Sunday, November 30, 2008

Spoon Ornaments, Hand Painted Snowman

Oh boy! Did I have fun last night!! Look at these great decorations!! A friend of mine sent me some wonderful spoons (thank you Aletha) here is what they look like now...
I thought I would show you the close ups in the banner and how I sat them up for their photo op.
Love love love how the ornaments turned out on this one...
Once again...I'm starting my EBAY auction at...
99 cents!!
Please leave me a comment and let me know how you like this new batch!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Spoon Ornaments / Pink Saturday / Breathe

Breathe, Breathe, Oh my goodness bloggers...I LOVE YOU!!! Thank you for making my spoon ornaments such a success!!! I have been overwhelmed by the comments...I have had so many special orders...I just got my last batch in the mail. So last night I made up some more. There are more easels this time, and I made them so they could be displayed year around.
A group photo...
oh yes, another group photo...( It wouldn't let e delete it!!)
I love snowmen, and I do have some that I leave out year around... this s an easel...
A snow fairy!! She has her wand..there is a star on the end, but it isn't showing up
This is an ornament for the person that loves roses. It is sprinkled with glitter. I also made it to lay..on a book, or bible.. This one I just listed on ETSY...
A little stocking with goodies, The glitter just isn't showing up.

More Roses.The background is like a watercolor. I think you can actually see the glitter on this easel. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving...I have so much to be thankful for!
Thank you to Beverly for hosting Pink Saturday! I will be listing these on my EBAY, for 99 Cents....again!! Please come and visit me over there on EBAY...I hope to get some listed on Etsy in a few days....I need to take time to Have a nice weekend

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

My sweet little kitty woke up long enough to wish everyone in blogland...Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Pink Saturday, Winner of my Givaway

I found this great old pants hanger...just right for a family portrait...(the kitties like ribbon!) so I'm able to keep them away from the kitties!
I would like to take a minute and tell everyone how much I enjoy each and every comment. I appreciate them and your response to my spoons. I am having the time of my life, thanks to everyone in blogland that comes to visit me!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!
This is a double sided spoon. On the rounded side, I painted this candle and Christmas Ornaments...and in honor of it being Pink Saturday ( I know, its really tomorrow, but I like to get a jump on things, or I forget) I painted the back, no, front, no, the "other" side with a pink rose.
Both sides have glitter on them. They will come with a tag and a glittered clip...I had to go to the store to get more...they are being "glittered" as I type.
So, again, because it is Pink Saturday...A pink Ribbon, A pink Rose on one side....

And a pink Angel holding three golden stars! All glittered up!
I just added these to my Ebay

CC at LacenribbonRoses is the winner...She will be getting the first snowman that I made...Thank you all for playing with me, and helping me out with ideas..
I'm glittering, stamping, punching, embossing and painting...yes, I always have glitter on

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hand Painted Snowman or Two

How about a sweet cuddly snow~couple...Snow glitter is sprinkled all about
I found this large snowman today...I love it, its arms are twisted brown wire that looks like branches...So just for show, I tucked this little guy over its arm.
Hope you can see it...little itty bitty cardinal in the right hand.
I did it again....99 cents on my Ebay...really! Go take a

New Old Tool

I thought you might get a kick out of this...I've been looking everywhere for something that is rounded, so I could bend the spoons around it...yea!!! I found is sooo cool. I can put the screw part down in my vise and bend great!!
Abstract art?? LOL. I just thought I would see if I could make you laugh...I have a problem...always have, now I need to share my problem...I use what ever is within reach as my palette..The phone book cover, junk mail, plastic lids...and this piece of marble, remember when I told you how we got some free marble chunks, this is the one I put my soldering on...well, it was laying there...and I used it for a palette!!! Its great, scrapes right off with a razor
I will pick a winner for a spoon tomorrow, so if you haven't left me a message, please do. right here. I have two more spoons finished and I found a great way to display want to see???? Oh, to answer your question. No, I don't sketch on my design. I just start painting.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another Installment....

How do you like this sweet little Snowman Angel??? She is sprinkling snow all over the earth.
Again, I cant take a decent photo, but I hope you get the idea...Champagne Gold wings, little pink ribbon around her neck. I painted Snow on the handle with a snowflake on the end. This is also all glittered...which isn't showing up!!! The bump at the end of the its footie! lol.
This is for you who suggested a cardinal... I just love them, we dont have any around here.
I hung this little guy on my Rosemary tree... I'm running over to put these on my you know how tickled I am at the response I'm getting!!! I'm so thrilled...and just a note...They look so much better in real life then these crummy pictures that I take!
And yes...starting bid is just 99 cents!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Primitive...

I've been having WAY to much fun doing these primitive looking spoons!! I bought this fabric today just for a bow...Green and Metallic Gold...Love it!! I'm heading over to put this on my Ebay...How do you like that snowflake...$$ Tree And, yes, this too is covered in just doesn't show up! Oh yes...ummm...I did it again...I listed it for that whopping 99cents!!! Again, and again...THANK YOU!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hand Painted Primitive Angel

Here's a little primitive Angel. She is wearing a pink striped collar, her sleeves are black with little hands holding a sting of leaves and berries. Her angel wings are painted using Glorious Gold, she has crinkly hair. The spoon has been sprinkled with angel dust glitter.
Again...Thank you all for bidding on my spoons!!

Marthas Glitter

I've been asked what Glitter. I love Martha Stewarts "Fine" Crystal glitter, it doesn't cover up your design. There is another kind I like, but I'm out...I'll let you, when I get more.

Angel No.1

It was so nice to get up to the mountain again.
Here's the first Angel...I have a few more ideas, different looks,
I'll work on those tonight
She is covered in glitter, I just couldn't get it to show up.
Thank you, Thank I can breathe!! Really...what was I You all came through for me and I really appreciate it!!!. Out of context I mentioned to my husband that I "begged" you all to start the bidding...he was so confused as to why I would do such a Needless to say...he will never figure me
Before I list this, I want to make a "tag" to attach to the handle with a glittery clip...what do you think it should say??

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Going out on a limb

Ok, I just did something and I'm scared!! I just listed all my spoons for 99 cents each, on my Ebay auction. Just 99 cents!! What have I done??? I'm taking a huge leap of faith, that they will sell for a bit more then 99 cents. If you're interested please visit...I would love to have you start the bidding! lol. I will feel a lot better if I get a bid...yes...I'm begging.
My hubs and I took a drive up to the mountains today to get out of the fog that was here ALL day. We hopped into the hot felt sooo good.
I've got an angel waiting to be check in tomorrow!
(have you bid yet?? what are you waiting for?? lol)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Painted Snowmen, Snowlady's Spoons!!!

A little primitive guy
Snowman that LOVEs snow!!
All dressed up!
A bit of GLITTER
Just hanging around
I took these off Etsy, my little spoon easels. They are still easels, but I painted on them, I'm going to list them on Ebay, along with the others.
Hanging out together

Ok, you guys really it did it!!! Yes, I'm talking to you all that left me messages...Here's what happened. EXCITEMENT!! Uh huh. yep, BIG letters!! I go so excited about you all liking my snowman spoons and coming up with other ideas...I couldn't stop painting them!!! Last night, I kicked into gear...the first one...SO CUTE...then on to the next...lovin it!!! then on to the next, I think I started a little competition with!!
I thought I might tell you how I do these,
1st I clean the back of the with silver cleaner, then wash and dry them.
2. I have this Huge Orange hammer...I hit them a few times. Its sitting on a heavy metal thingy
3. Then I try to find something round to bend it around...remember the shovels I painted, one didn't sell, so its sitting in my office (until someone comes along and buys it) it has a great handle. so I carfully bend and bend and bend, then I squish the handle of the spoon down.
4. (are you still with me...)I coat the back of the spoon with J.W. UnderCover. I do this one at a time. This is mean stuff. It is water clean up until it dries...then it will never come up, or off.
5. I love giving it a coat of Goldens titanium White...or Gesso, but Gesso is so thin.
6. Using my Goldens Ground Absorbent, I thin it down with a damp brush and put on 3 coats, drying it with a hair dryer inbetween coats.
7. Bascoat...I use Golden Paints like watercolors, on the backround, Or I just basecoat.
8. Taking one of my zillion sketches and I start in painting, I don't put on a pattern, I just go for it.
9. When dry, I brush on waterbase varnish, then the second coat I have my glitter ready. And I SPRINKLE THE LOVE all over my painting.
I don't mass produce these, they are done one at a time and I don't usually do the same one twice. So back to you guys....THANK YOU, keep the ideas coming. I'm painting, painting, painting!!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Oh My Goodness!!! Here are the beautiful SPOONS that Beth sent me. THANK YOU BETH!!!
Come visit me tomorrow...I've have an idea for a giveaway....see you tomorrow.

Pink Saturday and Spoons and Givaway!!

This one is called Sugarwings
A newly painted spoon ornament
This sits as well as hangs. Can be used as a napkin holder. I sprinkled it with glitter.
Look at little miss snowlady peaking out of the roses, she has gotten into the glitter!!

Ok, now for a little fun....I want to give away one of these little spoon hangy thingy's...Here's how we're going to do it...Tell me what you would want me to paint on it...for you!! How fun is that!! So, if you win...I will paint what you said you would,... be nice and easy on me. LOL.
Betty wants a little white poodle...I'm going to give that a shot...if it turns out, I'll show it to you. lol... Happy PINK Saturday to you all!! Check out Beverly's Blog, for other Pink Saturdays!!

New Spoon Idea

One ornament...4 pictures. Which one do I use for putting this on you like this idea?? I painted on the back of it. and bent the spoon handle so it can hook on a tree branch. I'm working on a few more. One has a snowlady and one has roses...any more ideas what I should paint on them?? I need to add a bit of glitter, don't you think.
I love all your ideas of where to go..I've been googling all of them...I think we've narrowed it down...
No cruise, (Stacey has a big fear of matter what Nowhere that we need a passport (that cuts into our spending money) No Cape Cod...(which is my dream vacation, not hers.
See, we narrowed it down...So keep the ideas coming
Oh wait until I show you what Beth sent me...
**********After viewing my blog...I think I better lose that lace, looks a bit******
~~~~~~~~~~I got it added to my Ebay~~~~~~~~~~

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I know, I'm posting twice in one day...

Just thought I would tell you about last night...Stacey and I were on the phone together while we watched Jon and Kate plus 8...they are in Hawaii..
So, here is our problem...we are planning another vacation together this summer...not a problem..oh, yes it is!!! Well, we enjoyed So. Calif. sooo much, we are comfortable going there, know our way around...have places to go, that we missed last summer, we just want a different Hotel, the swimming pool was in the shade in the late afternoon...
So, we're watching Jon and Kate, and we say...maybe we should go back to Hawaii, it has been 15 years, it would be sooo relaxing. RELAX, that is the key word. We dont go on vacation to relax..we want to see things, experience things, try out new go to NEW YORK...
During all of this, my hubs is in the living room watching the cmt awards..I would yell out...WE THINK WE"RE GOING TO HAWAII TO RELAX..he's like, ya, ok, thats great..
Then it was on to...NO,WE"RE GOING TO NEW YORK, then I had to confess to Stacey that I was terrified of going to New York by much so I think I talked ourselfs out of going...then she came up with this one...Racheal Ray said Montreal was like going to I checked to see how much it was to get a passport, then looked on line...Its a REALLY big city too. ,So, I'm thinking NO... Stacey loves the beach...Lets go to So. Carolina...shes like...then lets go to the Hamptons. LOLOLOL. So, this morning my Hubs talks to Stacey...WHERE are you guys going on vacation??? We Laughed and Laughed...WE DON"T KNOW
Any ideas where we should go???
I am soooooooo excited. Sometimes I get a little sad when I think no one is looking at my blog, not that it is a great blog...but, I do put time and effort to put things on to share...

So, I started my traffic feed. oh my goodness!!! There are LOTS and LOTS of people coming by to visit!!! Whoo hoo!!! I Love it!!
Now...does anyone know how to take off my music...I'm tired of it, dont know how to make it go away?? lol.

Tatted Pumpkins...and supplies

I did a happy dance the day I found I won these beautiful tatted pumpkins from...TattinChic
But...she sent me...these wonderful pins. We have been talking back and forth...I want to give tatting a try. So she sent me this wonderful book and a tatting I just need time!!!
Thank you TattingChic. They are soooo beautiful!!! I will have them out for Thanksgiving!