Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sat. Part 2 and Silly Poodie Pictures

Still don't think I need to invest in the Copics......except...Love the airbrushing!!!
I made this little flower quickly out of air dry clay last night, so I could see how it would
do with the air brushing...LOVE IT. It works soooo great. Did a little bit with a paper doily stencil.
They guy that showed us was soooo bad, didn't really learn anything, .

oops, I turned them around, but they didn't get put on straight. Beautiful outdoor florist

Now for the REAL photos. might not want to see what a bad Poodie can do

Yes, he is looking so Innocent...but he's not

SEE! What did I tell you

This door closes off the bedrooms and extra Bathroom...He know just how to open it,

when he does, he goes to Staceys room and MEOWS soooo loud...mind you, this at 5 AM

So my plan was to block it. I put the kittly litter tub, vacumm, he could still get around it

So, I added a blanket on each side, He pulled it, scooted it, snuggled up in it and GOT Thru!!!

I laughed and laughed. Silly little Poodie

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