Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Tue.

I put a layer of gesso down on this thin piece of muslin, then painted on it with Golden Fluid.
Yesterday I was packing up all my goodies for class. I wanted to have my sewing machine all ready to go...I got ready to put in the bobbin...aaaack, my bobbin case was missing...I KNEW my kitties probably knocked it off, so I spent an hour looking everywhere...under the sofa (nope, it was a cork) in the corners, anyway, I panicked, called my sewing center...$33 for a new one...thats all I need...another batch of money going out the door. I decided I may as well go and get it...I had to have I ran out the door, got in the store before they closed...Told the lady what I needed...she brought it out and showed it to me...I said "Thats not what it looks like" so she looked up my account on the computer and're right and she wen to the back room, came out with another one...that looked the same...I'm like "sorry, but that isn't what it looks like" the phone rang, while she was talking...I kept looking at the piece...when she came back, I asked her how that piece would get out of the machine...there is a little screw holding it in,
WHAT?? I didn't unscrew anything...then I had a little bit of "moment"......I uh, (cough,cough) wonder if there is nothing missing but the bobbin.
So, she was nice, said to go home and check it....but come and look at our VERY lovely, expensive machine, which she showed me how nice it sewed.
When I got home I looked at my machine...jeeeez, I just never see it without a bobbin. I popped a bobbin in..and it worked. I had taken the thread off and the bobbin out , and the feet down,to practice free form stitching.
My way of I have a free $33 to spend at vendors night!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

On My Work Table

I like to be prepared when I take a workshop...I also like trying things out beforehand. That way when I learn how to do something I'll know what I did different. I love learning new techniques.
These are little 4X5 pieces of watercolor canvas, I smeared molding paste across them, some I used watercolors and some I used Golden Fluid acrylic...which I LOVE. It will be fun to work on these some more after taking DJ Pettitt's class...its right around the corner.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sally Jean~Watercolor~Charms

I didn't show any pictures from Sally Jeans class in her studio. She loves robins egg blue. I love this 3 piece canvas above the door.
She has vintage, VERY vintage ledgers and books.
I took this from where I was sitting...her little cubbies FULL of goodness. She said the drawers are also full of goodness. The other side of this long room also was full.
My soldering went sooo much better yesterday.. These are teeny tiny. the glass piece is 1x1
A little known fact about painting roses...Some days are good, some days...not so good. I was having a "GOOD" day yesterday..I painted 5, soldered them up...and thought...Hey Laurie! You are have a good rose day...get in gear and do some I did up another 5. Mind you, these little roses are about 1/4". A good small flat brush, and a little itty bitty liner 10/0
On the back, a wash of watercolor, then I used a french stamp that I have. I also added a bit of glitter to some.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

More Soldering

I have to say, my soldering is getting better. I think I wasn't using enough solder. I picked up one of the "3rd hands" at Harbor Freights. It really helped to hold the charm while I put on the jump ring.
Again, I'm showing both sided of the charms...I tried to match up the colors from one side to the other.
Can you tell what this is??? I didn't have anything to hang them I went to the GW and tried to think outside the box. They had this ONE stand, it did take me just a minute to figure out it was. It holds fireplace tools. It is a really pretty silver. I wrapped some lace around it, hoping that would soften the look.
I went to Tarte first thing in the morning. I fell in love with the little tiny sawhorse table. Do you see it on top of the other cute, not for sale (thank goodness!)
Here are my treasures. I couldn't pass these up...$5 each.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Pink Saturday

Fronts and backs
I don't have much for Pink Saturday.
Please head over to Beverly's How Sweet the Sound to see more PINK

My Day Off

Summer is going to be over before long, so we took another fishing excursion. We got up early, drove for 1 1/2 hours to Clear Lake. It was sooo beautiful. We fixed breakfast outside on a picnic table. Dont you think food tastes so much better out in the clean fresh air
We thought about building a fire, but it would have had to cut down a tree, this fireplace was HUGE
We thought about taking a boat ride...but we would have had to unload it first
We thought about staying over night...but I don't like sleeping on the top floor
We had a lovely day!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Few Charms

Showing both sides of the charms.
These are so fun to make.
I'll show you the pink ones on Pink Saturday

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Little R&R by the River

Hubby wanted to go do a little fishing, so we headed to the river...I laughed so hard, can you see the bottom of his shorts?? a little wet?? Yes, he slipped.
I sat comfortably on the side of the bank...what a beautiful spot
I pulled out my paints...
starte working on my "Quilt" charms
25 down...about 10 more to go. They all have shimmer paint on them, and little tiny designs. Now to paint the other side and then the soldering! Wish me luck on my least this will give me lots of practice!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

My Aching Feet!

I mean it! My feet were soooo sore by the end of the day.Here's a couple of snaps of my area...which grew and grew. lol
I ended up taking over the whole area...are you wondering how I did?? I was real happy. Didn't sell anything that was was a beautiful day, I don't think anyone wanted to think of Fall being so near by. The big hit...all my handpainted charms on the easels. I even got a call the next day from Sammy Girl asking me to paint up some quilt charms for an upcoming event.
The best part...meeting up with bloggers that we know...really got to put a face to the was so much many hugs going around!! It was a wonderful event...I was asked to be a part of their Holiday event...I've got work to do!!
Oh, my chairs...not rustic enough, but it got people into my area. I have another sale I'll be in, in Nov. all my chairs sale there, so I'm ok with that

I had to give you a quick to painting I go.o.o.o.....

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pink Saturday...Pink Roses

These photos are horrible, but I'm taking them to the sale tomorrow and I hope I dont bring them back. Its early in the morning and drizzly, I'm using a vacant apt. garage
One of the perks of being an apt. manager, people throw out stuff when they move. As in these two chairs. The top one is was in perfect condition, the bottom one was missing the side slats. I cut and glued some branches, I thought it went well with the nest. This would make a good "porch" chair...not real functional.
Check other redos at

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Guess what happened

Do you see anything wrong here???? I had a box full birdies all packed up and ready to take to the sale...last night I caught my naughty little kitty sticking his paw through the slat trying to get his friend...when I took the lid off the box...this is what I found...the beak is no where to be found and he pulled the ribbon right off from around its neck. Nothing is safe from my kittys!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oh Lookie Lookie

See this beautiful spot. This is where Martha...of Vintage Trifles...said my "spot" is going to be on Sunday for the Deepwood Antiques sale...isn't it wonderful
I will have neighbors nearby...
and flowers. My favorite color of hydrangia
and another friend, tucked inside this beautiful pink rose. I'm busy pricing stuff so I better get back to work.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Newest Birdies

My birdies are all dressed up for their photo shoot.
I have been working like crazy getting ready for the Deepwood sale, I'm scared to pieces...well I sell anything???
I still have to add a flower or two to this white one,
I love milk glass
My fall collection.
This is my favorite...favorite?? what ever one I'm working on at the time is my favorite.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wild Life

Look at this adorable dress. JoAnnA is having a workshop. If you think this is adorable, wait till you see the next dress she is altering...check out her workshop at
This cute little bunny kindly sat there while I took a few photos
These wild horses are so beautiful
It is so dry, I don't understand where they get enough food. There is plenty of water around.
These were on the Indian Reservation

Friday, September 11, 2009

My husband and I decided we wanted to take one more mini vacation while the weather was nice. I didn't make a reservation because #1 we didn't know what the weather would be like #2 didn't know when we would be able to get away #3 Hey, we had LOTS of time, all the kids would be in school. We packed the car up on Tue afternoon. I was tied down until (not literally,lol) about noon. So the plan was to take off early Thurs. morning sooooo I googled the place we wanted to stay. OOPS, no vacancy...went to plan vacancy...went to plan vcancy (I'm thinking I didn't plan very well) So I looked up Ka Nee Ta and the only vacancy was a room with a kitchenette. But the price...ouch. So I was thumbing through their website and saw that there was a half off make a really long story short...if we left at noon on Wed (a day early) we could get the half off special...So off we went. Eastern Oregon Desert is so beautiful> We took a "back road" to ge there...have you ever done that...take the "unknown" road...I had directions, but it wasn't long before we realized our dirctions were a little off. We did get there...just not as Love seeing the wild horses.

Now for the exciting news.... I love the work of DJ Pettitt. I was checking her blog out and they opened 4 more spaces in her class at Art and Soul...Yes! I signed up!!! Yippee!

Monday, September 7, 2009

I've Been Sewing and Painting

I found this pair of little tiny shoes at Monticello Antiques last week. I gave them an a new look. I have get some ribbon to finish them up
I painted a rose on each side of this single shoe pin cushion
Old silver from Italy. Ii love the tarnished look
I painted a nest with roses on one side. Love these old shoes
These shoes were worn so much there is a hole in the toe
It was so nice to have a day off!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

David Cook Concert Day

It was stormy all night and most of the day. Towards afternoon it started clearing up.See the rainbow?
This is what it looked like most of the day.
Will it rain during the concert????
Big puddles of water...a touch of sprinkles just as we were walking through the gate...
NO RAIN!! It turned out to be really nice. The concert was great. He is really good. This is the only picture I took that turned out...Stacey took a bunch with her big camera until she almost got kicked out for using her zoom. We had a nice time