Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back from vacation

Love the rock formations
Beautiful rivers

Beautiful Deer

Lots of wild horses


Wild goats
I'm home!! Had a wonderful relaxing time! The winner of my Giveaway is Nancy

Trees,blue sky,fluffy clouds,plateaus, rivers,streams,birds,deer,wild horses,tumbleweeds,wild goats,snow capped mountains,green valleys,Indian reservation, Salmon fish hatchery, relax, warm spring pools, reading, rock formation, state parks, long walks, fishing, thinking (meditation?), resting, good food, yummy German Brown trout, warmth, fall mornings,fresh air, quiet, picnics,sunny,wilderness.= Eastern Oregon.

I had a wonderful package waiting for me when I get home. I'll post pictures tomorrow.
Oh ya...I didn't take a fresh camera battery...these are the only pictures I took before it died.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


*** update...I added these when the sun came up****
Oh dear, its 6 am and I'm taking these pictures...I may have to redo once it gets light. The frame is actually a beautiful blue...not grey like it looks. Its just a 5 1/2 x 4 plastic frame but It looks great. This little giveaway is a twofer...I painted the pumpkins one one side of the heavy watercolor paper and the nest on the other.The picture is only 2x 3 1/4. There is a bit more blue in the sky then what is showing on the photos. These photos are oh well...if you want to take a chance on please leave me a message so I'll have lots to read when I get home. Heres my question...if you could go anywhere in the world for a week, where would you go? My answer is Paris
Have a great week everyone and I'll be back soon......

Today is the last day on ebay for my little black boot

Monday, August 25, 2008

Birdie, Ribbons, Sea Glass, Award..

This is my latest little birdie, It is just a tiny thing. I found this sweet little cup for it to perch on.
Look how wonderful it looks next to the sea glass...sea foam ... The cup has a hint of color on the bottom
Then I discovered this sweet cluster of pink flowers in my goodie box and it was a perfect match to the ribbon
While making this pincushion I wanted to add a little something extra when I came across this hand made lace hankie. I snipped off the corner and added it for a touch of elegance.
I am feeling much better today!!! Finally! Then I received two wonderful gifts!! TWO
The first one was this sweet blogging friends award. Thank you Vicki!!
Here are the rules:
1. Use the Twinks Bank icon (to the right of the page)
2. Nominate 5 other people only
3. Four (4) nominees have to be dedicated followers of your blog
4. One (1) has to be someone new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
5. You must link back to whoever gave you the award.
This one easy... Vickie C,Allison, Stephanie,Colleen
and the newest friend is Pat...
Which leads me into my second gift. Its amazing what a brown box can hold, first there was the most beautiful mermaid tear scissor fob made with the most fabulous sea foam green glass beads and a mermaid tear hanging on the bottom. On the back of the card is a story about mermaid tears. Its wonderful

Oh dear my pictures are out of order... anyway, the bottom picture shows a wonderful heart shape pouch, when I picked it up I could tell there was something in it...I hated to...but I had to...
I cut a slit in the back and look what tumbled out...More mermaid tears....Have I mentioned how I LOVE these!! Oh but there's more!!! Pat dyes the most beautiful RIBBON!!! Look at all the luscious color...Oh my little birds are going to be in heaven when I dress them in the ribbons!!
Heres the sweet pouch that held my mermaid tears
I'm leaving in the morning for a few days of R & R with my hubbs of 36 years...We're going to beautiful Eastern Oregon. I will take pictures. My plan is to put on a giveaway in the morning you wont forget

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Painted Collage/ Bird Pincushion

Even when I'm sick I cant just be idle, so while sitting in bed with my bed tray I worked on this piece. Its 7 1/2 X 6". I cut the wood when I knew I was going to be taking the Lisa Kaus class. I had it all prepped and ready to go. When it was almost done I added the large polkadots, they were to bright so I muted them. I didn't want to forget what I learned! I love how it turned out. I'll be adding this to my ebay.
I am feeling much better, still a little croaky, not
*****Tomorrow is the last day on EBAY for my little pink sewing machine*****

Saturday, August 23, 2008

aaaah TEA

Thank you...tea, lemon, and honey aaaah! Made me feel so much better

A new blogging friend gave me this wonderful smile award. Her name is Shari Kraft of Cranapple Christmas
The Rules of the Award are as follows.

1. The recipient must link back the the award's creator (The Babblings of Mere)
2. You must post these rules if you recieve the award.
3. You must choose 5 people to recieve the award after recieving it yourself
4. You must fit the characteristics of the recipient of the award, as posted by Mere.
5. You must post the characteristics of a recipient.
6. You must create a post sharing your win with others.
7. You must thank your giver.

Characteristics for the Smile Award:
1. Must display a cheerful attitude. (not necessarily at all times--we are all human)
2. Must love one another
3. Must make mistakes
4. Must learn from others
5. Must be a positive contributor to blog world
6. Must love life
7. Must love kids

Here are the 5 people that I have chosen:
Colleeen you always make me smile, but I was so sad for you today. Please go visit this gal if you haven't already, she could use a little cheering up today.
Dawn your wonderful creations always make me smile. You are such a kind gentle person.
Natasha You are always so cheerful and it shows in all the beautiful work that you do.
Miss Rhea I wish you well, dear friend. Your beautiful work is always an inspiration to me.
Vicki C you are the queen of cards in my book!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

New Blogging Friend

It hurts so bad to swallow!! I HAVE to get better, we're leaving on vacation next week!

I know how exciting for all bloggers when you meet up with someone that you make a connection with, thats how is with my new blogger friend. Please go visit this wonderful person Pat Winter She has a beautiful blog.

I'm going to go gargle on warm salt water...yuck! lol

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sick Thurs.

Well, I guess I made up my own There is no Pink Wed. Theres a pink Sat....I do have an excuse. I am sick sick sick. A really bad sore throat, headache that wont quit and a cough from a constant tickle in the back of my throat...yes...I'm miserable!! I had to take a couple people to court this morning and I had to talk and talk, I think I went through a whole bag of sugar free Ricola. It took about 3 hours, I came home and went to bed. I'm just popping my head in to say hi and back to the dark- quiet- room I go...see you tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pink Wednesday

Yay, I finally got around to joining the Pink Wednesday bloggers! I am putting this little pink sewing machine on ebay later today. Isn't it adorable!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Halloween is around the corner!!

Have you all experienced the excitement of working on something and when it is done all you can do is squeal with delight?? Thats what happened when I finished this one!! Even my hubbs commented that it was neat.
Love these little black velvety shoe/booties that I found, they aren't old, but the toes are a bit worn, which adds to the charm. I also added a piece of vintage lace to hang over the top, reminded me a bit like a, do you think I'm getting into the spirit?? This will be on my Ebay.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Earlier this summer I had fun with spray paint...layering different colors and kinds of spray paint to make a beutiful finish on these little "coaster" plates. I finally got around to painting on on, i love how it turned out. I am adding this to my Etsy. I took a little Champagne Metallic and highlighted the edge and raised area to give it a little extra shimmer. I added a hint of metallic paint to the nest.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Little nest on Vintage shoe pincushion

This is my latest little shoe pincushion with a light green's flying off to its new home tomorrow.
Look at the detail on the cute.
Thought I would use the little wheelbarrow for a prop before it goes off to its new home. It's on my Ebay if you're interested in it. A sweet gal Pat, sent me the most beautiful sea glass that she picked up herself. I'm so in love with sea glass.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Vintage Apron Pattern Sweet!

I hope Lucille Walker looked lovely without her apron. Poor lady never used the pattern, I'm sure she thought it would look really cute when her guests arrive for their dinner party. Maybe she was just a collector of patterns and had a lovely stash of fabric and to many kids underfoot that she never got around to making these wonderful aprons...whats funny is she made a scalloped pattern for the bottom of an apron out of a brown bag...its in the pattern. We'll at least we know who bought the pattern, that's important, she even put her address on the envelope, but not the city, that would have been tacky. lol. 35 cents this pattern cost Lucille. I hope I can get a bit more then that for it. lol...It'll be listed on my ebay.

This pattern is missing a lot of pieces. I'll give it to the first person that says they would like to have it.
Someone left a cabinet in one of the garages, the cabinet couldn't be salvaged,but I love the handles.
Kathy Grace is the winner of my giveaway. Thank you everyone that signed up. I LOVE all the wonderful words you came up with!! That was so much fun, I'm working on the next giveaway.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Sugar Cake !

I just took another photo of this little wheelbarrow with my Bunny By the Bay Bear. Don't forget to check it out on my Ebay, which is listed on the side bar
I'll be adding this to my etsy , an old tarnished little plate. I took the idea of what Dawn from the Feathered Nest does and to make it my own, I painted a nest on a branch. My printer hasn't been programed to my cleaned out computer so I couldn't print off the sheet music that Dawn is offering on her blog.
How cute is Sugar Cake...look, they even made a song for her!!
There was this blank spot on the spoon, I have been wondering for months what I was going to put in the spot. I put this baby on Ebay today.
Then I found this in a box of goodies I had...How cute would this be filled with sea glass, buttons, sea shells. This is on my ebay too.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Orange Goodies

I'm not sure what is wrong with me....I'm actually thinking about Halloween. It just happens to be 100 degrees outside, I'm inside with air conditioner and Im thinking about Halloween?!?. lol. I went and did a little shopping today. Here's my loot...Orange cups, does anyone know what these are called? Is it carnival glass?? an orange egg cup. a tin that held cloves, a music book, a reader book a fun is all that?? and I found a couple of jars.
We had an exciting day today...a gal called us to say there had been a large, loud party next to her last night and she called the police. Then the other neighbor came over to tell us about this party, The manager of the complex down the hill called to tell me, a policeman called me, then all the neighbors called me...So we went and checked it out...sure enough, there were beer cans everywhere...the part that really bothered us...there were cig. butts all down the hill in the brush/ lucky they didn't start a fire. Then later in the day another policeman came by and talked to us for an hour...needless to say, they will be "movin on" Why didn't we hear anything, you ask...we sleep with a fan
Please remember I'm having a little givaway on the post before this! I'm loving all the words you all have come up with.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I couldn't stand it!!! I've had giveaway withdrawals! lol. So, here it is! I'm still working on this little charm, but I will finish it before I send it out. Lets see....I'll pick a winner on...Sat. How that??? This is a little nest that I painted in watercolors on 300lb watercolor paper. It has its first coat of solder, it'll get smoothed out and a loop on the top. If you're interested please leave me a word...what summer means to you. Oh yes!! this will be fun!
*******update: I forgot to tell you my word for summer SUNSHINE

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blogging is just the best!!

I'm working on soldering some little bottles with pearls in them, not real sure how I'm going to finish them off, but I'll keep you posted.

This one looks like it could use some more
I just added this little baby to my ebay. It is just the prettiest!!

It is sooooo nice to have my computer working!! I forgot how fast high speed was, it had gotten soooo slow. And now my photos upload from my camera at lightning speed, before it would take 15 min. I'm just swamped right now but I will work on my banner photos as soon as I upload the program, I don't know what is left...I might have to buy some more digi papers...oh I'll be putting on a giveaway real soon! Have a great evening everyone!!


Wow, Its been a long road. I held my breath for 1 1/2 hours while I cleaned out my computer. This of course was the first thing I checked friends...I'm back!!! I called Stacey and my hubs...IT WORKS. I don't think they understand lol, but they are happy for me. Now I'm off to try out ebay...I'm still having trouble breathing, its going to take my a bit to figure out how to start out fresh, but thats ok...I'll be posting later, I have a lot to do! I put this little gal on my ebay, the link is on the right.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm still hanging on!!

I went to put on a new photo on my banner, I've already transfered them to my flash drive and deleted them but I pulled this one out. Stacey took it in Hollywood. What do I talk about tonight?? I broke my thumbnail off, the one on my right hand...I found out that I use that thumb nail as a tool...Its like I lost my favorite tool, I cant pull out a thread, I cant grab a little seed bead or pick up a needle. It kinda like my computer, you dont know how much you use it and like it until it is not there. My plan was to have all my bookwork done on the computer. Well that plan didn't work. The computer is not adding things up so its more work then If I had just done it by hand, which is probably what I'll end up doing tomorrow. We had the most beautiful day, sunny, warm with a light breeze...aaaaah, I'm going to miss it. Thanks again for all your encouraging words, they mean the world to me!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A new header photo!!!!

No way!!! It lets me put a picture on the top??? Hey, I'll take it!! Whooohooo. I know, you've seen this if you clicked on that "code" thing. I don't want to jinx it, so I'll try to change it tomorrow. I just got so sick of looking at the same photo on the were too, I just know it! lol

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I have a plan...

I am sick and tired of not being able to put anything on Ebay because I can't put a picture on. I'm tired of not being able to share photos with you all. I got into this blogging because a couple of wonderful gals thought I should. Now I realize what a big part of my life it is. Everyone is so wonderful and caring. This love hate relationship I am having with the computer is agravating! So, heres my plan. I need to do my monthly report on my computer on Monday..then I can wipe it clean, hopfully when I "restore" it, everything , will be back to normal.
Now, that I have this plan in place, here is the good news. Stacey came and helped my out Fri and Sat. at the garage sale....we did GREAT! didn't get rid of everything, but made a huge dent. It will pay for our vactions...and hopefully I'll find a few new goodies.
What was fun was finding more lace to use for my birdie pincushion. Baby shoes I had forgotten about, buttons, patterns. Years ago I had a never got off the ground, but I had hoped to have an antique shop with the Tole shop that my mom had, so I had collected and collected, now its time to let it go. I have soooo many linens, I'm going to started getting them washed up and put them out for sale.
Well, my feet hurt after two days of running around (funny how they didn't hurt the 7 days running around in Calif! LOL) I hope I can sleep in, in the morning putz around the house, then get to work on a few birdie ideas...I found the CUTES pair of black boots...I can see Halloween in my future!! Have a nice Sunday everyone...I'll keep you posted!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Checking in.LOL

I just typed up a nice long post....and it just went poof!!!!! I have to delete everything on my computer and reinstall it all to see if that will work, its not the hard drive... I cant wait to show you the wonderful pattern I found in my stuff! A vintage apron pattern!!! Had a garage sale today. Did ok, hopefully it will be better tomorrow. Thanks for all your nice comments!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

surprise surprise

The only thing I hadn't tried...Etsy...It worked!! So I put my sugar bowl for sell on there. I must say...I get get antsy, so if it doesn't sell in a couple of weeks, I will pull it off and put it on Ebay. I'm still waiting for my nice mr. computer man to call me...he's a busy man these days. How funny that the slide show wouldn't show up, but it could be clicked on to see it??? I just dont get My hubs and I are going to get away from here, the last week of the month. yah!! We're going over to Sisters for one night then Kaneeta for a couple of nights. aaaah, eastern Oregon is calling us. The best news...MY phone doesnt work over there!! Thats what was so nice about phone didn't work...yah!!! poor Stacey, her phone Did I mention, she has a similiar job to mine, but she works with the actual owner and ALL of his properties, so her phone never stops ringing.
I just got an email from the guys of the Barn House...I am going to take the day and drive an hour and half to their next sale Aug. 16 I'll be sure and take my camera.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008 I thought maybe I could put on a slide show. I wonder if this will work??

Monday, August 4, 2008

work work work

No time for fun and games...or for getting my computer fixed. I am going to have a garage sale this weekend yuk! The best part was finding things I need...and its free...its I found 3 old books, old bottles, jars of buttons (you can never have to many) some old lace. No, these things are NOT for sale...
Have you been watching the next food network...the guy that won...I gave him a chance, he made chicken strips and rolled them in seasoned Doritos, I made, they were soooo good.
How would you like to hear what a day is like for me...
My day...I rented 4 apts. first you have to talk on the phone to them...and sell them on what a great apt these are (actually they are townhouses, and great) then, they say they want to see them...I have to wait and wait for them to show up. Then I have to chit chat while I show them the apt. Then they take an application and say they will "talk" about it...then they call and say they want to bring back the application...then I have to wait and wait for them to return. THEN I have to check their application over...what part of "fill in every space" dont they Then they have to write me a check and chit chat some more....
Of course they have a "normal" job and need to come and see me after 7:00 I was done.whew!!
How am I doing with the whole "writing" thing here??? lol. Have I mentioned how hard this is for me???lol

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Last Day...I hope

Hopefully I will get this gal fixed tomorrow (the computer,that is) lol
Thank you for all your nice comments about this computer glitch. I had this happen awhile back, I cant do anything with my photos, I tried to email them, as soon as I hit send...Poof, my computer shuts down. Some of my emails go through, some dont...again, as soon as I hit send...Poof, it is gone. Anyway...Today was soooo beautifully perfect, a light cool breeze with the sun shinning brightly 76 degrees...oooooh man!! This is Oregon at its finest!! I'm working on some small vintage bottles...altering them. Its always fun to gather ideas from what others have done, then to try to come up with a different twist to make it my own...and not to copy anyone. We'll see how that goes...I love leaving the bottles out where I can walk by and look at them...I want them to "speak" to me. We'll, hopfully I can sign on with new photos!! Are your fingers and toes crossed?? LOL.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Still no photos

My computer wont get fixed until what do I do with out pictures???lol I am NOT a very good writer. So, I'm sitting here thinking...what do I say??? I could TELL you what my latest birdies are doing???umm, ok....
I have a sweet pink birdie sitting on top of a silver sugar bowl. On the lace I put all kinds of little tiny seashells, buttons and glittered pins....sooooo cute!
Oh how I wish I could show you THIS one...I found the most beautiful handmade crocheted baby booties with silk ribbon, what 'till you see it!! I dyed the wool to match the ribbon.
Then for summer, I have an aqua handled vintage ice cream scoop, with lace "ice cream" and an aqua birdie. Then I have another spoon.
How was that, does it make you want SEE them?? lol
I went to a little antique shop today and found the sweetest Reader from 1897 for $4. It is soooo sweet. Well, I'm off to work on another birdie. I'll "TALK" to you again

Friday, August 1, 2008

Computers uuuurgh!

My computer is acting up again. I cant post any photos, I have a couple of birdies that I finished that I want to share with you....I cant even put them on hopfully I can get this computer into the Dr.s office soon! don't stray to far...I'll be back....