me to the Border Grill, Downtown LA. Susan Feniger has been on
the Food Network a number of times, The decor was as outlandish as she is. But the foooood,
Some of the finest tasting dishes ever!

Two different kinds of embanadas each with different sauces

Fresh , soft, whole corn tamales!!!!

Then we walked around a bit. Love this reflecton of one building in another.

Cute little fluffy guy

Love these round buildings. Ritz Carlton, maybe, I dont remember. I love how
the sun was hitting the windows

This was yesterdays lunch, also downtown LA
Salmon with sweet potatoe fries

Salmon with pesto pasta,
Thankfully we had enough to take plenty home!
Life is good,
the sun is shining, 69 degrees
we did have a spooky moment today,
I'll tell you about it tomorrow.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sharing what I saw today

Stacey and I had the best time today. We were waiting for a store to open, so for a half an hour, we walked the street in Venice. Thought you might like to see what I saw, take a little trip with me....These boots are made for walking, how fun are these!!
In an alley

An old brick building, I love the old signs

We tried out a new restaurant, it wasn't open yet, so we walked around for a bit,
we were next to the Staple Center

Anyone watch Hell's Kitchen, this is the LA Market that the chef that won, works

Venice was busy. It is so hard to find a parking space!!

This restaurant had a line around the corner when we first got there,
not sure what all the whoopla is all about, its a fancy pizza place.
While we were walking by all the people....

we walked by this actress, Shili Appleby, she is from
Life Unexpected

Tumbleweed and Dandilion shop. High prices!

Mountains got more snow
I'll have a few more pictures next time
Hope you enjoyed your trip with me

Friday, December 24, 2010

With Coffee and Camera

This is what I'm talking about!!! Sunny California on Dec. 24~ Ya~hoo!

I woke up before the family and decided to take a little drive around our neighborhood.
With a cuppa Coffee and Camera
I thought I'd show you what I saw on my adventure
Snow Capped Mountains

Such beauty

This is right outside our door.
Sunny California...Delightful!!!
Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday to all
my blogging friends!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

And The Rain Went Away

Oh what a beutiful day we had today. We had a chance to dry out a bit.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rain Update

I am sooo concerned. We are to have a HUGE amount of rain between midnight and 7 AM
Im concerned for the tenants that are in low areas, that the rain may get so high as to go in their apartments, I'm concerned for the tenants that live underneath another apartment, the upper decks are causing water to drip down and causing dripping water, inside the apartment. We are buying tarps to help this, but will it help??? ugh! To get from their carport to their apartment they HAVE to go through a river of water run off.
Enough of the rain problems...the good news...oh my goodness, We got a bonus check from our boss, he is the most kind and generous soul and he gave us a HUGE raise. We are so blessed
that we made this move and found this job. Everyone said "when things are right, they will work out" and boy howdie, have they ever.
Exept for the rain, now remember, I'm from Oregon, born and raised, you'd think some rain wouldn't get to me, BUT, Californias didn't build for heavy rains. They don't know how to drive!!
And the umbrellas, thats the big joke, a true Oregonian doesn't carry around an umbrells, ever!
In Calif, you don't see anyone without an
Another funn..., a lot of gals (ok, me too) are still in flip flops, you're going to get we
I cant give them up...its not cold, just wet.
Just as a reminder, in case you are new to visiting me, I'm an apartment manager.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away!

It wont stop raining!!! An inch an hour, totally flooding.
I couldnt get this photo corrected, that water does NOT belong there

This is a covered area...there is only one little dry spots later.
It is suppose to rain harder and for 2 more days. ugh.
We saw one care flip over on the freeway.
We have these electronic signs on every freeway
the one today..." SLIPPERY WHEN WET"
no joke.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy little sock Snowlady

For Pink Saturday, I am showing you little snowlady that I made a few years ago out

of a tube sock. I'm glad I kept one!!

Please join other Pink Saturday gals at Beverly's How Sweet the Sound

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Look, I Love Rust!

On a resent trip to a local antique mall Treasures and Junk, I fell in love with rust all over again
Love old Tonka trucks.

And the old pumps, I'm so glad they didn't end up in a city dump

I cant resist old glass jars..$1 each, no tax, yes, I bought a few.
Please visit more L's for Alphabe-Thursday
with Mrs. Matlock, our teacher,

Monday, December 13, 2010

My Day Off...

I mentioned earlier that I was a Food Network junkie...did you watch the show with these trucks??? These gals won all the challenges, but the lost in the end. We looked them up on line and found out where they were going to be...traffic was awful, but we struggled through it, and made it!!

We got there a little early, had a nice conversation with the lady you see standing there.

She LOVEs their food and come often, she said to try the handmade lemonade, if they had it...soooo good.

So here you go, we started out with hot delicious cheese filled won tons, cream cheese and jalapeno good, we shared one with the gal that we made friends with

My was tiny, but packed full of flavor, lemongrass chicken with marinated carrots

This was their sandwich. banh mi. Stacey got tofu in hers, 12", we split it. The bread, I've never had anything so good and light, but a crispy top.

The lemonade was something else. It had mint and basil in it. Very light and refreshing.
Well worth our trip. All this for $9.
Oh, I must mention
we ate this outside
it was 88 degrees
warm and balmy
I don't miss it being cold and rainy, or snowy
If you must, scroll back up and take a look at that sunshine
I LOVE So. Calif!!!!