Monday, September 20, 2010

On to Better People watching

I'll confess, Stacey took all these photos, She LOVEs taking pictures of people. Vence Beach was the perfect place to go

At the beach they have these walls and trees and trash cans that they let graffitti artist paint over, every week there is new art work
It was so much fun watching them, they love what they do, it is so nice that there is a legal place for them to spray their art.

The skateboard park was fasinating all I could think of most of the time was...
"stupid boys" and then laugh...when they didnt wear gear, and would go flying off this rail, and they would never land on their feet...stupid boys. hee hee
Actually, I loved watching them

And then there was an odd couple

And then we saw this guy, ouch.
Hope you enjoyed what we saw.
Tomorrow will be pretty pretty pretty.
We went to a place called Rolling Greens, fantastic garden shop in Culver City,

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Alison Gibbs said...

Always fun - people watching. On Friday night we sat by the Yarra River in melbourne watching people stroll by. So much fun - crazy fashions, so many differneet nationalities, cuddling couples, friends on their way to football, dinner and more.
Love people watching