Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Painted Sewing Machine

 I forgot to show you the before of Staceys little sewing machine...shes not a big sewer, and she usually just borrows mine, she felt it was time to be a big girl (she's going to shoot me for saying that, she's 30.lol) and have her own sewing machine. She only wanted a few stitches, Of course it had to be the right color...then a little more bling...she has since added trim on the left side of the aqua. I happened to have that stencil...its one of those, "I had to have it" years ago, and never used...glad I had it now!  She went out and purchased thread, new bobbins, a few needles...yay for Craigslist!!

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Lisa said...

Love it!!
Hugs, Lisa