Friday, October 31, 2008

Pink Saturday, Rose, Bird, Shoe, Spoon

Welcome to Pink Saturday!! This is hosted by Beverly @ How Sweet the Sound. I showed this little shoe before...but now it is honor of PINK
Look at the beautiful handle on this spoon!! It is the spoon that is holding the "Spoonful of Sugar" bird...I added a bit of tatting...not done by me, "tattingchic" lol
Then this handle is the one on the easel

Here's how I make my little pictures...I use very stiff watercolor paper, then with my finger I spread on a layer Goldens Ground Absorbent. I dry it with a hair dryer. Then I use acrylic to paint the rose. Next, I add layers of watercolor to the background, dabbing it with a paper towel. It is so much fun, you need to give it a try! I used Goldens gloss med. on top after spraying it with fixitive. I added a bit of vintage lace and the bow is a working pin, I just pinned it on. I'll be selling these on Etsy or my Ebay...Have a great Saturday!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Little baby shoe Blue Bird Pincushion

Tiny baby shoe with nest and roses...I'm adding this to my EBAY. See the cute little basket with a rose charm.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Itty Bitty Inchie Spoon Easels

Another batch done (can you call 3 a batch??lol) I'm improving on my metal stamping. yea!!
Now if I can improve on my photography!
I did another nest. I dipped it in a patina solution, its a little darker then it appears here.
Now this is what I'm talking about!! I've had suggestions for placecards...this one I LOVE! I found I had some white stained could probably be called vintage...its from the "back in the day" when I made stained glass windows. I pulled out my glass grinder. dusted it off, added water and purrrrrr. Still worked like a charm! Then I wrapped it in very narrow foil and soldered away... Oh yes, a dry erase pen works!!
Heres all three
I'm putting them on Etsy....
I'm a little slow getting these day job is taking up waaaay to much time!!
I had to clean and paint 3 Townhomes. With the economy changing, I had 7 people give notice that they were buying homes...good for them...bad for me.

Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm lovin these spoon easels!!

***************************SOLD**********************Is it ok to love making things soooo much??? lol. First....I want to thank you all for such nice comments! Then I want to thank all of you that purchased all the ones I made!! It got me so excited I made 3 more! Oh, I got the most wonderful message from Jenny Doh of Somerset Life, she is going to put them in her magazine!!!

***************SOLD******************This one that says Friend, I wanted to make a dry erase board...So I thought I would try the glass like a charm (hee hee)
***************SOLD*************This one...get it, Bird...nest. I wired on a little heart charm.
I would love to hear what you think of this batch
If you purchased my spoons, I got them all mailed out today.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trip to Mt.Hood

Ok, my pictures are backwards again, I'm not going to change them around, so here we go...I thought you might want to take a trip with me. Today was sooo beautiful. Once it starts raining it wont let up until spring or we took advantage of the summerlike day. We ended our day at this park where we had our picnic dinner
In the Lodge was this desk...I think you'd get a workout moving this solid chair everytime you wanted to use the
This is the view from up on the mountain. Right in the center is Mt. Jefferson. We're on Mt. Hood
This is just part of the lodge...its so beautiful
This is Mt. Hood...its rather famous...for loosing hikers. I enjoyed having you come along...I'm working on a few more spoon easels...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fork Easel with Miniture Rose

Thank you ,Thank you, to everyone for leaving me such nice comments about the spoon easels.

The forks have such a long handle and most of the design is on the tip, it leaves a perfect place for a snippet of lace, old buttons and a pearl.

I really like the texture on hard watercolor paper that the Ground Absorbent did, I tried it again, I also like the background being watercolor and doing the rose in fluid acrylics. This one I varnished.
I added "WISH" to the handle

How neat would these be for a dinner party, use them as placecard holders
Winner of my nest charm and fork easel is Cynthia of Cynthias Cottage Design,
please email me your address.

Itty Bitty Inchie Charm Easels

Vintage spoons turned into little easels...I'm in production! I will be listing these on ETSY
For Pink Saturday...I painted my pink birdie on watercolor paper and added a touch of glitter
I knew there were these things called inchies, so I googled it. They are little pieces of art work done on one inch squares. But I also notice there was no way to display them without mounting them onto something bigger. I stamped BIRD with my metal stamps. These spoons are perfect! I'll be getting some forks out soon.
This was a fun painting. I have a little bit of beautiful French watercolor paper left, I smeared it with Goldens Absorbant Ground then painted with acrylic and watercolor. I love all the texture.
Happy Pink Saturday to all!! Thank you Beverly

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Can I change my mind???

Ok, I had the best intentions of showing you how I made my spoons bend...but...last night I worked on a bunch of them...they turned out soooo, I changed my mind. I'm not going to share them with you just yet...I just mailed them off to Jenny Doh at Somerset. Now I'm off to my workroom... I have to get some made that I can share with you...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How much fun can one gal have in a day???

My pictures totally went in, we'll just go with it...I am just so stinkin excited I can hardly work fast enough..!!! Everyone seems to be loving the fork I got to thinking....ummmm (thats me thinking) I have a ton of spoons, I'm saving the prettiest for my birds...but I got to wondering if I could bend I googled...bending spoons...Now that was funny...its all about the magic way of bending a help what so
So I have a vintage small vice that I love to use for bending things, I started by putting a spoon in....bend, move it a bit....bend....Oh MY!!! It WoRkEd!!!!
Think on this one I added a "snow flake" piece of vintage jewelry! I'm really excited!!! I think I'm onto something!! Ok, I forgot to talk about the "pictures" The top one I painted my nest...then used metal stamps and stamped "Bird" How fun is that??? Then I painted this little snowman on one side and the tree on the other. I made little snowflakes with glue and and added glitter!
Today was our anniversary. This is what I was brought this morning...the last of our roses, he actually went out and cut them, put them in a vase for me. Yellow roses are my favorite...and it means more to me that he did that, then to go out and purchase some. We went to our favorite restaurant Macaroni Grill sooooo good.
Now that I'm done and I'm looking at my pictures and realise you cant see the spoon and how neat it is, I'll show you that tomorrow.

Monday, October 20, 2008

What?! Another Giveaway??! Yep!

And this is WHAT?? I love going to Harbor Freight, browsing around, trying to think outside the box...I found these....
The big round circles in the first picture are magnets...these aren't real heavy but when you put the two magnets together it is just tight enough to hold the glass so you can solder without it moving...It works!!! I love my new toy! Then there is old fork..I've been wanting to make one of those fork I played around with the tines...
I almost forgot...we have a "granite" store near by. We stopped by over the weekend and looked in their dumpster (its ok to do that there) and I found this beautiful piece, just right for soldering
And it all came together...would anyone like this??? I'm giving it away...Yup, the fork easel and the charm. I forgot to paint the other side, so its blank. You could add a "rub on" on the back side. Anyway...You all have been sooooo nice and wonderful!! So, answer this question, what is your favorite TV program. I'll pick a winner over the weekend sometime.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blue Monday with Shades of White

I love this vintage cup
I found I had an old hat with the same flowers
I just added this one to my Ebay,
button is on my sidebar
Then on to my Shades of White
I justed added this to my Ebay
I was able to match the vintage velvet flowers to the flowers on the spoon neat is that

Diane is having a giveaway. If you haven't been over there yet...she does the most beautiful work!!
Blue Monday is hosted by Smilingsally

Show and Tell Sunday

Show and Tell Sunday is hosted by Little Pink Studio
A bit of bling and pearls
There is a beautiful Giveaway going on over at Kathy's Katcollects...Lots of Pink lovelies.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pink Saturday!

What could it be?? It has a big hand dyed vintage ribbon....
There is a big vintage daisy with pearls on it, from an old hat....
The back side has vintage buttons and glittered pins...
And a touch of a lace doily spilling over the side...
Another one that I finished yesterday, This one will be on Etsy too.
Little Miss Ginny. I love these dolls, Muffies were my favorite
Beverly is the host of Pink Saturday

A shoe in the "works"

Friday, October 17, 2008

Aged Baby Shoe


I aged and crackle the baby shoe then painted a little rose on both sides, that match the color of the birdie. I also aged the ribbon. I really like how it turned out. I just put it on Etsy.
I'm trying to get ahead...Lollishop is opening in Nov. Christmas is going to be here before we know it. I try to have one birdie on Ebay and one on Etsy... I want to take a couple of things off Etsy and rework them, but I need more TIME.
**** I had the best crafting day****
Today was my day me that means I don't have to cook, answer the phones, do any cleaning...heaven!!! So I set aside today as Laurie's Craft Day"
I had a bunch of birdies made, but no I laid out all my birds and things I had "in the works" and matched them up...I got 7 finished. That's a lot..I painted flowers, added lace and flowers and glittered pins, sprayed ribbon with Glimmer Mist, now I'm pooped and my back aches. lol, its a "good" back ache.

Fall Black Bird Pincushion

Aaaauck, I only have 2 orange pieces left. This beautiful carnival dish and then a cup.
I put this on my Etsy....I added some tags with glitter

I love being able to use old jewelry pieces