Monday, October 31, 2011

Painting Page Part Dux

I tried One Step Crackle on the above pages. The one on the left I coated the whole thing, the one on the right I just did spots. It didn't work I think the plaster absorbed it.
Watercolors and a micron pen work great on sanded clear gesso
my favorite is scratching and glazing
More abstract scratching
These I waxed, since they are for pages, it went on to thick, as it was cooling, I scrapped as much off as I could then reheated with a heat gun. The one on the left has a bit of vintage lace, I plan to do a rub on transfer, the one in the middle I used a rubber stamp. The one on the right is watercolor, acrylic, scratching and wax.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Painted Pages

This worked so great, clear gesso on plaster pages then scratched on detal, then paint. my favorite out of everything I for a brief interruption... cookie goodness....
First I had to share a bite of the BEST cookie EVER. We found a new little shop in Santa Monica.
Dark chocolate caramel cookie, made fresh. So good, if you ever thought paying $3 for a cookie was outrageous... Nope, best $3 I have spent in a long time!
Now on to the painted pages, I wanted to try different mediums on my pages, I'm just going for
backgrounds right now. White Gesso, no good
This is raw plaster, no good, soaked right in
Digital white ground, mixed with the paint instead of water, went on really smooth.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Little metal book

Still a work in progress...I got the backside soldered...lots of pages
The pages are dry...not sure if I want to color them before I stitch them into a book
This is how thick it will be if I choose to use ALL the pages. I might just finish it with a few pages so I will have a sample finished as a reminder...decisions decisions.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Stephanie Lee's online class

First I must share last nights beautiful sunset

Our sleeping baby, how he doesn't fall off I'll never understand.
I'm confused, I thought with blogger that the first photo you upload is the last one on the blog, did they change it? Anyway, here is the book cover I made from Stephanie Lee's class. If you haven't taken from her and you have a desire to play with a torch and solder, sign up, she's the best. I made the bezel and filled it up, then a little painting. The pages are drying, cant wait to show you

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Last week at the flea Market

It was a beautiful day to go to the Long Beach Flea Market, lots of fun stuff

cute little bottles

Bottles of all colors
What color do you like??? so funny that these are now vintage.
I hid the addresses, but this is what you can do in 2 min. when it is a rush to get it to the postman.
Another lovely weekend coming up, really warm again, in the 90's
Have I mentioned lately how much I'm loving the warmth and sunshine!!

Friday, October 21, 2011


I'm not a big fan of stress, it got a hold of me this week. Not good. We fired our maintenance guy, he was angry, it is so scarey this day and age, you never know how people are going to react. We did find one guy out of 200 applicants, we hired him today.

We had a major leak in the pipe under our shower, thankfully after 2 hours it was fixed without to much damage. ugh

Stacey had another job interview, 30 min away, now we wait

Stacey and I went out to dinner when we walked in, there was a sign saying Gorden Ramsey had just done his show Kitchen Nightmares. The place was packed, the decor was great, but, there wasn't any vegetarian dishes. we had a couple of appetizers, cant wait to see it on TV, they said it could be from 3 mo to a year before it is shown.

I need to get some crafting in, its driving me crazy

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Journal Page

I've slowly been working on this, enjoying the progress. How long does one work on a piece before you say DONE. I don't feel like this is done, but I will move on.
Gesso, Golden fluid acrylics, w/c crayons, oil pastel, pen and ink. I worked on this old ledger page then glued it into my journal.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

No Job

Quick update...A sigh of relief. Stacey wont be moving to Novato, yes, we are glad, for a lot of reasons. He wants to hire a couple, which is the biggest issue Stacey is having.
She has an interview next Fri. in Garden Grove. Its funny, now that we thought she might be moving 8 hours away...1 hour is nothing..

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Beautiful Mountains

Love going up into the trees, sitting a spell...I need to go back and sit and wait, yep, we are still waiting. No call came in today, not sure what that means.
This is a road that goes up out of Redlands. so beautiful (except for the flat tire we got!)

A Little Stitching and Glue

I didn't know which picture to I'm showing both, I stitched the watercolor paper onto some scrapbook paper then glued it onto the cardboard
Today is the day...does Stacey get to move to Novato, CA or does she stay here and keep looking for an allusive job I'll let you know as soon as we hear!!. "We are just keeping busy...trip to Ikea for more hangers.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


My boss called at 3:00 today...said he had 2 more people that he promised to interview...but he would still like to make it work with TRACY. I have no idea what he's thinking...but TRACY. I told him her name was STACEY, she gave him her resume, that says STACEY. He paid for the plane ticket that said we laugh and hope he gets it right when he hires her...
We're still waiting, he said he would talk to her tomorrow. I hate waiting!!!

Whats in my Sketchbook

I love fall and painting pumpkins. I also love sketching over it with of bit of ink. Love this sketch pen, noodlers ink...fabulous. Added a bit of splattering.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Staceys Day in San Fransisco

Rainy day in Mill Valley, a trip to Tyler Florence's shop
Love this photo, wheres the water??
She got some great photos from her car window

Love the lines in this photo
She even found a mission
All the sailors were in

She had her job interview, does she have the job???? we wont know for a couple of days.
Does she really want the job? Not really, will she take it, yes. He said he had a couple more people to interview.
If you're new to my blog, my daughter is Stacey, she was flown to San Fransisco to interview for a job as an apartment manager....and we now wait....

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lots and Lots of Furniture

This is a piece of fabric that we got downtown LA
Looks great on the purple chair

And the freebie chair has a silver pad
Look at the sparkle...vinyl for the pad
Head board...first Hammered Iron, then sprayed on "mirror" paint
This is my favorite...this Cabinet Stacey picked up at the Flea turned out beautiful
Shes had this retro shelf for years, its really functional
We found a guy that goes to storage auctions...he knows the guy that does the "Storage Wars"
He had this in his garage, and delivered it to us for free...It got finished today, I'll show it soon
One of the drawers was made with cedar
Here is the bench that will be at the end of her bed, with the sparkly vinyl

Taking Stacey to the airport tomorrow morning...shes off to her interview and to visit the apt. complex she will be managing. Lucky her, just gets to go to Berkeley and San fran and Los Gatos, she'll fly home late Monday night. We've pretty well got her packed up. We still have no idea when she'll make the actual move. We plan to help her drive the uhaul then fly home...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

another update

So busy painting and the emotions, oh my, the emotions. Staceys sweet kitties...I feel they know something is up...they have been so snuggly. The house is going to be so different not having them around. I'm thinking new kitties might be in our future.

Stacey waited and waited all day for a phone call to find out when she was she is suppose to fly off to see where her new home will be, the call never came, then came the doubts...does he really want me for the job?? We took her to dinner in our little town, a lady sitting next to us started talking...
said she was a property manager and need and assistant...what??? She kinda offered Stacey a job about a half an hour away, only thing is, she cant live on site, its for 65 plus. She is also suppose to go on an interview on Fri...when it rains it pours...

I didn't get around to taking pictures today, rent checks all came in today...lots of banking.

Monday, October 3, 2011

We got so much done!

We worked on Staceys stuff ALL day...this plant stand got another coat of silver
Sorry, its blurry, but this bench got a coat of purple
I cant wait to show you this chair tomorrow. We found it along side the road with a FREE sign
it got a coat of paint and new seat
This was a mission style bench, it got a new coat of black paint
This morning we decided she needed a bunch of fabric, foam, batting....
so...we headed downtown LA what fun. She found a great rug
all the fabric she needed. Foam is so cheap, batting $1 a yard
This is the drawer with great handle
This cabinet is so gorgeous...I'll show the finished product tomorrow
I know this is upside down, we started with hammered iron, then spray a mirror finish. beautiful
Silver and black retro table
Its all getting done!!
One more little cabinet and finish the bed frame
more pictures tomorrow!!