Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Evening

My husband and I decided to run away for the day...we went to Eugene, which is an hour away. On the way home my cell phone rang...I saw that it was the company I work for so when I answered was the "big boss" which always shakes me up...he started out by asking me if I had gotten his message from a couple of hours before...I said he started in giving me grief about the "shooting incident" and getting the couple out of our complex NOW...I told him we were going to have them turn in a 30 day notice..He started "going off!!" YOU BETTER, OR I"LL EVICT THEM...about then I said...I'm going to give the phone to Dean (my husband). So we pulled off the road so he could talke...I tell you...the "boss man" has no children and was SOOO unsympathetic...So we finished by saying we would take care of it and his responce.."YOU BETTER!!!" jeez, I wish I didn't have to work for this guy!!!! So when we got ready to back out...a truck came out and blocked Dean got out to see what the problem was...thankfully, my husband knew the guy and he was just wondering why we were parked on his property. (it was an empty field) remember the roller coaster ride...its not over yet!!!!
oh, for all the "UP" for the week, when "my" good boss came to visit....he gave me the report where I was "shopped" and I did realllll y good...but I hate being treated like I'm a "bad child". Sorry I'm going off....but I've had a few stressful days...and I needed to vent ...any you guys are such good listeners. Thank you!!!
I did get to work on a few bunnies today...yea!!!

Pink Saturday...

I signed up for Pink Saturday a few days ago. I like doing it, it pushes me into completing something for my blog...Fridays are my day off, this is when I get prepared for the lovely Pink Saturday. Well, if you read my previous Friday did not go as planned. I think I took and recieved about 150 phone calls...I had to call all the vendors to get this guys apartment cleaned up. Any, big tiresome day...I finally went to bed at 7:30 last up this morning at 7:30 and I feel awful...So....for Pink Saturday I am showing you some of my past blog banners. Thank you for all your nice comments...again! I appreciate them more then you know!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh My Goodness....Drama

The life of being an Apt. Manager....Its about 1 AM right now...About an hour ago I heard banging on the office I got up and asked who it was before opening it. It was the police...that's NEVER good. He asked if he could come in...What!!?? Like I'm going to say no! He proceeded to let me know that a tenant has barricaded himself in his townhouse with 3 guns...they got the girlfriend out of there...he had shot the rifle twice, into the unit next to have the place surrounded. The swat team is here. They have evacuated all the units around...they have gone through the complex and unscrewed all the outdoor lights. I have given them the keys to the unit. They have been on the bullhorn tell him to come out with his hands up...just like in the movies.
I'm just sick...I heard a gun shot...
This is a nice clean cut young man. Has a gun permit. He just lost his job, I don't know if it was due to something he did, or cutbacks. He is intoxicated.
Its 1:30 now...I'm in the office waiting.
Its now 3 am...two very loud gun shots went off. Lights are flashing. They are now asking him to answer his phone so they can talk to him.
3:15 another loud shot...silence
3"30. lights are on in the unit...canine dog is barking and barking and barking.
4:00 The police are in the unit...The city Fire Department rolls in...and they are taking him out on stretcher an his is alive...Thank goodness!!!! There must be 20 officers. My husband just went out to see if anyone would talk to him
...They let him go in the unit with them. Dean just got back. The police shot out he sliding glass door and let the dog in...the dog is what saved the kid.
It's over and I'm really tired..
Oh man!!!.....I just got up (7:00)
The media trucks are outside our front door...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Giveaway winners

The winner of the spoon magnet...goes to "Home is Where the Heart is"
The winner of the painted heart enverlopes...goes to. "Mrs Kwitty's Cottege"
My computer was acting up last night...I think its giving me fits when I try to get a video put on...I am still having difficulties...It shouldn't be this hard!! The camera works computer just does NOT like would think the programs that come with it should work...they dont. Thank you to everyone that signed up for my giveaway!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

sneek peek

This is the beginning of one of the projects for Somersets new mag (its only 2 1/4")...I'll be adding some flowers and.....
Thank you for all the wonderful, kind, caring, sweet, comforting....comments!!! going to be a CALM day!! (except my boss is coming for his once a mo. visit)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Roller coaster continues...

Just a quick note...I go help my mom once a week. Shes blind.and had a massive heart attack 5 years ago..I help her take a shower and set her clothes out for the her hair..I enjoy this time with her...then a phone call came in..I answered the phone...I never answer her phone...I will hand it to her...but I never answer it...Someone on the other end figured out who I was my cousin, letting me know that her mom (my aunt) had passed away...we weren't close...but I had to break the news to my mom, I wanted to make sure she sat down first (she's rather frail)My point is.. I'm amazed when things happen that are meant-to-be. I was just glad I was there at that precise moment in time.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ups and Downs of a Monday.

Its Monday...thats a down...then Stacey came over and asked if we could go have breakfast together. That's an up. Then I got a call from another Apt. Manager (same company I work for) and she was sooo rude and nasty (for no good reason) That was a down...When I got home I got an email from Somerset...they are going to have a new publication and they asked me to participate...oh my goodness...that was the best UP...then there was an email from Somerset to Stacey saying the Life Images Mag. is not going to be published until Jan 2010, that was a down...then I got a call from another Apt Manager (a different "nice " one) and she said that I get $200 for refering some to her complex...oh my another UP...and it is only 11:00AM LOL

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wrapped up Bunny

My little bunny in its cage is going to sell Monday morning...I got it all wrapped up and ready to send...thought I would share how I decorated the box...Its ready for the new owners address. It was rather exciting...I don't think I have ever had so many people look at an item on my Ebay...I'll give an update as to the exact amount after it sells. UPDATE 193 wow!

Single White Female Looking for a new home.....

I was asked if I would sell just a single bunny with no frills...Here she I just posted this sweet thing on Ebay. 99 Cents!!! Don't forget to sign up for the giveaway..on the Pink Saturday Post

Needle Felted Bunny with Carrot Pincushion

I made this sweet little bunny last is soooo tiny!! It fits perfectly in this dish.
are you sick of seeing my bunnies...I REALLY like making
I added some sparkly fiber that I purchased while visiting Los Gatos
I did just add this to my ebay....for 99 cents...I do hope it will sell for more then

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pink Saturday and Giveaway!!

Here is a spoon that I bent, put a magnet on the inside, I then primed and painted the roses...I am going to give this away as an appreciation and thank you for visiting me and leaving such nice comments. I will pick a winner on Wednesday!!!
Oh yes...I will pick a second winner...for these two envelopes that I painted....
Look at all these beautiful ribbons and trims that I got in the mail from my dear friend Betty.
Happy Pink Saturday!! Thank you to Beverly for hosting Pink Saturday

Friday, February 20, 2009

Spreading Good News

Diane is asking us to spread good news here is the good news I am sharing.
Stacey was over at her boss's office yesterday and found out she needed to work there for a she said she wanted to get her new camera out of the car so no one would take she brought in in and they got to talking about her camera, she showed him the photos that were still in the camera. Stacey told him that she worked for Picture People, got her photos on Jones soda bottles, a picture was published in a book, now a photo was chosen to be in the next publication of Somerset. He is going to "hire" her as a photographer, to take pictures of all his properties and things that Salem is known for, like the Capital, our Carousel , Woolen Mill...she is so excited it is for his web page up at the top..take a look at the before here, see how the photos change at the top...those will be her photos..Isn't it wonderful when we see our children succeed .

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Wonderful wool. It is so soft and smells so nice.
Do you think this still works???
I've havent been very productive in the crafting department. I've been having issues...I need help!! I bought that pretty little video camera....I was finally able to figure out how to get the video onto my PC...but then I couldn't find it when I went to put it on my blog.
So I did some googling and found out that camera was not the easiest to upload. So, I returned it, I upgraded to a wonderful Canon FS10. from Costco. I love it. It feels so good, works great. I was able to upload to the PC simply...but I still cant find the video when I go to my blog and I hit the video says browse....I browse and browse and browse...I have been browsing for hours. I cant find the program...HELP What should I be putting it in???
UPDATE``` I did it...not sure how I did it...but if I did it once...I'm SURE I can do it again
It was a test run...not something I want to share...oh but I will. lol

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Stacey and I took a little trip out of town to Corvallis today. We found this beautiful old barn
Don't We were in the old Court House and I found these in the restroom. As I was standing there with the door proped open with my leg, trying to get this shot...a lady that worked there came through the door, soI explained what I was doing and she laughed and said she hadn't seen anyone do you just don't see these kind of old toilets anymore...and it had such a quiet ok, are you laughing now???
Computer..or old typewriter...isn't this great...
Here it is on its desk. Just thought I'd share...OLD
I have been spending ALL evening trying to upload a video to put on my blog...It's still going to be a while..I'd rather be crafting!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Needle Felted Bunny

Remember last night I said I was really busy...I was finishing up this wire "cage" I saw a cage similar to this at an antique shop and knew it would be perfect...
I was was looking around for a plate or something to sit the bunny on, and I came across this vintage silver tray that I had painted awhile back. Look at the tiny little carrot that I needle felted, then dyed.

Thought I would show her fluffy behind. lol
I just put this on my Ebay!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Little Babies

I'm really busy right now..but I had to take a minute and share these sweet guys with you.The top picture is sooo funny. My husband and I took a little trip out to the country and went to a tiny town of Yoder...this is another woman that raises sheep...and boy did she have the wool...I bought some fibers from her, but she gave us a wonderful education on sheep and their wool. Well, this little baby was abandoned after it was born they took him in the house...they put this tiny baby diaper on him...cutting a little hole for his tail...sooooo cute!!! We got to hold him his wool are these tiny little corkscrew curls...I loved it.
This one was born yesterday...jumping and running all around his large stall...we laughed so hard. It was all so delightful...I'll be making my wool into goodies before to long.
I found out they have "Fiber" shows...I guess I'll have to add this to my list of "things to interest me"

Friday, February 13, 2009

Love and Pink Saturday

I fell in love...sweetest little babies...I'll give you a few more photos later. Here's the story...I wanted to make a poodle and a lamb with curly hair. I checked all over the internet and didn't see anything I liked. So I looked locally...I found a wonderful lady who gave me contacts nearby. The first one that replied didn't live TO far away, I explained what I wanted and she thought she had Stacey and I made this trip to Yamhill...She has THE MOST WONDERFUL WOOL.I have ever seen (not that I have seen very much) But it has the tensie tiny of course I bought some...then out to the barn we went...a bit muddy, but look what was there...newborn babies!!! This one was my favorite...we had soooo much fun and we got a real education.
On the way home...we stopped at a goodwill...I left...then ran back in...I had to get these "pearls" I laughted when I bought them...I was a tad They are SOOOO tacky...I told the young girl that I DID NOT entend on wearing them...But now...what do I do with them??? right now I think I'll take them apart and put them in a clear dish...I was thinking of painting a rose on the BIG ones. If you have any ideas...please pass them my way. Have a wonderful weekend, and thank you for all the wonderful comments on my creations, they are dearly appreciated!!!

It's been a "PINK" week for me, so please check my posts for the week.
I just signed up with Mr. Linky...because I live a "Beautiful Life"

Wool Birdie Teacup Pincushion

I finally finished another one. I found this beautiful English Tea Cup. I made the bird to go with the pink on the design. The gold is in pristine condition. I added my glittered pins and vintage buttons, and a silk ribbon bow that matches the pale mint green in the cup.
A vintage flower...taken right from a very old hat...see the is vintage shell pearl.
You'll find this on Ebay

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Little Bitty Needle Felted Bunny Pincushion

Cindy ~My Romantic Home is having a Feb. Centerpiece Party. This is my centerpiece for my entryway table in my office.

I put this little critter on Ebay. How do you like it??

Winners of OWOH is the winner of my heart magnet is the winner of my felted heart and easel
Thank you to all that have visited and left me such nice comments.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Felted Little Itty Bitty Kitty

How do you like the kitty??? I have more white then any other color, so I do my first one in white. ummmm....I'm thinking a little itty bitty bunny??? Stay tuned...

I'll be putting her on Ebay
Here's a story for you...I wanted to get Stacey a Nikon D40 for her birthday...
I have kept my eye on one at Circuit City, watching the price go down..
they started out with 12 in a few days it was down to 6 , I really wanted to hold out until tomorrow when the drop the price again. I went in around 4:30 yesterday...I asked the guy how many they had...he said...I think there is 4...I came home and talked to my husband and he better go get it. so around 6 I went back...there were 3..I asked for I did, there was a lady next to me that said...I'll take one...and there was a lady looking at the last one on demo....So...Whew I got it. Reg. $599 I paid $350. We played with it all afternoon.
Its a humdinger ( I don't think I have ever written that word out LOL)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Needle Felting, tea cup, poodle, hearts

Isn't this bear adorable. My friend Aletha made it. While visiting her in San Jose, I showed her how to needle felt...look what she did...this tea cup and saucer and the sweet heart!!!
I need to take clearer photos, but you get the idea...I made another poodle. Its about half the size of the first one I made. It is less then 3 " tall to the top of his fluffy head.

Its color is silver, I added a little tiny red heart.
I'll have this listed on Ebay
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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Red Love!!

Oh yes...I'm in love!!! I bought me a new's what I'm up to...
I've been "talking" to Gail...over at Creative Workshops...we're talking about me doing an "online class" through her Creative Workshops...have you been over there yet? Well, I just took a class from Pam Carriker...oh wow, it was fantastic!! Part of the class she gave us a video to watch...I know I'm a very visual if I do this class thing...I'm going to use this new camcorder!!
It was the last one Costco had...and they marked it down...while I was looking at I bought it! Now, here is my question to you...What kind of classes should I offer??
Gail and I are thinking...short ones...maybe showing how to make a felted strawberry, cherry or the heart...just to get you going...Then maybe a class with 3 small parts...the spoon easel, with the soldered foil "nest" stamped in it and the wire nest with eggs...
I would welcome any ideas!!!

Felted Poodle

Here is a felted pooch. My dear friend Betty LOVEs I made this one for her...

I also made a little felted red heart for around its neck...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Pink Saturday

I made this just for Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly @ How Sweet the Sound

I've been wanting to make one of these for quiet some time...It was so much fun...I cut some white Styrofoam into a heart. Covering it with Ridged Wrap. I then painted it with different colors until I liked the look...I'm putting this up for sale on Ebay for a whole 99 cents!!

San Jose / SF

I thought I would share a few more pictures that Stacey took...We miss lemons growing on trees. their dishes
Love this view of a Palm Tree
This was funny, after Stacey snapped his picture he yelled at her to come back...he said
"Hey! I wasn't smiling...COME BACK" and he Laaaaaghed

Anyone know what Food Network show this guy was on?? We can't remember...he was at the Ferry building...think he knew Stacey was taking his picture...I was off to the side and she pretended to take my picture. LOL
I love everything about this photo...Doesn't Stacey take great pictures!