Friday, October 19, 2007

Salt and Pepper/ card

I had a great day today (other then the time when the sky open up and drenched me!) It was my day days off! Here is another pumkin watercolor, I am teaming it up with this set of Salt and Pepper shakers. Im going to put them on Ebay tonight, just in time for Thanksgiving Dinner. Ok, I need to finish this "things about me" I am not that interesting of a person...I asked my mom what I should put on here for #6...I didnt like anything she said LOL, then I asked my daughter what I should say about me...I didnt like anything she said either.LOL, I didnt think I should ask my hubby I had a little chit chat with my baby kittys, I bribed them first, bought them a toy and then asked them what I should say about myself...they said " you sure do take care of us!!" I am having more fun with these little twin orange kittys, since we are empty nesters it has really helped having them around, we laugh and laugh. Did you all read my last post?? with the hidden giveaway? LOL. Have a great weekend everyone!

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