Thursday, September 23, 2010

Back to school!!!

Our Teacher Mrs. Matlock at has started up school. We are going through the Alphabet again every Thursday. Please join us, there are so many fabulous bloggers that join in, it is delightful to visit them
So, for the letter A my word is APPETITE
Since moving to So. Calif, I have discovered new eating establishments...such goooood food. Good for me, probably not so much, but I try to be careful, who I am kidding..
.I .LOVE good food!!
These cupcakes came from a place called DOTS

Never had one of these, Had to try one at the Fair this year...not so great.
Then there are fish tacos...found the BEST fresh fish tacos. Only $1.79. Not bad huh. Soooo good

Found a little Itialian place up at Big Bear. Had to sample their Garlic fritters....sooooo good.
I'm hungry now, off to have some breakfast.
How is your APPETITE ????
I'm looking for an A+ for this class project, I heard Mrs Matlock is cranky this year.
oops, I better stop giggling!


La said...

My appetite is ALWAYS aroused. I love food; buying it, cooking it, and devouring it.

I've yet to try fish tacos, but they always look so good.

Have a great day! La

Ames said...

Ut oh! Now I have to go stand in front of the open frig and ponder. You have made me so hungry! :) ~Ames

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I am so glad I am eating lunch while blogging ready today. This would make me really hungry.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Well now I need to go find some lunch. Those garlic fritters look sooo good.

mle said...

My Appetite can be greater than Average... no thanks to you!! : )
everything looks yummy!

gabe said...

Wow. . .that all looks good! I feel like our little neck of the woods is so behind the times because we don't have a cute cupcake place. . .

Terra said...

no fish tacos for me but those cupcakes...YUM

Sue said...

So Cal does have some GREAT food, doesn't it? Have you ever tired the taquitos at Cielito Lindo on Olvera Street? How about the dipped sandwiches at Philippes? Oh, I'm making my own mouth water....


Jen said...

Oh I really want to try a fish taco!
Sound yummy!

Splendid Little Stars said...

uum...yes...appetite. no problem here! I just posted a yummy recipe on my blog. Yesterday, I got to eat out at two, two, mind you, wonderful restaurants. decadent, I know!

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

Now I am hungry and it is only 8:30 in the morning!! The onion is better at Outback or Lonestar than at the fair. Great A post!

NatureGirl said...

Over from Alphabethursday...Love fish tacos...that is a good price!

Jenny said...

Garlic fritters? That sounds yummy. Actually, everything you pictured looks yummy..., yes, indeed, I think my appetite is very healthy.

Laurie, I am really enjoying your exploration and excitement at discovering your new surroundings.

It always makes me smile.

Thank you for linking.