Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Today in LA

my photos aren't great, I was using Staceys camera which I'm not use to, but the biggest problem was not getting caught taking pictures by the store owners.

Today was a hoot, Stacey and I downtown Los Angeles today, to the dirtiest, loudest, jam packed full of people part of town. I went looking for a new carpet...

Shoes, glasses,

hand bags...yes, one went home with Stacey

Look at these shoes

What do you think about this look

What team do you like...they had them all

Need a special hat, I think they have it

Skinny jeans...they have them too

We spent hours down there. The fabric district is fabulous,

Store after store of rugs. One that I was thinking about, $200

I walked away and in an instant, he said "You take it for $100"

well, I didn',t but I did realize they dicker
I had one guy go from $100 to $35 on one carpet. too bad I didn't like it.

My feet hurt! But we made some great memories

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