Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lots and Lots of Furniture

This is a piece of fabric that we got downtown LA
Looks great on the purple chair

And the freebie chair has a silver pad
Look at the sparkle...vinyl for the pad
Head board...first Hammered Iron, then sprayed on "mirror" paint
This is my favorite...this Cabinet Stacey picked up at the Flea turned out beautiful
Shes had this retro shelf for years, its really functional
We found a guy that goes to storage auctions...he knows the guy that does the "Storage Wars"
He had this in his garage, and delivered it to us for free...It got finished today, I'll show it soon
One of the drawers was made with cedar
Here is the bench that will be at the end of her bed, with the sparkly vinyl

Taking Stacey to the airport tomorrow morning...shes off to her interview and to visit the apt. complex she will be managing. Lucky her, just gets to go to Berkeley and San fran and Los Gatos, she'll fly home late Monday night. We've pretty well got her packed up. We still have no idea when she'll make the actual move. We plan to help her drive the uhaul then fly home...

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