Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What went on at MY house today!!!

I grabbed this cute little sewing box out of my craft room. I purchased it in Ohio in Amish Country soooo many years ago...I have never really used it...
So look! My felting goodies fit perfectly...
After hearing a thump (which I hear all the time and ignore) I finally went into the office...this is what I found...Whitey knocked it off onto the floor...he LOVES LOVES Loves the wool....
This is one of those times I call Sweet Blinky....DIRT DIRT...thats when you know mama is upset!! (lol)
So...up on the file cabinet...way up high...they better not get it!!!!

A little Thrifting

I picked up all these little bits of goodies, a booklet to alter...It was my day off...and I still got 100 on my monthly I absolutely hate that I get "graded" for the job that I do. I understand why they do it, but it still doesn't seem "right".lol Look at this sweet silver spoon!!! I love the mother of pearl leaves. There is a pewter cup and saucer, brass clock winder and I dont know what that other thing is...anybody know?
Jan, of Jan and Tom redid an item using Rub 'n Buff..It has been years since I have used that stuff. So I picked this up yesterday for $1.50 (hope I didn't pay to much lol) I have it finished, but I have to wait until it gets lighter outside before I can get a good photo.
An old wicker tray...I was thinking of spraying it white, then painting roses, or painting it black...but I think I'm going to leave it natural and decoupage copies of vintage postcards...what do you think...this was half price...a 1.00
Then there was this cute old hobnail "vase" not sure what I will do with it just yet...but for .65 I couldn't leave it behind. I think I spent 6.00 for everything, at 3 different stores. Again...Happy New Years to all my wonderful friends that I have met this last year through blogging!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Another Fork Easel, wire Birds Nest & Pearls

I got this listed on Ebay.. How cute is this little snowman...I repainted it..I'm making it look like it is being held up...but, it stands on its own...another "easel" I added lots of swirllie wire and my eggs are fresh water pearls.

Getting ready for the New Year.

Cindy from A Romantic Home is doing a year in review, this is the collage I did. Please go check out the others and join in the fun.

Yesterday, blogger wouldn't let me finish my post without being underlined, so I just wanted to say Thank you for all the joined in my fun. I loved all the comments. I thought all of the New Year resolutions had the same ring to them... to be more organized, be more productive...we crafters have so much in common! Thank you for all that have visited me over the last year. I love you all! Thank you Thank you!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Paintings, Dirt Dirt, & Winners.

1...I came across this site by accident..its awesome...if you have a chance check out these paintings...
2...Oh the names of our kittys...Our poor babies were born under a bunch of branches. Stacey's neighbor lady took them in..with their momma, until they were weened...then Stacey so kindly gave them to us...One is so pretty. White clean and white..."Whitey" is his name...well, what is the opposite of white...dirt..poor thing looks soooooo dirty, even his brother tries to clean him up. lol...He is so lovable, we couldn't keep calling him "dirt dirt". When we look down at him he has the sweetest look on his face and blinks at now he has a better name..."Blinkie"
The Snowman Spoon...goes to.... Lynne, from Lynnes Giftsfrom the Heart.
The snowman pebble goes to...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Pink Saturday...Inchie and Twenchie Easels

Happy Pink Saturday!! I need a little pink...our white snow is now brown and dirty ice. Not attractive at Are you ready for Feb.?? I'm I jumping the gun just a bit?? Not when Beverly from How Sweet the Sound asks for Pink...then we HAVE to jump to Feb.

And Three Magnets...

I just added these items to Etsy. I must say, the photos I took...don't do them justice! lol
Three posts in one day!!! I think its a record for me!
Be sure and check out my first blog for today...there is a giveaway.

aaack! I forgot to tell you the story....

The reason I am having this giveaway....I was puttering around my craft room, looking to see what would inspire my next creation...and I moved a box and I heard I looked down and low and behold there was a treasure trove (whats a trove?) of I turned around real quick to look at Whitey and Blinky (aka. Dirt Dirt) and they were sitting there so innocently. Well, Whitey was...Blinky looked at me like " ya shouldn't have left it there!!" So, I picked up these two goodies and I asked the Boys...what do I do with these now?! You guessed it...they both said in unison "giveaway". So, theres the
Now for the flip side of why I'm having a giveaway...I like simple, but oh so true. LOL

A Little Giveaway / Hand painted Snowmen

The first one is this little snowman holding a heart. It is painted with watercolors. It doesn't have a magnet on it...yet (I ran out) so If you would like a magnet put on...I'll be happy to do that for you...
The second giveaway is this spoon...I made it to be an has a bit of a problem standing up. The bow is a piece of vintage velvet ribbon.
I will pick a winner on Sunday.

Here is my question...

what is going to be your New Years Resolution?
The snow is off the main streets and freeways...but our driveway is still a sheet of ice...
wearing tennis shoes is like putting on ice skates!
We went and saw 4 Christmases
Really a cute movie!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Silver & White

I wanted to put my spoons in something other then a plastic this is what I came up with.
Oh the ice and snow...
This is A LOT of snow for us!!
and more coming tonight ugh!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter Storm..go away!!

fence post yesterday....

Same fence post today!! I am sorry for ever saying I was tired of rain...We have trees and branches down all over our complex...are car is stuck down by the road...couldn't get up our small hill.

Fork Easels for Inchie Watercolors

Yesterday my husband and I took a snowie drive out to Stayton to pick up Stacey...We couldn't believe how much ice there was to the trees and how many trees were broken. Check out Stephanies blog, she has some great photos. We took Stacey to her home, we discovered her power had been out for 3 hours. So we hooked her propane heater to get her place warmed up. We headed back home, got into our driveway and she called and said her power was out again. Now, these roads are horrible we are having so much snow and freezing rain, it is layered and we turned around and went back, picked her up to spend the night with us. We are waking up to soooo much snow this morning.
On to the fun news...I got a few things made yesterday... This little knife easel... Betty, I wired wrapped the hook!! lol

This watercolored bird and heart...lots of glitter...
On to my next story...How many of you have and use a hot water bottle??? Well, they make pretty ones now...This is one that Stacey purchased on line, one side is hotter then the other!...It is so different then the old red ones..We call our hot water bottles "Effie"'s ....This red one is one we have had for a very long time, where it came from, is a very long story, for another time...
My grandmother used one, my mom uses one, I have this red one, and Stacey has her green one. Nice tradition!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


We got a good amount of snow yesterday...Then it warmed up, rained a bit, then froze. So all of our snow has a layer of ice covering it.
Oregonians don't know what to do with snow
I was asked about my little guy. I made and designed this sweet thing. My hope was to get some made to sell this didn't
But, this is what happens when...cant get out of the house, husband has a rented movie, daughter is out of town, a little Christmas movie on the TV and a beautiful bunch of spoons. Oh and yes, the glitter...sprinkled like snow!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pink Saturday

Pink Saturday is hosted by Beverly at How Sweet the Sound I just got this heart wreath at the goodwill. It still had the store tag on it.
Last week I showed one darling little card. Here is the other...that backs are just as wonderful.
I have been asked about my magnet board...I got this wooden frame at the goodwill for $2.99. I took it apart. I put these clips on, so I can change out the scrapbooking paper easily.
I slip the piece of metal into the frame (another 2.99) then the scrapbooking paper....
I painted a couple of roosters last night..
Here is the frame after I sanded and primed and painted it white. It was an easy project. The hardest part...finding a 12X12 wooden frame

Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter Wonderland

We just don't get much for us...this is a lot...and beautiful

I was sent these beautiful beautiful spoons. They are small...oh the things I'll make with these!! Thank you Melinda!
Oh... and just a tease of what I'm working on...
I came across my pad of WATERCOLOR CANVAS It is a lot different then

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Painted Snowflakes~Snowmen & Teacups!

I painted these wooden snowflakes a few years ago