Monday, February 14, 2011

practice practice practice

This is the latest. I am seeing lots of here is what I did. Have you heard
about Suzi Blu, she has lots of videos on youtube and is a bit whacky, but I heard she had
a online workshop on faces, so I checked it out. She is awesome, you quirkiness keeps you interested in all the technical stuff she is teaching.

I signed up for her workshop, its technically over, so she is offering 3 of her past classes combined, for a mere $35. WELL WORTH IT. hours and hours of videos, she goes over and over the info, so it starting to sink in...I had no idea there was a "grid" to where parts are to go

I don't have it down completely, I haven't finished the class, but like I said, I KNOW I have made improvements. I'm also not a big fan of colored pencils, could be the paper I'm using.

I think her nose is a bit to far down, and the face to round, but that's what I'm finding interesting, no two faces are I need to learn hair...

I had to show you this chair, Stacey picked it up at the Melrose Flea Market...just as we were heading out, she spied this chair, dirty as all get out...the gal was asking $20, she took $25
Stacey took the pad off, cleaned it up, its all pearly. Then she painted the front and back
aqua with pearl added, a fresh coat of black and she has a beautiful retro chair. She just ordered a stencil to use on the back, I'll show you the finished chair when its done
I laughed, my husband asked me what the fascination was for faces, I explained, I wanted to learn nests with eggs, I worked and worked at it...I did the same with just eggs, and it is I thought I better check and see if I still "had it" sketching nests...I think I do.

This is a page from an old album I just got at the flea market

The cover is just beautiful

I LOVE the finish on the aqua grinder, it just had to come home with me. Here is a conversation we got in to:
What foods do you not like?
Stacey had a list of about 10 things, which included things
like sprouts, water chestnuts, peas.
My husband had a couple, melons was big on his list, and squash'
my turn...I don't know, I'm sure there is something I don't like
so the question was lingering out there ALL day
we even went to a grocery store and walked every isle to see
what I didn't like...couldn't find anything,
we're talking the kind of things that you would spit it out if you ate it,
went to Trader Joes, nothing
isn't that weird, when did I decide that I like onions, brussel sprouts, spinach,
tomato, melons.
Well, the moral of this story...
now I have something that REALLY irritates them,
and I laugh and laugh


Penny said...

All your faces are lovely - your practice is paying off.


Char said...

You are doing wonderful faces, but oh do I ever love the bird nests....more please, Char

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

I love the faces! I have a hard time with the hair too..any hints? The class sounds like fun..I'm going to be taking one from Christy Tomlinson at the Scarlet Lime..

Your nest and eggs are AMaZinG! I can only wish...
Love your "finds"!