Monday, September 21, 2009

My Aching Feet!

I mean it! My feet were soooo sore by the end of the day.Here's a couple of snaps of my area...which grew and grew. lol
I ended up taking over the whole area...are you wondering how I did?? I was real happy. Didn't sell anything that was was a beautiful day, I don't think anyone wanted to think of Fall being so near by. The big hit...all my handpainted charms on the easels. I even got a call the next day from Sammy Girl asking me to paint up some quilt charms for an upcoming event.
The best part...meeting up with bloggers that we know...really got to put a face to the was so much many hugs going around!! It was a wonderful event...I was asked to be a part of their Holiday event...I've got work to do!!
Oh, my chairs...not rustic enough, but it got people into my area. I have another sale I'll be in, in Nov. all my chairs sale there, so I'm ok with that

I had to give you a quick to painting I go.o.o.o.....


That Girl Ang said...

Congratulations on the sales and for getting out there and doing it! I need to do one... LOL

Coleen said...

It was so fun to finally meet you! Your creations are outstanding!!! I love your birdie pincushions!!

Heart Hugs,

Susie Jefferson said...

Congratulations, and more power to your elbow as the Irish say. Go for it! I'm so glad your sale was successful.

Adrienne said...

Hi, Laurie -
I'm not surprised your feet ached. I was busy running around doing photography and meeting people and mine hurt, too. Probably not as much as yours because I sat down occasionally!

It was SO good to meet you for real and to get hugs from you. Can't wait to see you again. And I'm thrilled about your charms for the quiltopia at Deepwood. I've been thinking about what I want you to do for me - will let you know when I have it all figured out!

Your things are gorgeous - wish everyone could see them in person!


Lisa said...

Glad you did so well! At least you can sit while you paint.
Hugs, Lisa

Halo Hill said...

Wasn't the show fun?? Your pieces were darling! It was so great to meet you in person after we've been blog friends for so long!



smilinggreenmom said...

AWWW...How amazing! These are so perfect for the log cabin I dream of owning LOL :) I would love to see these in person- I bet they were even more dramatic and wonderful. Hey hang in there with the sore feet- my feet get soooo tired sooo easily too. No fun. I love using my Topricin pain cream for it though. They have one just for feet and not only is it totally natural- but it works and feels incredible. So anyway, take care, get some rest and can't wait to see the chairs ;)

Sammy Girl said...

Laurie --
Have sent you an e-mail with "business stuff". It's coming from Elizabeth (the name my mom hollered when upset with me, lol!) Wanted to let you know so that you don't dump it as spam.
Betty :)

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Laurie, Your area looked fantastic with all your very lovely creations. Sorry to hear about your poor acheing feet. VBG Hugs Judy