Saturday, May 31, 2008


Look at this new product!!!! Its made by Folk Art. PINK it comes in 7 colors. I wanted to try it out before I got like a charm!!
I'll put this pink chalkboard on Ebay.
Stacey and I went to the Famous Iris garden...its about a mile from where I live. Obama visited a couple of weeks ago. Martha Stewart visited last year..has put it in a couple of issues of her mag. It really is beautiful...acres and acres of beauty.
Sadie Olive is doing a "red" week. Here is my RED poppie
14 done...36 to go. My local art store had a few, they ordered 50 for me. They didn't arrive, and I have a deadline (I think he forgot to put in the order) anyway 10 came in. What are the chances of them not coming in on the next order...I really want to have these done and sent by next Friday and he's HOPING they will be in on FRIDAY...I'm getting a little I got on the phone, found 3 shops that had off to Portland we the end of a long day, I now have my 50 canvas. So, heres the story, I was contacted by some gal who saw one of these on my ebay and asked if I could do 50 and have them shipped to her for 2 different baby showers. She said she was in Georgia. After negotiations I found out she was from this company...Entertainment Design Group Check it out if you have a chance...its a "WOW" company, I am honored that I was contacted.

Friday, May 30, 2008

No Calorie CHOCOLATE!!!

Hey!! Its FRIDAY Yay!!! Time for a GIVEAWAY!!! How do you like this yummy piece of Chocolate?? I painted this little charm with watercolors...did a little soldering, and then used black patina...sanded it a bit...Just leave me a message...Question...
Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, or White Chocolate ( I know, its not really
I'll pick a winner on Monday. Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tools of the Trade

One done...49 to go. I got an order for 50 of these canvas' ! Paints and Brushes
I have been asked about my tools for different projects, so I thought I would share...
Sewing a must for birdies and bears...some of my dyed wool, sharp scissors.
My old soldering iron bit the here is my new on with the temp. control built in. I picked up that heavy piece of iron at a junk yard for a couple of bucks...for hammering my links.
Nice old hammer, has great balance. My creme brulee torch...a "must have" for making those nubbies on the links, this flux and solder came from Home great
Oh yes...the metal ,its waiting for me to get busy
To make charms...foil, glass, solder, flux, clamps, a few goodies to have on hand, I also use a large tile that I got at Home Depot
And last but not least...Glimmer Mist. I like making these tags to put in the packages I send off, as a thank you. Thats a little of my dabbling. I forgot the buttons, old flowers, the glitter, the spoons, the lace...maybe another What to work on next????

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Little Silver Plate

I cant stop!! I just loving painting on these little silver plates. Its painted with chalkboard fun to write...Good Morning...Have a great day...Love you...I love the patina on this one. I did punch holes to hold a chain. I have one of those pink punches that scrapbookers use all the time.
Its 7" wide
Its going on my Ebay...a wonderful blogger, Karen, suggested I change my Ebay
name, so...I tried..charmingdesigns, it was taken so I went with" l.charmingdesigns"
Now I feel bad. I was given a couple of awards and the whole 7 weird things about me...
I cant find off I go to check all my comments LOL

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lets Laugh together

Is this not the funniest chicken!!
I made up this pattern, turned out as cute as I hoped
I did a little painting, added some red glittery pins
Sweet little old container. I picked this up years ago in the little town of Los Gatos, Calif.
Again, thank you to everyone that signed up for my giveaway...not knowing what it was going to The winner is LORI of Faerie Window!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Giveaway unveiled.

I got busy this weekend and finished up a little blue bird.
I forgot to add the" spoonful of sugar" to it. I have put her on my ebay.
This is the giveaway
I cant believe all the sweet comments I received.!! I have to admit that was kinda fun. Well, here it is. Thank you all for playing along with me!! This is a small watercolor that I did, soldered my new soldering iron, then I made a little birdnest...I made four before I could get it small enough. I think it turned out pretty cute. Let me know what you think
Look at this beautiful handle
I added this little butterfly, it is so beautiful and sparkly
Check back tomorrow and I will have the winner....

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Stephanie Lee Class!!

Here is my finished piece. I took the finished canvas, added the chain that I made and my little birdhouse.
Looking at this zoomed it...ummm is that an 8 or S????lol
The making of chains....sooooo much fun!!

Round bezel and my first little house
This little rose is made out of many uses!!
Here is the book. and extra chain that I made. We did some etching. I made a necklace for my bottle
Oh my goodness!! What fun we all had! It was a small class, lots of hands on work. Stephanie is a doll!. After 2 full days, I think we all learned how to do EVERYTHNG in her book, and that is a lot! The first day we made the bezel house and round bezel, I haven't decide what to put in mine If you all have a chance to take from her...she's the best!!
Thank you Stephanie!!

By the way...I laughed when I got home last night and saw how many people signed up form my giveaway without know what it is!! LOL you gals are nuts !!LOL I love it!
Be brave...don't forget to sign up for my free unseen GIVEAWAY!!'
Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Unseen Giveaway

Just thought I would quickly give you a little note...I am going to a two day workshop with Stephanie Lee and I am sooo excited. While I was packing up my supplies, my little buddy thought he might want to come along...too cute. I'll have show and tell in a few days...

I wanted to post a giveaway...but didn't get a picture taken...ummm, this might be fun,
Anyone want to sign up for a "sight unseen giveaway" you trust me. LOL?!
Leave me a message and I'll pick a winner on Tuesday!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sweet White Milk Glass

I love milk glass. This is the smallest cutest little creamer. Its only 2 1/2 high. This sweet tweet is soooo cute. I got its shape just perfect and little from its beak to tip of her tail is only 3" oooh so cute!! Altogether it measures about 5 " high!! And this pins that I glittered...looks like those snowball flowers. I gathered up a couple pieces of silk ribbon, and yes, she has her blush on!!
I didn't stop there, I made a little hang tag to go with it. I'm putting this on my ebay
Don't you agree...its just soooo cute!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Little chalkboard

Penny at Lavender Hill Studio won my little charm. Thank you for your suggestions. I have more little plates, so I wrote down all the sweet words you gave me. I'm putting this Chalkboard on EBAY..I'll have to take a better photo tomorrow. I did crackle it and rubbed a soft metallic paint in the cracks.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


My pictures got all mixed up and it wont let me move them around, hope you can follow me. We have a wonderful place called Bridgeport that we visit once a week. Its about 45 min. from home, but so worth the trip. We lived in California so long, there are things we miss, this has that feeling. It has been such a rainy season, the sun finally showed up, it got up over 1oo degrees, breezy and BEAUTIFUL.
After we had lunch we stopped in for a little Gelato. Yumm.
This picture was suppose to be last..but here it is. I took a group pictures off the things I have on Ebay right now. The sweet little bird on its Pearls of Wisdom will be over today.
I'll be adding this pink canvas to ebay today.
I would like to add some writing around the top of this, but havent quite figured out what it should say, I'm asking for help here...any ideas?? If you leave me an idea you'll be on the list for this charm below, I'll be giving it away Monday Evening.

This is where we started out. Our favorite place to have lunch...Look at that sky!!! LOVE IT!!
Did I mention this was a day with just Stacey and great to have my best buddy be my daughter too. Her favorite shop is the Z Gallery. She could decorate her whole place from here.
Starting with this couch. Yup, its black...and beautiful...and expensive!! It would look so great in her place. After we came back to our town, we spent the rest of the day looking for an affordable black couch, we think we found it..."gotta sleep on it" you remember being told that?? lol
Last place we stopped at is my favorite...Crate and Barrel!! Take one more look at that sky!!Not a cloud to be seen! Have a great Sunday everyone!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Givaway

Rustic...primitive...thats what I'm calling it..I got a new soldering iron and boy is it good. It melts the solder so fast I had so its not as smooth as I would like, I need to practice practice practice, so, if you like this look and would like to have this little charm with my watercolor nest, leave me a message on this post and a winner will be chosen on Monday
I'm putting this little canvas on my ebay. I rubbed it down with metallic paints, crackled the nest, added the buttons.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Glimmer Mist and Pink

See what happens when I go to a really great scrapbooking store Running with Scissors. I love their ribbons...couldn't a yard of each Yes...#21 in Glimmer Mist I cant believe I have that many, but I do use every one, my latest..Patina a dark aqua, I'll play with it today and let you see. I did use Glimmer Mist to change the color of the ribbon that I chose for the laces. I did put these little shoes on Ebay will they sell??A the last minute I remembered I wanted to enter a bag for Somerset. I sprayed some bags with chalkboard paint. I wanted to keep it simple because the flowers are so busy. I used Glimmer Mist on those to tint the color.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Baby Shoes

You've probably noticed, I kinda like Robins Egg Blue! lol. So I painted this vintage baby shoe with a color that I mixed. See the little birdie nest...then a sprinkling of mini roses. I dyed the ribbon around her neck to match the shoe.
a few glittered pins, a couple of vintage buttons
Cross hatching on the top. I then put on my favorite crackle med. and rubbing light metallic to make the fine cracks and aged it just a bit...I just love the way this turned out.
I forgot to mention, the chalkboard with the nest painted on it, is also for sale on my ebay.
I had these sweet baby shoes. I painted roses on the toes and sprinkled rose petals around I am adding these to my EBAY. I have reg. shoe laces...but should I lace them up with pink ribbon??