Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mt. Hood/ painted things

First I thought I would share a photo of Mt. Hood. Well, part of it, We took a trip to Hood River to the apple orchards, I laughed, when I got home I had only pears...I REALLY like pears. It was such a beautiful day we did this whole loop around the Mt.

Did I mention that I went through a phase of woodcarving. Here is a sweet little bunny that I carved and painted. I use to teach a bunch of woodcarvers how to paint...boy could they carve, but they didnt know what a paint brush was. LOL.

I picked up this metal container for a buck. I made the snowballs by covering balls with spackle and glitter. I like aqua and silver together.

This is a large wooden snowflake. I sprinkled glitter on it with the last coat of varnish. I will be putting this one on Ebay tomorrow.

Monday, October 29, 2007

little shoes

The top pair I painted little roses on for a sweet little girl. The bottom one is grunged up with cinnamon and spices. makes the cutest little ornament

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Handcrafted Goodies

Here is a little scene that I put in a vintage suitcase
I painted both sides of the ice scate with different snowmen

Arent these little shoes the cutest. I have one more rustic one to show you but this blog wouldnt let me, so I'll put it on for tomorrow.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Little Birdie and other goodies

I just finished this little tiny bird...little birds are a lot harder to make! lol, but soooo cute. I am just getting ready to stick it on Ebay I took a couple of shots so you could see the sweet design and the roundness of the spoon part. I guess its a soup spoon but it sure is little. The spoon is only 5 3/4 long...with the birdie sitting on top it only measures 2 3/4 high, the bowl of the spool (is that what its called?) is only 1 3/4....soooo cute! I dont know if you can tell, its just sooo cute!!

Here is another fun item I will have listed on Ebay. It is a sweet little cabinet for tea bags. I painted this bear holding the lemon...how cute is she!! I was suppose to paint TEA going down the front but I never got around to it. If you are interested in this and win the auction I would be happy to put in on. I also thought about putting a cute tag on the front that says "tea" any ideas?? I'm taking pictures of a few things that I will be taking to the sale that I will be in, I'll start showing you those on tomorrow.
********If you ordered the FireKing cup with the blackbird...Please email me****************
lm.sm@juno.com I cant find you...sorry....I lost a bunch of emails

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Black Chairs********winners

Here are the chairs I finished for the upcoming sale Im going to be in. I just love the little chair, the big chair is a vintage library chair. Sorry, the photos could have been better. Ok. The winners of my cards for my 100th blog: The Green one will be going to Jenn & Jacqui http://thebowerbirdsnest.blogspot.com/in Australia, and the Blue one will be going to Scrapmomof2 http://crazyforcrafting.blogspot.com/ Thank you everyone that visited me!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cake covers!! 100th post giveaway: tomorrow.

Here are 3 cake cover that I painted up for the sale I'm going to be in. I have put them on Ebay for 5 days, this way I can offer them to you bloggers that wouldn't have a chance to visit the sale. Ill be back this evening to finish this blog....ok, we went and picked up our daughter and took her out to dinner...So, let me know how you like these cake covers. This is my 100th blog...yahoo!! I will pick 2 people to receive my snowman cards tomorrow. I have to go paint a couple of chairs tonight, I'll show you the "after" tomorrow. I have enjoyed giving my cards away, After the sale I'm in, I would like to try to give one away every week, will that keep you coming back to check my blog? lol. Thank you all for the wonderful response to this being my 100th blog! You all are so great!!!

California Fires

My husband and were watching the news last night and feeling so bad for all the people in California in the fire areas.My husband is a Californian, I have spent 17 years down there. We have been to all those places that are on fire. When you live there even if you are a safe distance from the fires it consumes the news down there. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Vicki Chrisman sent this award my way, it was kind of funny, I saw Laurie on her list...I didnt think it was me until she let me know...So, yes, she made ME smile. I will pass this along tomorrow, I already deleted this by accident so I think I should get this posted

Sunday, October 21, 2007

100th post Giveaway on Wed.

Wow, I cant believe that Im coming up on my 100th post. But first...the winner of my little hidden giveaway is Sharon...please email me so I can get your address to send you the "snowlady in the teacup" watercolor. Thank you everyone that left me a comment...Its really nice to know that there are gals like me that really read blogs!! So, on that note....for my 100th post I am going to give away these 2 skating snowman cards...I received such nice comments about them! Lets see, I will pick a winner on Wed. 10/24. Leave me a comment saying your favorite color.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

My last Fire King cup,

My last vintage Fire King cup is going to a wonderful gal who was so sad that she missed out on my last cup that sold on Ebay. #7 thank goodness I am on the last number! My anniversary is coming up on Oct. 22...I have been married to the same guy for 35 years...wow, we got married a mo. after I turned 20. The road has been up and down and around. I think the worse thing we went through was when our baby girl only lived for 24 hours. She had a diaphramatic hernia. But 2 years after that we were blessed with our daughter Stacey...One daughter, and yes, we spoil her. We love her to pieces, she is now 25. We have been through the death of my husbands parents, and also his best friend.. I think the thing we enjoy the most is going out to dinner...we lived in So. Calif for 15 years that is where I was introduced to the finest restaurants ever...We have to go to Portland, an hour away for a good "California" restaurant. So guess what we do on our anniversary...Dinner!! Actually we have ONE nice place to go that is right down the road.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Salt and Pepper/ card

I had a great day today (other then the time when the sky open up and drenched me!) It was my day off...love days off! Here is another pumkin watercolor, I am teaming it up with this set of Salt and Pepper shakers. Im going to put them on Ebay tonight, just in time for Thanksgiving Dinner. Ok, I need to finish this "things about me" I am not that interesting of a person...I asked my mom what I should put on here for #6...I didnt like anything she said LOL, then I asked my daughter what I should say about me...I didnt like anything she said either.LOL, I didnt think I should ask my hubby LOL..so I had a little chit chat with my baby kittys, I bribed them first, bought them a toy and then asked them what I should say about myself...they said " you sure do take care of us!!" I am having more fun with these little twin orange kittys, since we are empty nesters it has really helped having them around, we laugh and laugh. Did you all read my last post?? with the hidden giveaway? LOL. Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bad day Good day (Giveaway)

Well, it started off a pretty bad day. I manage 57 large townhomes for a large company. They told me I had to write everyone a notice of rent increase. The lowest was $35, to $100 increase. I was sick the whole time I was making out the notices...I had to ask my hubby to post them for me...I feel soooo bad, I personally know all these people and their personal situations, most of them are barely making it. Well, boy did I get some nasty notes!! Our 2 Bed. are now $745 and the 3 Bed are $875 ouch! A lot of people are going to move out...which puts a LOT of extra work on me! So, to make myself feel better....SHOPPING...I went back to Running with Scissors, I picked up Denim Blue and Sapphire Blue Glimmer Mist...Now that made me feel better.

When I got home I found a watercolor picture that was drawn on but not painted...I tried something new... I squirted some of the Glimmer Mist on a non stick surface and used it as a watercolor on the background. It wasn't quite as shimmery as I had hoped...so then I finished painting then spritzed the whole thing with Oyster pearl GM. It turned out so cute...Then I took my latest toys...COPIC Spica pens...shimmer in a pen!!! LOVE THEM! I used them on the flowers, hat, the eyes! and little touches here and there..the paper curled a bit but it will straighten out, I just got so excited about this stuff...
Oh dear! I just answered the door...One of my 4plexes is having sewage backing up...yuck!! Ok, plummer is on his way!!!
Now back to business...I tucked this into this very long blog, we'll see who really reads these things (lol) GIVEAWAY....I will give this snowlady card (it will be a card when I finish!) away on Sunday Eve. Just leave me a note letting me know you read this far! LOL
On to one more thing...I think I'm onto #5...I have this ugly wart mole on my lower eyelid...I laugh when someone remembers me, then I remember Oh Ya...they remember me! So anyway the day before Thanksgiving I'm going to a plastic surgeon to have it removed. I am really looking forward to this being done. Ok...leave those comments!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Watercolor Sparkly Snowmen

Oh Do I ever love Snowmen! As time goes on I will be showing more. I have some wonderful Ideas that I'm working on for my little birdies. I'm wondering if I these little snowmen are "sellable"? I painted them with watercolors then I put Stickels on these little guys to give the sparkle.
Ok, Im onto #4...things about me. I always have a spot on my shirt! I cant keep a shirt spotlessly clean. I clean my townhouses when someone moves out, I paint them, If Im not doing that then I have paint on my shirt from crafting...I have to keep two sets of shirts...ones to work in and I try to keep a set of shirts that the spots arent so noticable...anyone out there have any good spot removel tips?

Monday, October 15, 2007

Bringing in a little Fall

I brought in a little bit of Fall today. I woke up this morning to fog and then rain, rather dreary

then as the day went on in cleared up to a beautiful day, I feel so much better when the sun comes out! Well, on to #3: I do all my crafts standing up. My favorite place is an old wooden ironing board. I'm only 5'1" and the ironing board is just the right height. Now, when I say crafts, here is a few things I have done on this ironing board...scrapbooking, card making, stamping,woodcarving, stained glass, tole painting, flower arranging, beading, photo taking, bow making...and my latest passion...putting my little birdies together!! When I am able to get a few birds ahead, I line up tea cups and spoons and match the size and color so I get the perfect match. Another note on the "name" story...my brothers name was Mickey Fred or Mick Fred- as he got older...I never heard anyone ever call him by his first name...he married a Vickie or Vick...so...Mick and Vick Fred, I guess they were made for each other. LOL. Oh! one more thing, I finally mixed up an order...I feel soooo bad. I need better organization in my life! Well, I've got a couple of people to contact...get things straightend out!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bowl of Sugar & Birdie

I found this beautiful Sugar Bowl and just knew it would be perfect for a lacey sugary pincushion with one of my little birdies sitting on top. By now you know I love this gimmer mist, so I dyed these vintage flowers with different colors and then gave the whole thing a spritz of the irdecent gold. Just a little shimmer on the mound of "sugar". My Ebay

Ok, I forgot to mention that it was the wonderful Jen & Jacque that tagged me...you know, the whole 7 things... well, I am not one to do things normally, so I thought I would just give you 7 days of my weird things about me...so... No. 2 would be : I hate to be the center of attention. Thats why I was a little skeptical about starting one of these blogs, but Holly was such a sweetie in getting me into this...I love it. I think this blogging is the best thing that ever happened to me, I have had nothing but wonderful feedback from every person that comes across my blog. So, Thank You! One more issue...I told you on my last blog that my last name had been Fred...Did I mention that my married name is "May" and yes...I am asked every day..."How is thay spelled?" LOL I thought you all might enjoy that one! I'll be back tomorrow with No. 3

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Glimmer Mist Birdie!

Ok. I had to try out my new colors of Glimmer Mist. I sprayed the flowers with a couple different pinks. After it was all put together I spritz the whole thing with the gold iridescent. I didn't know which photo I liked best, so I put them both on. The top one I took with natural sun light shining on it. This spoon is sooo beautiful. It is a soup spoon and has a little basket of flowers. It has an engraved *F* on it. I think is stands for Flowers...or the name you give this birdie!!. Well, I did just put this on my EBAY.
I have been tagged...about the weird things about me...I'm working on it LOL. Just a preview...My last name growing up was...are you ready??? FRED yep! Fred. You think I didn't get teased about that!! The big question was...How do you spell it??? Not real hard!! I do know there are a few other Fred's out there, if you have that last name...I bet we're related!!. That's it for tonight! Have a great Sunday!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Oh Boy...Colors!!

Have you been hearing all the hoopla about this Glimmer Mist.
Well, it is the most beautiful spritz you will ever come across. Now, FYI it is for scrapbookers, well, I have been spritzing on my birdies and the vintage flowers and my cards. My problem was I only had 3. So I looked on the website...Tattered Angels there are SOOO many beautiful colors, I couldn't choose. I looked up Oregon to see who might carry them. Usually it is somewhere about 5 hours away...but NOOO. Practically in my back yard. Running with Scissors, funny name for a store, but now I know why, its a dangerous store...$48 later (I got other goodies too). I couldn't stop! I had to see these colors in person...WOW, so now I'm off to play!!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

More for my Fall Ebay

Here a couple of creamy items I just put together for my ebay.

Then I really got into Orange. I have had this pot for a while and it finally hit me...what better way to put it to good use!! While it is waiting to go to a new home it sits on my office desk. I just love these sparkly black stars. I found them in the

neatest store that I just discovered in Portland, Elephant Delicatesson. I should have taken photos, my hubby and I went up there to have lunch, it was sooo good. but in the back they had a gift shop so I picked up a couple of these stars.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

more goodies

I just got these finished for a dear frend Wendy. A new paint can painted with sweet bluebirds and roses. Then I made this special cone from a vintage doily and vintage flowers and buttons. I made the glittery pins to match.

I had another Vintage Fire King cup, so what is a girl to do....I made another pincushion with a charming black bird. It has a beautiful necklace. Im selling it on my ebay along with the little pumpkin tag that I painted with watercolors.