Monday, September 27, 2010

One Hot Kitty

Heres the story...When we went to the fair, it was 110, so we bought these towels that stay cold but not wet...really neat...worked great.
so, today it reached 114....unbearably hot. Well, Poodie, likes it in our hot bedroom but he was soooo hot. So, I took the cool towel and draped it over him....He LOVED it (looks like I need to vacumn!)

Friday, September 24, 2010

PINK PINK Saturday

I thought I would show you some past work that I have done with PINK goodness
This was a silver tray that I painted and crackled

A sweet silver tray that I painted with chalkboard paint and added my roses

A little silver sugar bowl that I painted and crackled

I forgot about this one. I painted a canvas, added a tin can and one of my little birdies...
I realllllly do need to get busy and make some more!!
Thanks for stopping by,
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Beverly at How Sweet the Sound

White Textures

While visiting Rolling Greens Nursery, Stacey found wonderful pots and vases with these textures.
I was so busy looking at the flowers, I didn't even see these
Aren't they the best. I'm so glad she was with me, or I would have missed out on these photos
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Back to school!!!

Our Teacher Mrs. Matlock at has started up school. We are going through the Alphabet again every Thursday. Please join us, there are so many fabulous bloggers that join in, it is delightful to visit them
So, for the letter A my word is APPETITE
Since moving to So. Calif, I have discovered new eating establishments...such goooood food. Good for me, probably not so much, but I try to be careful, who I am kidding..
.I .LOVE good food!!
These cupcakes came from a place called DOTS

Never had one of these, Had to try one at the Fair this year...not so great.
Then there are fish tacos...found the BEST fresh fish tacos. Only $1.79. Not bad huh. Soooo good

Found a little Itialian place up at Big Bear. Had to sample their Garlic fritters....sooooo good.
I'm hungry now, off to have some breakfast.
How is your APPETITE ????
I'm looking for an A+ for this class project, I heard Mrs Matlock is cranky this year.
oops, I better stop giggling!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back to Venice Beach we go

In my photography class, we were to take a photo at normal range...then zoom to isolate objects within our photo... This was a fun project.
I love pottery. These polka dots are so charming

Wouldn't you love to use one of these colanders.

And little pots.
Farmers Markets here in So. Cal are still going on every weekend. I love them

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rolling Greens Flowers

This was the most beautiful Hydrangia I have ever seen, look at the layers of petals..

And the varity of colors...they look like paper, so beutiful

And Orchids and Orchids, so delightful

And the leaves....


Soft yellow with a hint of pink
If you are ever in the neighborhood of Culver City or Beverly Hills,
stop in,
Tomorrow...will be textures...come back and visit

Monday, September 20, 2010

On to Better People watching

I'll confess, Stacey took all these photos, She LOVEs taking pictures of people. Vence Beach was the perfect place to go

At the beach they have these walls and trees and trash cans that they let graffitti artist paint over, every week there is new art work
It was so much fun watching them, they love what they do, it is so nice that there is a legal place for them to spray their art.

The skateboard park was fasinating all I could think of most of the time was...
"stupid boys" and then laugh...when they didnt wear gear, and would go flying off this rail, and they would never land on their feet...stupid boys. hee hee
Actually, I loved watching them

And then there was an odd couple

And then we saw this guy, ouch.
Hope you enjoyed what we saw.
Tomorrow will be pretty pretty pretty.
We went to a place called Rolling Greens, fantastic garden shop in Culver City,

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Crazy Venice Beach Day

What a fun day we had people watching...I guess this one speaks for itself. He had a boom box that he was jiggleing to.

This picture above cracked me up!

Then there was muscle beach...oh was this guy ever putting on a show for everyone. All my pictures didn't upload...I'll come back tomorrow with some more. Hope you had a good laugh.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Pink Saturday

Please join Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for more Pink Saturday Posts
I added a photoshop filter to the Pink flower above. Do you know what flower this is??
We needed to get away for a couple of days. So we went up to Big Bear. It looks so much like Oregon I couldn't believe it.
The above picture was taken for my class...I needed a big scenery and everything is in focus

This flower is to be in focus with a blurred background

Another week we were to take movement and make it crystal clear with no blurring. How fun did this one turn out. She was just a dancing in the water, having a good time!

Same with this one, capturing movement...I love how the camera captured all the little droplets.
My photography classes are almost over. I really enjoyed the challenges each week. I made me see things so differently.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Last day of Our Rainbow Class

Our teacher Jenny Matlock at has done a wonderful job with her class. We have been posting colors of the rainbow all summer long. Today is the last day. BUT, she is going to be starting up her alphabet class again. It is so much fun, I hope you join in.

So, with that said, the above photo makes me a little sad. It was a desert I shared with my blogging friend Susan when we met in person for the first time. He husband passed away yesterday. My thoughts and prayers are with you Susan.
I love these, flea markets are the best place to take pictures of unusal items.

And best of all, my rainbow colored ferris wheel
I must take a moment here and let you in on my self discovery.
I have been taking on line photography classes. 3 in fact
while the classes have been fantastic, I discovered....
I really dont care about the f stops and the appature....
I know, I know, I should care...but after taking photo after photo learning this stuff,
then I get in a hurry and I use my AUTO...and I really cant tell a differance...
I have learned how to frame a photo, the lighting,( which I cant always contro)l
I've learned sooo much...but, with this new AUTO is fantastic.
I dont have a desire to become a auto is my friend.
It is more important for me to "capture the moment"
then getting the perfect photo.
My photos are for blogging purposes and for sharing my moments with you all.
Tomorrow I will be back with a few photos of our Moutain weekend getaway

Friday, September 10, 2010

A little itty bitty book

I wanted to make a little gift for my friend DJ, who is, by the way, going to be having an on-line class on her style of book making. Check it out at Gentle Whispering Hues.

So, I made a little tiny note pad using techniques from DJ's class and I made the metal using Stephanie Lee's technique of etching from her class. My plan is to get some of these made up to sell, what do you It measures 1" by 1 1/2"