Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Finished Mixed media

I think its done. I should probably add some words, would love your input, I have such a hard time knowing what to say.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Huntington Beach Weekend

We were asked if we wanted to stay in a beautiful condo and house sit our friends dog.
We jumped at the opportunity. Such piece and tranquility. The sunsets were so beautiful.
to watch the pelicans fly so gracefully

A broken leaf waiting to have its picture taken

I could live at the beach! What a contrast to Oregon Beaches

I took 32 pictures of this lady as she was playing with her dog. I see a painting

in my future

We took a long bike ride on the beach path

had dinner out at a nice eatery

Just to get away


Then I found this perfect dandelion.

And to top it off, when I got home I went to pick

up my brand new laptop. ohhhh it feels soooo good and clean!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Latest

Thought I would show you what I'm working on, it is so fun working with papers, stamps, pens.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Look what two girls can do

Stacey wanted a custom built cabinet for her vintage Viking Glass Vases. We made the one below first. Its all trimmed out with some nice moulding. Then we made the one on top to fit her vases perfectly....now we have one more to make.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Little Itty Bitty Books

How cute are these little journal books. I just had to paint on them...
I have a sad heart today, my mom told me this morning
that she has cancer. She has been blind for about 10 years
She had a massive heart attack aprox 6 years ago,
now this news, I'm just sick.
I would love to just hold her, but she is in Oregon
and I can't make the trip.
She said that she isn't in any pain, thank goodness for that.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Oh What a Day

Stacey and I had the day to ourselves, so we went to San Juan Capistrano, we had thoughts of visiting the Mission, the weather was perfect, the line to get it was so long, admission is now $9 With so many people visiting on a Sunday, it would be really hard to take any photos with out people in them, we opted not to go...also, we have been talking about going to the Rose Bowl Flea Market next mo. If I'm going to pay $8 or 9 to get into someplace...I want to go to the flea market.
This catus was blooming outside the mission When we were at the beach yesterday, I had to laugh, this old barn was right in town, looks like I was back in Oregon...look what I got!!!
a close up
All lumped together...how much???

all in a baggy for $5. Yep ! I couldn't pass it up for that price!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another Day at the Beach

It was 95 today, so we headed to Manhattan and Redondo Beach. GORGEOUS!!!
How about pink surfboards
oops, I wanted to show you the before, before the after.lol

So let me tell you about this little boy. He was perched up on the block, holding a snake. I cant stand snakes. But he was so darn cute, so I asked if I could take a pictures. He said. "I charge a dollar per photo" I laughed and said ok, he then said "do you want to see his face" I said "sure"

so he had to untie the darn thing. I was laughing quite hard by this time.

I got my picture, gave him a dollar, he turns around to his dad that was sitting

on the bench not paying attention...and he says " SEE DAD, I got my first dollar!!"

His dad grinned and rolled his eyes, just a little embarrassed.

I came home from our day at the beach and made this girl...Here is HER story...
I picked up the latest PRIM mag. I love this girl on the cover...I've been wanting to

make something out of paper clay, but I don't know how...I've been googling

like crazy, I cant find what I want...anyway...I liked this..

I wanted to "make it my own" so I did a few sketches
I even started the paper clay form. I have a l o n g way to go...

but I'm having fun

Friday, April 15, 2011

My Felted Bunny

I made this last year, It was published in Somerset Life. I cut out each of the little tiny felt flowers and stiched on a french knot in the center. This was a vintage silver pincushion box, the pincushion was so tattered and falling off, I removed it and put my own on top,
I took bright green wool roving and wrapped it around, it looks like cotten candy
I only made a few things when I taught myself how to do needle felting,

I just love this one.

I'm linking up with

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Vintage Lace Camera Bag

I just got my camera bag back. After I made it I sent it off to Somerset and they published it!! I tweeked the flap so you could see all the different laces that I used.
This is the back with the flap opened up. Vintage buttons, a bit of embrodery I turned this, but it turned back on its own...gotta fix that!
Same with this, I thought about redoing this post to get the pictures in the right direction, I just dont have the time right now.lol.

Now I ask myself...do I use it? Do I sell it? what to do, what to do...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Photography Class

I signed up for a photography class. I realized I take a lot of on line classes. It is such a nice way to connect with people that have same interests. Do I need another photography class, I ask myself. I dont want to be a great photographer, so no, I probably dont need it in that since. This class with Darrah is different, she is having us look at things like we never have. This is my first photo. Its an every day event. I make me a cup of coffee, it is dark outside. Its quiet, no one is up but the kitties, I go and turn on my computer to check me emails, or whats going on in the "classroom". This is something I have done for years and years, everyday, without thinking about it. Something I love doing. Its neat that it is showing the darkness of the room. I haven't blogged for a few days. Our favorite kitty went missing on Fri. So Sad. We put posters up everywhere. Asked the tenants here to keep their eyes open...A tenant came to the door this morning saying shes pretty sure she knows where the kitty is.... Friday afternoon, we had unpacked some boxes, lots of bubble wrap, they sat in the living room for a couple of hours. Then my husband picked them up, put them on our cart, took them to the rec. room at our apt. complex...a couple hours later, we discovered our kitty was missing. We put flyers ALL over the complex, asked every person to look for him. We all checked the rec. room, knowing that Poodle likes a good box. Nope, not it the boxes. not in the rec. room, for 3 days we looked for this cat. The knock on our door this morning...this tenant said, I think your kitty is in the rec. room. I went dashing out...no shoes, I didn't have time for that!! grabbed my keys and off we went. Went in the rec. room, no kitty..."here poodie, here poodie" meeew. I looked and looked...there he was, under the couch. The other lady, picked up the end of the couch...Our baby is now back home!!! Many tears were shed over our missing kitty!! Now I can start blogging again! Yea!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thrift Store Goodness

I LOVE these vintage German Teacups Hand painted Vase
A few baking goodies. All these photos bring back memories of my grandmother

who was a grand baker, had a collection of tea cups, and loved flowers

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fabric Flower

Here is my finished fabric flower that I made with Kaari at French General. I tattered the edges. Anybody know the best way to make stamens? I just purchased these smooth stones at Crate and Barrel, the color is perfect in my bedroom
I poured the stones out on this new large tray I picked up at a thrift store, it had $10 but has a tiny chip, which I dont mind, so he let me have it for $6 and no tax. I love it. They have these thrifts all over called "out of the closet" all the proceeds go to fight HIV/Aids, their prices are fabulous. We found out about them from watching HGTV, Design on a Dime .
While in So Pasadena we passed this beautiful old theater, I do hope they restore it and and not tear it down.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Woof and Warf at the beach

I want to make some pillow cases for my bed. This store is fabulous. I started going here about 30 years ago, nice to know it is still in business.
I love the big buttons on this one.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Food Trucks of LA

What a fun 2 hours we had on Sat. But before I get into Sat. Stacey and I headed to Monrovia to their evening farmers market. The weather was perfect. We found a nice parking spot. THEN at the opposite end, I saw a scrapbooking shop...I wanted to see if it was open...we walked in, WOW it was full of people, to make a long story short, we were invited to stay for their "make n take" even though we weren't signed up. What fun! I love it when the unexpected happens. We are able to try out new products of Tim Holtz. The Owner, Elizabeth, SO SWEET! We've been in contact, she's asked me if I want to teach!!! WoW! I'm so excited! We still need to get together and see what we want to do! I'll let you know ....
ok, back to Sat. Stacey and I are obsessed with food trucks. 80 trucks were going to be in one place at one time...at the Santa Anita Race track...whoohoo...20 min. away. So we got there about at opening time...I love how this fountain turned out

80, wow. we had little samples and then split them...some were good, some were not so much
I love california...there is always an airplane with signs flying overhead
The longest line was for the Grilled Cheese Truck
We stayed for 2 hours...by the time we left there were soooo many people

By far the best thing was a truck that we saw on Diners and Dives, Don Chow Tacos, a cross between mexican and asian...crispy tofu tacos...SO GOOD!!
I hope you enjoyed a unique experience with me.