Tuesday, August 28, 2012

photoshop fun

 A little fun with photoshop. The picture below is what came out of my camera.totally washed out, leveling the horizon line, adding a bit of blue, darkening the edges, thought it might be fun to flip it.
Coronado Island

Monday, August 27, 2012


Blogger wont let me upload any photos...what up with that!!! I'll try again tomorrow

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Flea Market Sunday

Went to Whimsey Flea Market in Tustin today...I've been checking out this quilt from this vendor for a few months. She finally dropped her price, I've been wanting a thin used antique quilt to cut up, its really worn. $35...love it!! then I found this darling coin bag, soft leather...$2. The weather was perfect.
Took a little drive to Balboa Island at Newport Beach. How cute is this little building


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mixed Media Coronado Beach picture

 While in Coronado we sat under beach umbrellas, admired the work of the sand castle. Army helicopters  flew over every half hour. I plan to attach a little note to the clip, but also a fun way to hang it
This is a close up. I made the wheels with my new quilling tool. The umbrellas are 3D. The sand in Coronado has shimmery mica flakes, so I added modge podge and sprinkled on champagne colored glitter and real sand. I made the beach cart out of paper and added some of the drywall tape to make the "wire"

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Coronado California

Stacey and I were invited on the spur of the moment to visit our friends in Coronado Island...we jumped at the opportunity. They rented a cute little cottage for a month. A block away from Del Coronado and the beach. We had a little time to go to old town San Diego. One night we went and took night pictures of San Diego skyline across the bay. Ahhh what fun we had.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

sweet bird

How sweet is this birdie. Stacey took this photo at one of the missions. On the fountain

Thursday, August 9, 2012

 I'm still working on my bag. I'm making pockets. Ruffles, Rosettes and lots of free form stitching.
A little Fabric Painting. I'm in heaven.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

More Dye

 I'm on to another project. I'm taking a workshop from Rae @ http://raemissigman.squarespace.com/ making a carry all bag. She had us use Tumble dye sprays.
 Another experiment a concoction of carrots, strawberries, a couple of blue berries, and whatever else we had for dinner... 
 I put my fabric right down on top of it and pushed it around
 I love the color 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Another Dye Job

This time I used red onion peels. Its a great vintage pinky tan...

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mission Accomplished and an Experiment

I was checking out the beloved Pentrist  and came across this post about boiling avocado skins and dye fabric, so I gave it try...and then some. I put about 2 inches of water in a small sauce pan, I only had one avocado skin, I boiled it for about 10 min. I then put the dampened fabric in the water and let it set for about 20 min (ok, I forgot about it.lol) When I pulled it out I was thrilled with the color. Its the most unusual pink. Who would have thought. I hung it up and it got a good grungy look. The fabric in the center is the original white skirt that I picked up at the thrift store.
Then, I shucked an ear of corn, put more water in the avocado water and boiled the silk and everything, I didn't boil it for very long, I just dunked in the piece on the right and hung it up.
This morning I was so delighted with the way the colors turned out.

Stacey and I made it back from our trip to San Francisco. It was just delightful. We made it to all the Missions (which was our mission) then when we got home we saw we missed one. I'll be posting pictures soon. Being gone for 6 days. I had a LOT of work to do, I just now caught up.