Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Everything is coming up ROSES

 I thought you might enjoy going along with me on my journey of painting roses...I love to take a class. Learn everything I can, then make it my own. I did the one above right after class, I did the one below last night, from my own photos. I have a long way to go...
Looking at these pictures I see a problem...Christie had us use a limited pallet, by doing that, I'm afraid they will always be the same color. I come from a world of craft paints in every color, I may have to add a few.
I also used no white, just titian buff, that could change things up.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Day Was Fabulous!!

 Thought I would show you my finished product first..This is what I did with 3 hours of learning.
What fun!!
 Just starting out
 Adding darks and lights
 It was really rough, this is the view I had from where I was sitting. Thats Christie Repasys darling house
 This is the pool room turned painting room. She painted a huge part of her wall with chalk board paint so she could put up notes...

Friday, June 15, 2012

Paint Brush Holder

 I want to take my own brushes to class tomorrow. I came up with this idea. I took one of the $1 journal books, took out the pages, added vintage ledger pages to both sides, inside, added book binding tape
 I use some more of the quilt that I purchased for my journal wrap ( shown in previous posts) Added a layer of lace. Then on the inside I made a pink (doesnt look pink) brush holder, then I sewed it down the middle to the book covers...put it in my journal wrap... LOVE IT!!! oh, I added some of my canvas paper in the pocket, ready to paint ROSES!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I am taking my 3rd on-line class from Joanne Sharpe. She only charges $35 for a wealth of information. Any of you who know me well, knows I've been painting for a gazillion years...I am learning something new, wonderful, exciting...a different way of putting color on a page...If you want some fun, check it out, I guess you can figure out the name of the class is Color Love 101, it's like getting a good book, its always there, no deadline! I even bought me some Prismacolor colored pencils, some Derwent Inktense pencils and Peerless transparent watercolors...soooo excited to use them ALL, lots of layering.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Everything Roses

I know I may sound like a broken record...but I am so excited for this Sat. to get here. I'll be making the 1 hour drive down to Temecula to take from Christie Repasy, a day of painting roses, how devine!! Right afterwards my husband and I are taking a road trip to a little cabin for a much needed vacation...I've have some things ready to paint on, I've got a mess of paints. My brushes are itching to get started. I've taken the pictures, I've traced off the roses I've been working on making designs.....I cant wait to learn then practice, then share my paintings with you all.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

My latest finished journal book cover with my hand painted bird on a pincushion. I hand dyed silk that is scrunched and stitched around the painting. The pink ribbon is another silk ribbon I dyed.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mixed Media Journal cover

The online class with Nellie Wortman started over at Artful Gathering. We are all having so much fun!! Its a class on making journal covers...you know, those inexpensive journals from 99 cent store, or walmart...
This is a wonderful way to cover it up...now the question...should I sell it??? I don't know about this one, let me make a few more then I'll list them on Etsy...I found a quilt at the thrift store, I'm letting that show on the inside. there is even a pen holder...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Painted Sewing Machine

 I forgot to show you the before of Staceys little sewing machine...shes not a big sewer, and she usually just borrows mine, she felt it was time to be a big girl (she's going to shoot me for saying that, she's 30.lol) and have her own sewing machine. She only wanted a few stitches, Of course it had to be the right color...then a little more bling...she has since added trim on the left side of the aqua. I happened to have that stencil...its one of those, "I had to have it" years ago, and never used...glad I had it now!  She went out and purchased thread, new bobbins, a few needles...yay for Craigslist!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Painting Fun!!!

 Stacey (my daughter) has been at it again...here is what she purchased at the flea market this past weekend.
the clocks where ugly beige...look at them now!!
So if you ever thought of purchasing one of these little containers, but its missing drawers..but it's REALLY cheap...dont pass it up just because its ugly...Stacey covers the missing drawers with wood trim and a little bling, lots of spray paint...now it is sooo charming!
 I'm still getting ready for a couple of classes I'm taking...thought I would get some painting done.
I used canvas paper behind the cabinet card
 Then on the bright and cheery side...another painting on canvas paper, lots of layering will be done
I'll keep you posted

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Vintage Flea Market Finds

 I'm taking a class from Nellie Wortman over at Artful Gathering...so I am busy gathering...
We started out pretty early this morning, went to the Irvine Flea Market. It was delightful, the weather was perfect...here is what I found, an adorable brown velveteen purse with this aged mirror, how cute is that!!. Love the big red buttons, I couldn't pass them up.
 Then we got finished so early, we took off for the Pasadena Flea Market...not the Rose Bowl, still haven't done that one yet, it costs $8 just to get in...I prefer free to enter. Anyway I didn't get anything until we hit the last 3 vendors...and there was a box of goodies for $1 each...this is what I came away with, I am so excited!!! Class starts on the 6th...I think I'm ready now!!