Sunday, February 27, 2011

Flea Market Finds

I've been practicing and practicing...I think I see an improvement on my face drawing
I did a bit of shopping fun is this bike rack

Here are my goodies for the day...a little wire rack, I have plans, I'll show it again once it is fixed

And these, I know that it is hard to find the old cloth tape measures...I don't know if I can cut it,
I love it sooo much. Then the little leather coin purse...
and the picture things, two pieces pull out...not sure what to do with it...but the price was right.
I needed some old pattern tissue for that upcoming class, 25 cents for all...not bad.
All together I spent under $10. That makes me happy!!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Inside and Out

Inside, this is what was going many pictures do you take to get one good picture...
and then you have to decide...which ones do I keep, which one do you toss
Beautiful purple tulips from Trader Joes...brings in a bit of SPRING
I bought this new vase at Home Goods today
And then OUTSIDE, this is what was going on...the snow came right down the mountain.
it was one of the most beautiful days I've seen, it didn't rain or snow...just beautiful clouds
hard to believe we are in So. California!!! Love it!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm taking a workshop

I signed up for this workshop. It starts on Monday...looks like so much fun!! I'll keep you posted on my progress. You can check it out here... www.scarletlime and only $35
Have you taken an online class? they are so much fun. We will have our own little chat area where we can share ideas, ask questions, show your work if you want.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beach Day

We had a heavy day of rain yesterday. Today was a different story...we headed to Huntington Beach for lunch. The pier was full of people enjoying the day.
I wanted to see if I could catch the sparkle of the ocean as we were driving down Hwy 1

We live down there...the mountains are all snow capped. I had forgotten how beautiful So. Calif could be.

We saw this great old truck in Huntington Beach, I forgot to get a when we got to Seal Beach, there it was...

ohhhhh the day was so sparkly

Long Beach in the distance. Lots of surfers

The lifeguard truck drove up

Lots of bikes. I love this picture with the beach in the background
not sure what we'll be doing tomorrow, but I shall share!

Friday, February 18, 2011

A little photo phun

I took 3 photos using the same items..then in photoshop I added different textured backgrounds.Above is a texture I made using old cardboard and paint
This one is texture medium then lots of paint

This one is just a old piece of paper
more then just the backgrounds,
I would love to know which one you think is the best composition??

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Colors of Fruit

My gardner brought me an abundance of fruit today from his own trees.
Isn't it beautiful. The oranges were delish! This a scale that my husband
picked up for me at a garage sale, $3
Love Love Love sunflowers!!

Suzi Blu said something that I really liked. It went something like this...
Use the eraser, you're not erasing mistakes, you are just making adjustments,
dont ever be afraid to erase...neat huh.
well, I should have done some erasing, shes leaning just a bit.
I think that the black outline is a bit heavy, I think I'll go
back to using my Micron .005 pen

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Another Whimsical Girl

I stayed in bed most of the my PJ's ALL day. Just not feeling so I got out
my sketch book and gave another shot at drawing whimsical girls. I've always admired people that draw these, I've always thought, "I cant do that" then I thought...why, I think I can.
The easy way would be to "copy" someone elses work, but I have always wanted it to be totally mine. How do you make something that is totally yours?? Its hard, I study a lot of peoples work...then I put it all away and just draw from my heart, practice practice practice, different shaped heads, noses, not easy, so they are never going to look the same.
When all is said and done, I can say, hey this is mine...not bad.
Its rainy and dreary here, a good day to play hookie!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Shot at Whimsy

I sketched this little gal last night. I made her up...yep, I'll have to do a few more to see how to do different things, eyes, nose, mouth...

After I watercolored her, I outlined her in my new "all" pencil. with water on a fine liner, the black pencil just melts. Do you like the before or after the outlining? I did go in and make the colors a little stronger.

Monday, February 14, 2011

practice practice practice

This is the latest. I am seeing lots of here is what I did. Have you heard
about Suzi Blu, she has lots of videos on youtube and is a bit whacky, but I heard she had
a online workshop on faces, so I checked it out. She is awesome, you quirkiness keeps you interested in all the technical stuff she is teaching.

I signed up for her workshop, its technically over, so she is offering 3 of her past classes combined, for a mere $35. WELL WORTH IT. hours and hours of videos, she goes over and over the info, so it starting to sink in...I had no idea there was a "grid" to where parts are to go

I don't have it down completely, I haven't finished the class, but like I said, I KNOW I have made improvements. I'm also not a big fan of colored pencils, could be the paper I'm using.

I think her nose is a bit to far down, and the face to round, but that's what I'm finding interesting, no two faces are I need to learn hair...

I had to show you this chair, Stacey picked it up at the Melrose Flea Market...just as we were heading out, she spied this chair, dirty as all get out...the gal was asking $20, she took $25
Stacey took the pad off, cleaned it up, its all pearly. Then she painted the front and back
aqua with pearl added, a fresh coat of black and she has a beautiful retro chair. She just ordered a stencil to use on the back, I'll show you the finished chair when its done
I laughed, my husband asked me what the fascination was for faces, I explained, I wanted to learn nests with eggs, I worked and worked at it...I did the same with just eggs, and it is I thought I better check and see if I still "had it" sketching nests...I think I do.

This is a page from an old album I just got at the flea market

The cover is just beautiful

I LOVE the finish on the aqua grinder, it just had to come home with me. Here is a conversation we got in to:
What foods do you not like?
Stacey had a list of about 10 things, which included things
like sprouts, water chestnuts, peas.
My husband had a couple, melons was big on his list, and squash'
my turn...I don't know, I'm sure there is something I don't like
so the question was lingering out there ALL day
we even went to a grocery store and walked every isle to see
what I didn't like...couldn't find anything,
we're talking the kind of things that you would spit it out if you ate it,
went to Trader Joes, nothing
isn't that weird, when did I decide that I like onions, brussel sprouts, spinach,
tomato, melons.
Well, the moral of this story...
now I have something that REALLY irritates them,
and I laugh and laugh

Sunday, February 13, 2011

What a fun day.

We were driving down Melrose, just looking around...and there was a sea of tents...oh yes...Do you know what it means when you see a sea of tents...well, one of two things, its going to be a Farmers Market, or a Flea Market...Then we saw this sign...
I've heard of it, funny thing, the car just turned right into the empty parking has a way of doing that!!

It was only a $2 entry fee...really different, if I was to give it a style name, it would be bohemian retro. Lots of vintage shoes/boots

Love this, not sure what the guy was doing sitting on the ground

I've never really seen a mannie, quite so dressed up (more shoes)

Not so much bling

cool hats...hope there arent any kooties, lots people trying them on

Love this guy, makes the best benches

Love the distressed wood

and bed???

Then we had lunch at the Grove, Farmers Market, dont you just love their carts

never had a PO'BOY, so we shared a Blackend Salmon
delish, but HOT

Then we were driving around some more...and saw some more tents.
this time a farmers the Calla Lily's

Spring time daiseys

Fresh radishes, people were snapping them up

Then it was time to head home, our home is down there in the trees
love that the mountains are so near by

In the other direction, the sun was setting...whew, what a day, and to have it end with a view of this sunset...delightful

A sea of orange. I love a beautiful sunset!!!
I hope you enjoyed taking this tour with me.
I may have mentioned this a time or two...