Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I was going through my watercolor paintings that I did a few years ago. When I came across this one, it evoked a lot of emotions. I can remember clearly the beautiful warm summer day in Oregon. I had picked up the watermelon, pear and grapes the day before...I took everything outside, picked a daisy. I set up the still life on a table, took many pictures at different angles. Then I went to a watercolor workshop I was taking. I wanted to learn more about painting with reds, the shading and highlighting staying away from pinks. I learned so much

Love my Kitty

 Sweet Poodie loving the arm of the sofa in the sunshine...heaven
I showed this to you before...its going into my etsy...a sweet 4 x 5 inch canvas, lots of texture and layers

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Retro Radio Redo

 We'll my daughter Stacey has been at it again...I love what she does to the old retro goodies that she picks up for a few dollars...She found this vintage green container, the price was right, we have since found out it should be a set of, tea, flour and sugar..pearl paint and glitter makes it a real treasure.
Then there is the am fm elec. also got a face works beautifully.

Monday, May 28, 2012

I've been hearing about this "PicMonkey" photo place so I thought
I would check it about easy to use!
As Apt. Managers...we feel that we want to make living here a pleasant experience.
Laundry...who LIKES to do laundry, especially at an apt. complex.
Sooo, Stacey had this bright idea of painting and stenciling.
We have since added a fabric valence to the windows. We have received such wonderful comments from the tenants. And guess what...tenants are keeping it cleaner! (that was the plan)
 We took the ugly entry
door off, living in So. Cal. no one ever closes the door, so why have it.
The plan is to cover the waterheater and make built in tables painted to match the aqua.
One more laundry room to do....

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Two Girls Crafting

 Another round of photographing Roses...
 I love the lights and shadows...then I thought I would do a little detail in the leaves yet

 Stacey picked up this little yellow clock for 85 cents...she taped off the front
 Gave it a coat of spray paint
 then a stippling of pearl paint....sooooo cute!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Pink Saturday

 I have been a part of Pink Saturday off and on for years...Beverly is having a Pink Saturday Birthday
 I painted a back ground to paint a roses, I want to learn to draw my own design...
 I tried laying out the rose, with buds, moving the leaves around to see what design I like. I'm having so much fun with just photographing the roses, cant wait to get to the painting!!
I am linking up with "How Sweet the Sound" and
My Romantic Home
Happy Pink is a cupcake!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Cats life

How sweet is our cat, sleeping on its paw and a mountain of pillows

Monday, May 21, 2012


 I have been quiet for a few days..I am preparing...for future workshops...I'll be painting Roses with Christie Repasy, I'm taking lots of pictures of roses, I want to learn to paint my own...its not easy finding a perfect rose
 I study her paintings, then I grab my camera, hop on my bike and search for the perfect rose
Then I'm taking a delightful workshop from Nellie Wortman over at Artful Gathering, Her classes are wonderful, a great teacher, she shares so much information, she uses Silk Sari Ribbon in some of her work...I love the look of the Silk Sari Ribbon!
I purchased some silk blouses at the thrift store...some were very vibrant. After tearing them into strips, I soaked them in color remover, then dunked them in a coffee bath...I love how they all look different
I know its not quite the same, but I like to make do.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More DIY projects

 The picture above...the bottom is the only thing I inherited from my grandmother years ago. Stacey and I painted it a year ago. The issue is the cats...they loved to jump up there and then jump on the heater...they dont know if its on or not...we had to figure out something to stop them. We came up with an idea of of some kind of cabinet...Stacey went out Thrift Shopping...LOOK WHAT SHE FOUND! $16. We started painting it the same yellow as the wall, it wasnt covering very well, so we painted it with spray paint, except for the drawers and sides. I think its from the same time period of the bottom piece. I would have liked to paint it the same as the bottom, but we have no idea what colors we was a trail and error.
 The second project...I've wanted one of those lift top tables for when I want to watch TV and work on my birdies...even on Craigslist they were more money then I wanted to spend. At the thrift shop I found one...$25.  The only thing I didn't like was the boxy look and I still loved the top of my old coffee table.
we unscrewed the mechanism and added the top from the old one (which was broken from the move from Oregon 2 years ago. I also found the baskets at a Hollywood garage sale for $3 for both.

Friday, May 11, 2012

DIY Projects

 Heres the story behind this shelf stand...Its hard to find these vintage legs, Stacey and I were driving past a house the other evening and it "looked" like it "might be" a garage sale, it was rather a hodge podge of stuff, there was a little girl playing outside, so we figured we'd ask what was going we pulled to the curb, we both spied these legs sticking out...Stacey went up to the adults and asked them if this was a garage sale, they said, yes, tomorrow...after a small conversation, they let her have the cabinet for $5. The cabinet was a piece of junk...we went to Home Depot, purchased wood, came home, Stacey whipped up this little cabinet in no time. How cute!!
 Our sweet Poodie...yes, the one that "ate" my flip flop!
Below are the vintage plastic things that have all the little drawers
repainted and repurposed. They were Harvest Yellow

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Christie Rapasy Class!!

I have no show and tell today...but I have the most exciting news...I signed up to take a class from Christie Repasy...I KNOW you all have seen her work in Romantic Home Mag. Take a look here if you need a refresher.   Well, by chance I came across a blog that mentioned her, so I followed the blog, much to my surprise, she moved 1 hour and 15 min. from me...Then when I read that she is teaching a class on her beautiful gorgeous roses, I called her, she was so sweet and kind and welcomed I cant wait!!! Its next month!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


 Stacey and I each picked up a couple of these small metal trays for 50 cents
She added glitter paint in Folk Art Ultramarine...she then stenciled on it after I took this photo
I've been taking Artful Alphabets from Joanne Sharpe...its a wonderful class. This was our last project. Vines and roses

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Goodies and Funny Story

 Stacey and I have been hitting Yard Sales and Flea Markets
I cant wait to show you the
after photos...

 below is one of those vintage trays..the gal said it was free...
 Now for the funny...or sad story...sad for the flip flops...we have a darling sweet and ornery cat...
yep...leave out a flip flop and this is what happens...
he'll even bring it to you to show what he
 NEVER leave a flip flop on the floor!! NEVER !  what is sad...they were NEW!!!
 Flip flops are now up high
 Today was the Pasadena City Flea Market...
Stacey has been wanting an old AM FM radios, she looked on craigslist,
looked on ebay and etsy
look what she found today...the guy discounted it $10
I couldnt even get a photo, she had that sucker painted turquoise
and works beautifully
 A couple couple of trays for 75 cents...I would love to have seen a meal served on
the colors didn't show right, one is beautiful yellow and the top one is aqua

Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Watercolor and new Tupperware!

 When was the last time you bought tupperware??? its been a LONG time for me...there is a vendor at our little farmers market...and I got sucked  The big pickle holder on the left now comes in a pretty color...not avocado green!! then they have the same type of holder, smaller..for olives...cute huh.
I started out with watercolors...then added colored pencils, a little gesso a little white gel to find a frame and I need to put "pins" sticking out of the pincushion part.