Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Saturday Trip

Are you anxious to hear how our day went??? We drove for hours, 15 min. North of Santa Barbara to go to this wonderful Lemon Festival...It was drizzly and foggy. Thats ok, We saw the tents and headed to this LEMON Festival...There were NO LEMONS!! Lemon was horrible. A couple of booths with clothes that were getting wet. One booth of jewelry, one both with ugly purses...ok, we found the One booth of Gyros, one booth with store bought lemonade, then we found it!!! Lemon Cotton Candy!!!
Is it looking a bit sad?? The one on the left she just gave to us...the one on the right..melted right before our eyes...the drizzle they just melted.

We were hungry, we kept going through towns looking for some place to eat. We went into Ventura...I had this "special" pizza. ummm the roasted tomatoes, just came out of the freezing cold cooler. As with the onions, cold...After the waitress explain (after it was served) that it was a cold pizza...It really was good, but it was like a big cracker. (still not sure why it took 20 min.)

Then we stopped at a couple of antique shops, they were soooo expensive, it kinda takes the fun out of looking

Did I mention it was a VERY GREY DAY. It made me realize that I DON'T miss the rain and drizzle and grey skys. We were glad to get home. We still had lots of laughs.
I forgot to put the picture of the Mission on, I'll do that tomorrow. It was so tiny, but it was pretty inside.


Adrienne said...

So sorry your trip was a lemon. I don't understand a lemon festival with no lemons!

Jo said...

What??? a lemon festival with no lemons??? how strange is that ... especially when some of the best lemons come from california ... well at least it was a day doing something different ...

Jenny said...

Wow. I am so intriqued with the lemon cotton candy. That is a neat, neat idea! Thanks for letting us tag along. I had a great trip.