Thursday, October 28, 2010

Foursome Pink Saturday Spoons

Our teacher Mrs. Matlock at has given us the letter F to blog about.

I wasnt ready... I looked through photos...nope, couldn't come up with a word for F

I got a special order request for some painted spoons...I got busy last night, the thought did go through my head...."can I still paint, its been 6 mo."

In honor of the letter F...I separated the spoons into foursomes. Its not a great word, I'll work on something better next week for G

Below is a family photo, I'll be listing a few of these on Etsy.

Please leave me a comment and tell me your Favorite...Hey! another F word!!!

I am going to leave these spoon up for Pink Saturday.

Beverly at How Sweet the Sound is our host

I even made my banner. I'm learning more and more about PSE


Have you checked out Kim Klassens Cafe...wonderful stuff going on over there.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Playing with Photos

I'm taking a class from Kim Klassen, I added a couple of her textures to this photo.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Window Shopping Antique Shops

Went to Orange today. They have the BEST antiques shops. Heres what I fell in love with.
This screw and bolt were sooo large. The screw was about a foot high, Look at that spring!
These were all found at Country Roads
Love copper tea pots. I use to have a collection of them

Loved this booth, so much red goodness

Then this old typewriter...I want it sooo bad, look at those colored keys!


A neighboring town closed off all their street to have a street faire. It was wonderful. I've never seen one so big, AND the sun came out for awhile!! There was a group their that had these birds out where we could photograph beautiful
This owl was so tiny,

This guy made the most wonderful noise.
There were people just holding these birds, birds we can never see up close in the wild.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pink Hollihocks, Pink Saturday

I had a post up, I went to make a change and the whole thing dissapeared. I'm crunched for time this morning, so I'll leave you with this.
I'm taking a class with Kim Klassen to learn more about PSE8, so I used her textures and ideas to this photo. I heard there is a new PSE9, oh how I want it!
Please visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound. Theres a lot of Pink going on.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Earth's Goodness

Alphabe-Thursday our letter for class today is " E" I'm going with earth's Goodness.
You can visit more students by going to

Beautiful peppers at the Farmers Market

Onions, What a beautiful Pink color

Monday, October 18, 2010

From this to That, photoshop play

I needed a book cover, so after taking it apart, I remembered seeing this around blogland, books with the spine, I'll add more to this stack, at a later time

adding a grunge layer and darkening it a bit, a touch of cropping. I like how it turned out.


Last night I decided to get out my water colors and paint some lemons. In the light of day,

I can see many imperfections, but it was fun. The top picture was done on reg. paper that had been coated with modeling paste. It beaded up a bit, but I kinda like how it turned out

This one was just done in my watercolor moleskin notebookPosted by Picasa

Have you seen my kitty???

My kitty is hidden, you cant see him...right? He stayed like that for about 15 min.

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Mission in Ventura

The Mission in Ventura

On people watch, this guy was staying out of the drizzle in a closed store front, singin and making the world a better place.
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Saturday Trip

Are you anxious to hear how our day went??? We drove for hours, 15 min. North of Santa Barbara to go to this wonderful Lemon Festival...It was drizzly and foggy. Thats ok, We saw the tents and headed to this LEMON Festival...There were NO LEMONS!! Lemon was horrible. A couple of booths with clothes that were getting wet. One booth of jewelry, one both with ugly purses...ok, we found the One booth of Gyros, one booth with store bought lemonade, then we found it!!! Lemon Cotton Candy!!!
Is it looking a bit sad?? The one on the left she just gave to us...the one on the right..melted right before our eyes...the drizzle they just melted.

We were hungry, we kept going through towns looking for some place to eat. We went into Ventura...I had this "special" pizza. ummm the roasted tomatoes, just came out of the freezing cold cooler. As with the onions, cold...After the waitress explain (after it was served) that it was a cold pizza...It really was good, but it was like a big cracker. (still not sure why it took 20 min.)

Then we stopped at a couple of antique shops, they were soooo expensive, it kinda takes the fun out of looking

Did I mention it was a VERY GREY DAY. It made me realize that I DON'T miss the rain and drizzle and grey skys. We were glad to get home. We still had lots of laughs.
I forgot to put the picture of the Mission on, I'll do that tomorrow. It was so tiny, but it was pretty inside.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Pink Saturday Photoshop Textures

I had a bit of time today, so I played with some textures in Photoshop Elements

I made a soft pink background

Happy Pink Saturday to everyone

I'm off to a Lemon Festival, hope to get a lot of neat photos

Host. Beverly of How Sweet the Sound

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Do Over

I have been sooo careful about purchasing anything. When you go to a thrist store and you see

This large shelf, what is one to do??? First...look it over...then think, I've seen this in antique stores for a lot of money, and then.....look at the was marked down from 14.99 I paid....are you ready...$8.00

It was stained, solid wood.
Home Depot carries Martha Stewerts paints now
and I found the exact color I needed.
I did a do over (aka - make over)
I have to call it a do over because this week is
"D" over at Jenny Matlocks class.
check it out at
Show and Tell Friday

Monday, October 11, 2010


Graumans Theater, love looking at the names

Beautiful sunshine, everyone is having fun