Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh What Two Girls and a Pood can do

It started with this table that was given to me, its an Ethan Allen, so I knew it was a good table. But the top was this HEAVY laminate.
I got the wood, an new chop saw and away I went,
chop chop chop

I took the legs off, I wanted the length shorter, so I did some cutting

Yes, I did this all in the dining room

Here's Pood, he's a big helper

A little white, a little yellow, a little blue, then a bit of spray bronze.

now I must say Stacey...did all the painting, it was fun to see what she would do.

(Stacey is my 29 year old daughter, who is such a decorator)

Then...We decided to make the table look like an old postcard. I got the idea from

Graffic Fairy

Stacey took a bowl , wrapped blue table around the lip then took black paint

and put this on the blue tape. Turning it upside down it made a great circle.

Then did the same to make a smaller circle.

Rubber stamps to do the writing in the circle.

A little writing and swirly stamps...sanding them down to make them look old

We had the top all done, not the we turned it upside down and sprayed the legs

with flat black and then sanded the edges, then she sprayed it with bronze

Here it is in the dining room, we have to work on the chairs tomorrow.

next...a coffee table!
Stacey did such a great job, its just what I wanted...Thank you, Love you!!

Bike basket

picked up a nice wicker basket with a wire frame, from my local Goodwill, for just a couple of dollars. A little spray paint. Then I sewed up a liner. It all goes together beautifully (hard to tell from this photo)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Flea Market Goodies

We went to the Torrance Flea it, I've been wanting some papers to cut up and put in my journal books, I've been looking at the prices on ebay and etsy,

So I knew when I had me a good deal. This Full Tilt Boogie class with Mary Ann Moss is fantastic, I just need more old paper

The insides of these books are wonderful. I love the "notery" book

This ledger book is my favorite. No writing, but then the price is right and I want to use

the cover for a new journal

Bridge and Gin Rummy pads

Lots of goodies, not to bad on the pocket book...$15 for everything.

Gotta love a good flea market!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Antique Photo Lab Index Book

I came across this book in a junkie little antique shop today. It is so unique. My plan was to
make an altered book...

Its about 3 1/2 inches thick

So, I google this henry M Lester

I guess these are very collectable...

so, what do I do, sell it for what it is to someone that wants this info.

OR do I distroy it and use it for an altered book.

Price...$ 8 it could be worth $100 to the right person.

what to do, what to do

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pretty Things

I picked up my new bike over the weekend. I was a little shaky at first, after my mishap.

Its just loverly! I can touch the ground when stopped. Who knew that was so important??

On our day off we took a little drive up into the mountains, love this long line of mailboxes

One thing I will miss...Oregon Wild Blackberries. Well, I may have found

a place to get some...I'll be checking back

We found the cutest little stream

Then we drove to Lake Elsinore

we just sat on our little chairs by the waters edge for a little bit

One more little mailbox from the mountains.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

More Pages

I'm having so much fun working on book making, here a few new pages
A bit of stitching, lace,painting

Lots of texture, crackle medium

and watercolors

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Artist at Work

This is what happens when you've been crafting, you get tuckered out!!
I've been doing some doodling and watercoloring. the birdcage I glued on, I die cut it out of glitter paper

I google watercolor coffee cups and I came across some great paintings, one was covered with scribbles, I panicked a bit, but went for fun fun

A work in progress, another design on saw on flickr

And the begining

now is it time for a nap??? Poodie has the best life!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Find of the Day/ Silly kitty

Stacey and I had a "vacation day" where we do what we would do if we were on vacation. Stop when whenever we see something we stopped, I found this wonderful vintage pant hanger, I plan to add vintage paper to the wood part, then it will hold one of my pieces of art.

Now for my "Silly Kitty" pictures. Here is the story about Poodie...when he is full of love, usually when one of us his holding him, talking sweet to him, petting him....he DROOLES. It is so funny yet so Stacey picked up this at the dollar store...we call him our poodle monkey, so this was appropriate. She put this on him...he loved it, and...we laughed and laughed. Silly Kitty.

One last explaination on the major bike accident. There was a car coming from behind, and there was a car parked by the curb, so I went up onto the sidewalk (which is ok to do in our town) I had to squeeze between a telephone pole and a syclone fence, I got to close to the fence and instead of just putting on the breaks I put my hand up on the fence, then my hand got caught and down I went. I cant believe I didn't break a couple fingers, they turned so black and blue.

I love watercolors

At the bottom of this post I'll show you the book with watercolor paper for $2. I don't know what it is about the price...but when I get a good deal, I feel free to play and not worry about making a mistake. When I buy a large sheet of expensive watercolor paper...I panick, I dont want to make a mistake, so I don't use it...

I played around with my watercolors last night. The picture above reminds me

of how all my bruises turned and blue and

oh, yes, I was wearing a helmet when I fell off my bike, 3 days later...oh my

I am COVERED in you do that, it takes a few days for bruises to show up

This is the begining washes, Not sure that my my lime looks like a lime, I'm thinking

a small avocado?? lol

Heres the book it was new, in the original package...$2

Lots and lots of watercolor paper!!

...back to the bike...There wasnt a scratch on it (because it landed ON me)

I returned it to the shop...I love dealing with small local businesses,

he ordered me a "baby boomer bike" where my feet

will touch the ground when I am still sitting on the seat!!! yea!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Big Girls DO cry

OUCH!! I had a "little" bike accident. I am a "little" black and blue all over. Yes, I'm returning my new bike and exchanging it for something more age appropriate!! (of course the bike didn't get a scratch on it) This is my inner thigh where the peddle landed on me.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Bird Tags

I signed up for a bird tag exchange with Karla,,

Here are the 8, I painted with watercolors, each one just a bit different

Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm working on books

ohhhh blogger. I wrote a nice long blog and I pushed the publish button and poof, it all disappeared

The book above is a "guest" book I found at the Goodwill yesterday. $2 It is filled with watercolor paper, I added a picture of the cover in the little inset

Hears what I have to show you. I found this old dictionary. Brown linen, but the letters were indented...I wanted to see what would happen, I painted then rolled gesso over the the letters to make the letters show up The black edges are raw since I cut the spine off, to cover it up, I took some canvas from my canvas pad, glued and painted it.

I'm adding 3 signitures, I don't have them stitched yet, I filled this book with 140lb watercolor paper to use at Pam Garrisons class in Aug.