Monday, May 28, 2012

I've been hearing about this "PicMonkey" photo place so I thought
I would check it about easy to use!
As Apt. Managers...we feel that we want to make living here a pleasant experience.
Laundry...who LIKES to do laundry, especially at an apt. complex.
Sooo, Stacey had this bright idea of painting and stenciling.
We have since added a fabric valence to the windows. We have received such wonderful comments from the tenants. And guess what...tenants are keeping it cleaner! (that was the plan)
 We took the ugly entry
door off, living in So. Cal. no one ever closes the door, so why have it.
The plan is to cover the waterheater and make built in tables painted to match the aqua.
One more laundry room to do....

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