Saturday, August 27, 2011

French General Craft Day

First I thought I would share Poodie enjoying the packing that came off our new sofa
Behind the entry door hangs this charming pocket full of goodies
  1. Lots of French ephemera
Cubbies full of French goodness
Walls full of yummy material
More goodies
All the walls are packed with eye candy
In the center of the room they found places to hang ribbons of all colors
And then there are the vintage beads and baubles. Next mo. I want to make a bracelet
This was my work station. Kaari's mom came and sat across from me for a while, just a delightful lady. It's so fun to be playing along side other crafters

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Urban Barn

Met up with a friend at Urban Barn in Escondido, How cute are these pillows
They brought a vintage trailer
Glittered WISH
Anybody know what this is??

Been busy. All of a sudden Stacey is getting a lot of interviews to be a property managing
when its a long way away, I have been known to go along for the ride,
She has another today (close by) and another in San Pedro on Friday
another in Tustin...all over the place.

Went to pick up my new sofa yesterday, which we were told was in
it wasnt, what a waste of time and energy.

Its suppose to be over 100 for the next week
thank goodness for air conditioners

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Art for the Day

I signed up for a swap through the Mary Ann Moss Full tilt boogie class
I have to do 6 signatures of 3 folios...18 pages, both sides.
I have a month to get them sent in, I got busy this morning, started
inking, then some watercolor. I don't like watercolors on card stock, the colors are washed out
I think I'll add some glitz with glitter pens
How sweet is Poodie

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A bit of ART everyday

I have a new goal. A little bit of art everyday. I have such wonderful tools, I need to start putting them to good use. Taking the class from Pam Garrison really kick started my creative juices.
I also signed up for Alisa Burkes fabric painting class. I have always enjoyed fabric painting, it will be fun to do it along with someone.
This little birdie was done with a calligraphy pen, I know the ink bleeds, so I used my Sennelier Oil pastels that I bought last winter. I just smudged it with my finger...I wonder if there is a better way???

Monday, August 15, 2011

Another great weekend

Had another fun weekend. On Monday Stacey and I went to Venice Beach. I love how she blends in with the graffiti.
I dont know who this gal is, but I wanted to show this face that was put on the wall with spray paint, incredible
We have been wanting to try a crepe, never had one, this was scrambled eggs, avocado and spinach. it wasn't great
Here is a post that was painted
Staceys pointing at the post...its behind the guy
Here we go, this was sundays class with Pam. She was delightful and informative. I didn't do much but listen and learn and take in all the info
I learned so much, there will be more art in my future for sure
Here is the wonderful building we were in, with windows overlooking....
This, Malibu, beautiful
A wonderful day!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hand Painted Apron

I was reading the list of things to take to my "Pam Garrison" workshop that I am SOOOOO
excited about...and one thing was a painting apron...I ruin my clothes, I dont wear an apron,
on a previous post I mentioned how many clothes I can go through in a day while crafting...
ummm a painting apron, maybe its its time...I have a JoAnns right down the road, I was think of making one...but that means getting a pattern, getting the fabric, cutting it out...etc, I don't have time for that! In a box they had these aprons for $4.00 I couldn't pass that up... Now when I got home and unfolded it, it looked so BLAH, and...I couldn't show up for a craft day and look like I'd never worn an apron, I'm always a bit envious of the gals that have paint smeared all over their apron (not their clothes, like me) . Whats a girl to do, get out the paint and smear some paint. It was sooo fun, I'm going to add the big aqua buttons (they are just laying there for the photo shoot. At least now, I will feel like I fit in. hahaha
Here is the "in process" cabinet, This is about the only thing I ended up with from my Grandmother. The brown wood just wasn't doing it for me any more, so out with the paint cans
Just wait till you see the finished project, it is gorgeous. Did I mention I'm changing my colors. At the moment we have a navy blue couch...well, I just ordered a dark teal couch...I cant wait to get it. we painting our walls yellow. Pictures will be coming.
This is one of those "hope chest" little boxes. This is what Stacey did to the $1 one she found
See this box that is holding fingernail polish...Stacey made it, all mitered and everything, It has a little trim on the front...she actually made 3 of clever is she!!
Its Friday evening, I'm tuckered out, I think I'll join the kitties, what do you think...
This is Poodie, he LOVE paper, and bags
A blanket underneath would be nice too
I don't show Bug that often, he's kind anti social
but boy can he do a back bend!!
I'll be back on Monday to show you my workshop pages!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Today in LA

my photos aren't great, I was using Staceys camera which I'm not use to, but the biggest problem was not getting caught taking pictures by the store owners.

Today was a hoot, Stacey and I downtown Los Angeles today, to the dirtiest, loudest, jam packed full of people part of town. I went looking for a new carpet...

Shoes, glasses,

hand bags...yes, one went home with Stacey

Look at these shoes

What do you think about this look

What team do you like...they had them all

Need a special hat, I think they have it

Skinny jeans...they have them too

We spent hours down there. The fabric district is fabulous,

Store after store of rugs. One that I was thinking about, $200

I walked away and in an instant, he said "You take it for $100"

well, I didn',t but I did realize they dicker
I had one guy go from $100 to $35 on one carpet. too bad I didn't like it.

My feet hurt! But we made some great memories

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sat. Part 2 and Silly Poodie Pictures

Still don't think I need to invest in the Copics......except...Love the airbrushing!!!
I made this little flower quickly out of air dry clay last night, so I could see how it would
do with the air brushing...LOVE IT. It works soooo great. Did a little bit with a paper doily stencil.
They guy that showed us was soooo bad, didn't really learn anything, .

oops, I turned them around, but they didn't get put on straight. Beautiful outdoor florist

Now for the REAL photos. might not want to see what a bad Poodie can do

Yes, he is looking so Innocent...but he's not

SEE! What did I tell you

This door closes off the bedrooms and extra Bathroom...He know just how to open it,

when he does, he goes to Staceys room and MEOWS soooo loud...mind you, this at 5 AM

So my plan was to block it. I put the kittly litter tub, vacumm, he could still get around it

So, I added a blanket on each side, He pulled it, scooted it, snuggled up in it and GOT Thru!!!

I laughed and laughed. Silly little Poodie