Monday, December 8, 2008

New Hand Painted Spoon Idea!!

I'm a day early...I got what I needed last night so I thought I would share this one with you today and I have 3 others finished...So, from the pictures can you tell what I did...???
I glued a couple tiny magnets on the back... I have a metal door in my office but it is grey and ugly...I bought one of those 12X12" metal panels from the craft store Craft Warehouse ..I'll be buying one of the frames when they send out a half price coupon, or if I can find one at the thrift store. Anyway... I love that you can change the paper out to go with your seasons, or what room you put this in. Cherries were mentioned when I asked for suggestions. First I flatten the handle then I bend it in the middle area, so it can be moved around easy.
Do you love this idea??
I'll be picking a winner, for the knife , tomorrow
This is listed on my Etsy!


Adrienne said...

What a great idea! That spoon is just darling and I like the idea of your metal 'board' that's interchangeable. Was it at Michael's ? ~Adrienne~

celestina marie said...

Hi Laurie.
Love your spoon magnet. I have painted spoons for years and have done a few magnets too, but it has been awhile. Your is the cutest with the cherries. Love the board too. Great addition to an otherwise uninteresting surface.
You are so talented.
Hope you are enjoying the season.
See you again soon.
hugs, Celestina

TattingChic said...

OMGosh! I totally LOVE that idea! I love form and function! This is form and FUN-ction!!! Okay, I'm corny, I know, but I LOVE it! You come up with the best ideas!

Marilyn said...

Very creative! I love it.

Betty said...

Roget (the Thesaurus guy) and I have run out of adjectives for your creations! "Just wonderful" doesn't seem to express my admiration! Since I'm not creative, including in the kitchen, I'd have to use your new spoons to hold dog pictures (instead of recipes)...but, that would work, I'm sure!

LindaSonia said...

Have recently found your site an dit is sooo appropriately named 'charmingdesigns' because that's what those painted spoons are - charming as heck!!! Love them. LindaSonia

Utah Grammie said...

Oh yes! I love magnets anyway and your, well it's just he bee's knees..the cat's meow..the fruit in the fruitcake..well, you get the idea!

Diane said...

It's an absolutely adorable project, Laurie!

Here's a tip for anyone who might want to create a bulletin board for their studio or kitchen for magnets:

nail or screw a COOKIE SHEET to the wall or door! I have two of them on the inside of our pantry door. Now...if I could just stop hanging things on the front of the refrigerator! I really don't like stuff on the fridge, but it's so convenient! *sigh*


glimpse of my world said...

What a cool idea! love the cherries.. you should go to cherry hill cottage..( Let Tina know u have these.. she loves cherries!!

Have a great holiday season!