Friday, May 27, 2011

Mixed Media online Class

I signed up for another class with Christy Tomlison, lots of mixed media. I have decided to MAKE my own art journal this summer, so instead of buying a blank art journal, I'm going to make individual folded pages. This will be a challenge. My plan is to work on it, and finish it, in Pam Garrisons class in Aug

I will take you along on my Art Journal journey.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Whoo hoo, I did it, I just signed up for a one day class with Pam Garrison! It would have been nice to get into her class at Jenny Doh's, but I didn't find out about it until it was sold Pam is going to do a class Malibu!!..I'm so excited! A day of doodling and painting, what more could a girl want! I'm taking the Sunday Class.

I have a question...I need to get out an exersise, I've tried walking, I just dont stick with it. I don't want to go to a gym, so I'm thinking of getting a bike. there are lots of neighborhoods nearby that I can ride in,
I just dont know what bike to get...I'm thinking of a "beach cruiser" with 3 gears. Anybody have one???

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Button Candy

I had a talk with more "STUFF" I forgot to tell myself, "then dont go to a Goodwill."

I found the cutest little gumball machine...who can pass up a metal and glass gumball machine

for $5. I remembered seeing one on a blog, filled with, I said to myself " I NEED to have someplace really cute to store my buttons!"

Then I signed up with Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday called Yesteryear

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A little hiking

It was suppose to be raining this morning. It cleared up and was beautiful, so about 2:00 my husband suggested we go for a little hike. We go about 15 min. from where we live. Hope you enjoy our trip. I love these three plants all lined up.

Didn't see this on the way, but on the way back, there it was, how neat is that!

It's such a treat to see this red color laying on the ground, growing out of nothing.

The view. Layers and layers of hills

My idea on this hike was to be aware of what nature is doing. This photo intreaged me.

Then the flowers, growing out of rocks

I didn't even notice the little bugs.

My plan is to sketch and water color all these little flowers

Yellow California Poppies, popping out of rocks

Hope you enjoyed our trip

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Greek Festival

Stacey and I decided to go to a Greek Festival...It was a beautiful warm day.
Love this picture

Food Food Food

Thought we would try their Feta Potatoes, they make them up fresh.

They were good, but filling, we only ate a few

Next door was a Farmers Market. I love it when the vendors have great

signs instead of cardboard...

This was our Saturday

Friday, May 20, 2011

Yummmmmy Tacos

. I will eat tofu...not crazy about it, until I had those Don Chow Asian/Mexican fusion. (previous post) So, Stacey and I got on the internet to research "crispy tofu" I think we just didn't fry it long enough. The oil doesn't get into the tofu, just crisps up the light dusting of flour/cornstarch
A little salad dressing on the romaine lettuce, a little hot salsa from Trader Joes, a little
avocado. Lets just say this...we wont be going to Don Chows again. These were sooooo good!
Gotta love a daughter that cooks!!!

A little craft Project

I have a clever daughter! She picked up this pretty white thingy, its one of those things you put oil on the top and a candle on the bottom...$1 she punched these flowers out of a soda bottle using the Big Kick...she "made it her own" how cool is that!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Itty Bitty Teeny Tiny Books

Mixed Media Journal Books

I'm not sure how much journaling one can do in these tiny books

They are 1 x 1 1/2 inches...tenny tiny

I took some close ups so you can see all the detail.

I used gesso, two kinds of crackle medium

molding paste, absorbent ground

gel medium

watercolor paints, watercolor crayons

golden acrylics, inks, pens

all freehand painted

The plan is to get them listed on etsy.

I'm thinking $4 free shipping

I never know what to charge, I priced my pincushions to high,

I will be dropping the price, soon

time...I need more time!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Paper Flowers

Yep, I bought another hat at the Long Beach Flea Market. It fit I'm all set for the summer sun

I've been trying out some of my flowers, I thought this was fun
Now for this picture...3 pillows and a blanket...what more could
a kitty want.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Few goodies to show you

Little Mini Books
I'm getting started. I've been asked to sell some of my mini books. So I set up this little work station on my lap desk. They're all preped...

Then there is this sweet very yellow stand...Picked it up at the Long Beach Flea Market...saw it first thing when we got there...they wanted $30. We just got there so I wasnt about to buy it then, so on the way out it was still there, we offered $20 and she said ok...whoo hoo! I've been looking for
unique storage for all my to figure out what to put on it.

I wanted to try a little free motion stitching. I used a tan thread, not a good idea, the design

didn't show up, so I added a bit of paint...would have been easier to paint first, then stitch?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Love Flea Markets

The rain quit Sunday morning so Stacey and I headed to the Long Beach Flea Market.

The sun was warm but the wind was cold
Its a wonderful Flea Market...I got these for $1
Went to Trader Joes...they had these beautiful

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Evening in Pomona

It was a beautiful evening. The clouds started rolling in.

While walking around waiting for our DonChow Taco Truck...

I love looking for the "old"

An antenna
When was the last time you saw one of those?? lol

This was down an alley. I love being in the big city, yet there is still the "old"

Just a neat fence with chain

Lots of beautiful old signs

City of Pamona. There is a whole row of antique shops

This post is actually all about these tacos.

We get updated twitters where they are going to be...

Taco Truck. They were shown on the food network.

Tofu Tacos...sooooo goooood

Cell phones...where would we be without them...

They were to show up in Pamona at 6...they kept updating us

as to their whereabouts...stuck on the 10. They didnt show up until 8

We were getting a bit hungry!!

The line was growing

That is three tiny tacos with a fusion flavor of asian and mexican

squeeze the lime

the coolness of the avacodo to balance the spice

Soo good and messy!

That was our evening...chasing down the truck as it went around corners looking

for a place to park. Fun fun fun

What a contrast to living in Oregon!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fabric and Paper

Paper on Paper or Paper on Fabric or Fabric on Paper

Above is Paper on Paper

I'm having fun mixing paper and fabric.
The bird cage was underneath tissue paper, then I did a wash of paint then ink.
The rose was also paper that was underneath, ink brought out the leaves

The nest was just painted on top
I just learned how to add paper fabric, new to me...I couldn't resist
seeing how pen, inks, paint!!

Then on the flip side is adding fabric to paper...

A little stiffer and lots of texture

I painted the rose on canvas paper that was preped with digital ground