Monday, June 4, 2012

Painting Fun!!!

 Stacey (my daughter) has been at it is what she purchased at the flea market this past weekend.
the clocks where ugly beige...look at them now!!
So if you ever thought of purchasing one of these little containers, but its missing drawers..but it's REALLY cheap...dont pass it up just because its ugly...Stacey covers the missing drawers with wood trim and a little bling, lots of spray it is sooo charming!
 I'm still getting ready for a couple of classes I'm taking...thought I would get some painting done.
I used canvas paper behind the cabinet card
 Then on the bright and cheery side...another painting on canvas paper, lots of layering will be done
I'll keep you posted

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Adrienne said...

Have you ever painted daffodils, my friend? Seeing Stacey's clocks makes me think I might find a wall clock for my little, vintage trailer in the wrong color - and paint it! Thanks for the inspiration!