Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Vintage Apron Pattern

How cute is this pattern. I just put it on Ebay...free shipping.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Winner, change in Pumpkin picture

The winner of my giveaway is Jeanne
I kept looking at this watercolor, I added some leaves to the pumpkin so the birdie doesnt look like it was just hanging there.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Blue Monday

Last day for this sweet BLUE birdie on my Ebay
I found this wonderful old frame. I did this watercolor today, just for this frame. Adding my little black bird and BLUE eggs
We took advantage of the nice weather and went to a favorite fishing spot. I worked on these little nests for more itsy bitsy charms. I'm painting little feathers on the back side
The sky and water are soooo BLUE....
As I'm walking through the woods, I am always on the look out for wonderful pieces of wood, branches, bark..I came across a few great pieces. I noticed there was a lot of bark that curled or cupped. As I'm picking them up wondering why they were like that...I picked one up, turned it upside down and I screeched!!! There was a baby snake inside...Im not squeamish about very much, I can handle the spiders, mice and insects...but snakes...NOOOOO!! I couldn't get over the feel of it, I scrubbed and scrubbed my hand...still creeps me out!!! Yes, my hubby got a big kick out it.lol.

Nest Charm Giveaway

I finished the itsy bitsy charm for my giveaway. I wanted to prop this up...how great would this be hanging on a bottle...ummm I'll have to do that.lol I love all the ideas you all have come up with. Today is the last day for this little giveaway...just leave me a message here
Heres the back side...just remember...I am NOT a professional solderer.lol (is that a word??)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pink Saturday!!

New Birdie for Ebay...it will also include the little itty bitty charm...This is similar to the charm I am giving away...check the previous post and leave me a message. A little silver plate that I painted.
This is a larger charm. I hand painted this PINK cupcake on watercolor paper.
The back side of the cupcake
A pair of wooden salt and pepper shaker that I hand painted PINK roses.

Friday, September 26, 2008

2nd Post..Tinkerbell

How cute is this little helper!! My plan is to go back tomorrow and add sparkly fairy dust.
~~~~Don't forget to sign up for my little charm giveaway. ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tinkerbell Day/ and Giveaway

Yesterday was my "secret shopper" day...when someone comes by and pretends they want an apt. which I dont have one available. Then they write me up...lie a bit, because they cant remember everything...then these 8 pages goes the the "big Boss" who LOVES to put a few happy and lots of sad faces all over it. So my game is to ask questions so I can tell if they are a shopper. I'm 95 per cent sure...I'll let you know in a week or so.lol
Today I'm off to paint Tinkerbell. I have a projector that I will take along. That way the client can tell be what size and exactly where they want her place...I know..."another tool" I do love tools!lol.

Remember that little itty bitty charm I made...I'm going to give it away on Monday!! Its a nice size for a braclet, or to put on a package...I would like to hear your ideas of what can be done with a itty bitty charm. I'll take a picture of it completed, with the ring on the top.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Goodies arrived

I ordered these goodies through Etsy and I tried them out last night...wow! great tools. I had an OLD cutter, I love this one! see the itty bitty squares?? I cut those and made the itsy bitsy charm

I painted this adding metallic paints, this is going to out to a special friend. Hope she'll like it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Painted things

Beth at Gathering Dust, can find the most interesting goodies. She had these bags...so I bribed her by telling her if she gave me one...I'd paint one for her...so this is going in the mail tomorrow
The story behind this...It was all painted, ready for varnish...thought I would use the spray varnish that bubble up one of my panels...So....I gave it a REAL GOOD SHOT of spray...ooops, it wasnt varnish, it was white spray paint...lol...so I had to repaint it. I'm putting this on my etsy.
update...I am soooo stink'n sore!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Daisy here and a Daisy there

I thought I would share a work in progress, this is one of those mirrors from Ikea, I thought it might be fun to paint on so I got a couple. The little plate is going FALL.
Today was my birthday...here's my day, up to this point. lol.

Started out by talking to my mom. My DH brought me lovely cup of coffee, which I spilt. Then he drove me to DMV to get my license renewed...I showed up, got right in..."sorry ma'am, you have to have your birth certificate and SS card."
I knew where my SS card was but I haven't seen my birth certificate since I got married. lol. So, we had to make a trip up to Portland (an hour away), I made a phone call to Stacey..."hey Stacey, how much do you love your mom!! We'll buy you lunch if you come with us so we can get in some quality bonding" So she came... we had a fabulous lunch at a Mediterranean restaurant, then went door and there is a cute little store that sells rice pudding, but they also have real yogurt that they freeze, just like PINKBERRY down in California. Fabulous!!!! SO GOOD. if you live in the area, please check this out...So Good!
Then up to Portland, it was a breeze getting my B. Certificate, drove back home...5 hours later I'm back at DMV to get my temp. license. Whew!! I did trip going up the two steps and fell flat...so embarrassing!! ( I think I might be a bit sore tomorrow)
But it was so relaxing, (not the falling part) I just sit back, let the driver do his thing, let the music singer change the channel ( a little to often lol) and I draw, sketch, think, ponder, the sun was shining.....just turned out to be a really nice day!
Happy Tuesday to everyone.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Silve Server and Patterns

My latest birdie...a few patterns...all are on my EBAY...
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Sunday, September 21, 2008

My first Blue Monday!!

Smiling Sally is putting on a Blue Monday. I haven't gotten her button put on yet.

Just a few of my blue things.... Update on my varnish.... It still looks wrinkled in a large area, I finished it used brush on varnish, I think it will be ok...I really dont think anyone will notice.

Daisies, Hollyhocks and Antiques

I have lots to share today..all my pictures are mixed up, so I'll take you through them. The top picture is something that is new to me. Lisa Kaus had us use it in her class. It is a really thick white paint. I used it to highlight and finish my white daisies.
I finished the panels. Took them to the garage to spray varnish...I forgot...when using spray varnish on metal...not a good idea. It started bubbling in one section. I'll finish it with brush on varnish. I'm almost scared to go check on them...
The other fun thing I did was go to a antique show... my friend Martha Kohley from Vintage Trifles was there...thankfully she saw me, I didn't know there were more vendors inside...Well, Martha had the most beautiful display!!! She does the most fabulous collages. I fell in love with her pumpkins!

Isn't her sign just the cutest. It was a little chilly outside and she had a toasty coat on and asked for me not to take her picture.
Ok, back to my daisy's...I sketch them on with a piece of chalk, I undercoated the daisies using different colors

Then I blocked in the leaves and stems, below is showing how thick the paint is. We'll be taking my panels to the Hotel tomorrow. I'll go back up after they get them in place.
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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pink Saturday!!

Here are a few things I have done in the past...I'll try to be more prepared next week with new things!! Have a great Saturday everyone!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Spa...Taking Flight

I mentioned a book that I bought recently, Taking Flight. I have poured over the instructions, I absorb as much as i can, then I take all the info and work with it...so this is what I came up with, when I paint I am so structured, the last few years I have worked on...not staying "within the lines" and "thinking outside the box", this is all of that. I used bubble wrap, stamps, smudging, gouging and just making a mess...SO MUCH FUN!!Then I wanted a bow and it wasnt the right color so I painted and painted it...it still didn't match...so I went the other route and added the col of the bow to the painting. I really like how it turned out. Please, let me know what you think.
Last night I put a picture on my blog and wrote a little something, I had some very nice comments. I wanted to edit the picture only and I deleted what I said and all the nice comments. I took another photo at the hotel hoping it would look better, so please trust me, it does look better in person then in my photos.
So, I took my panel up to the Hotel to pick up the other panel, I wanted to make sure it blended in with the wall color and other paintings that were in the same area...(the spa)
I matched up the green to perfection (I even impressed myself LOL) The operations manager loved it! WHEW!! This is one of the meeting rooms
A hint of the hallway and the entryway. Green and rust are the predominant colors.
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