Friday, August 22, 2008

New Blogging Friend

It hurts so bad to swallow!! I HAVE to get better, we're leaving on vacation next week!

I know how exciting for all bloggers when you meet up with someone that you make a connection with, thats how is with my new blogger friend. Please go visit this wonderful person Pat Winter She has a beautiful blog.

I'm going to go gargle on warm salt water...yuck! lol


Bunny B said...

Hope your throat gets better!

Kathleen Grace said...

Oh, it's so miserable to feel that way! I hope you feel better soon. Lots of hot tea and hot chicken soup might help.

Diane of Crafty Passions said...

Awww .... I do hope you feel better soon,get some rest.

Victorian Lady said...

I hope you feel better sooN!


P.S. Tea w/honey? A great excuse to have tea!

Pat Winter said...

Awe Laurie, you are so sweet. I am sending well wishes your way. Your beautiful creation is centered on my cutting table getting all of the attention in my studio!!!
Feel better.

Vicki C said...

Oh man.. you do need to get better if you are leaving on vacation friend~! REST!

The Feathered Nest said...

Laurie, thank you so much sweetie!!! I love my pattern envelope with the babes plus you'll have to visit my blog to see what else I did....thank you so much for sending me the pattern, I'll make something from it I promise!! I do hope that you're feeling better sweet friend ~ rest alot so you'll be ready for your vacation, xxoo, Dawn

Utah Grammie said...

Remember, hopt tea, lemmon and honey are soothers, too! Have a great time on vacation and you will not be sick!

Shari Kraft said...

Maybe this will make you feel better...go to my Cranapple Christmas blog and pick up your award!