Sunday, May 31, 2009

Have you met.....

Dirt-Dirt. He is the sweetest scroungiest looking kitty!! LOL
My projects are not "hair" free

When I get ready to work on a project, I dump out my basket of lace to see what I want to use...
Someone thought this was WONDERFFUL

How can you get mad at a face like
Have a wonderful Sunday!
I had my giggles for the morning.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pink Saturday. Pink Things

I'm working on new magnets. I like the look of stamping the background with script.
Pink roll of ribbon, Pink Glimmer mist
Love my Crop-a-dial
Few of my pink paints

Pink Pastel
Thank you to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound

Friday, May 29, 2009

Lightbulb moment

The winner of my postcard with the bird is Colleen of Colleens Reflections
Now to tell you my problem, I mentioned I was going to show you some more Tattered Tags that I made for Pink Saturday...I took photos, I put the photos in my computer. I was ready to show you....I had a "lightbulb" moment!!! I thought...maybe Jenny at Somerset might like I shot the photos off to her....she loved them and asked me to send them I boxed them up and shipped them off.. She said they would go into their new publication Art Quilts...I'm so excited, but I'm photos to show you...I've heard stories about people showing their items, then someone else sends in a knock off, so I'm choosing to keep you in suspense for a few
Now I have to go figure out what to show for Pink Saturday...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blogger!!! ugh!

Blogger wouldn't let me write Anything!! So I had to post the pictures, then write this here. On Sunday I was able to visit blogs that have typepad...for about a half an hour before it shut down I was racing through Typepad blogs like

I tinkered with this new fabric collage today...a bit at a time, it was so enjoyable watching it come together. It measures 4X7 a bit big for a "tag" but wouldn't it look neat as a tag to a present. I want to make a few more.

Last night I did another "journal", but this one had brown "green" didn't work near as well, the gesso sunk in to quickly and it was a lot thinner...
I am still kicking around the idea of doing a video on "Creative Workshop" I'm wondering if there would be any interest in learning my roses? Just a thought.....

Paninted fabric collage

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I've been, playing!!

I just retook this top picture...out doors, it turned out
Have you checked out Collage Camp??? KC has offered a wonderful workshop, showing us all her tips and techniques...It is soooo much fun! Lipstick Ranch is the name of her artwork. Click on the icon on the right. This picture is so washed is a very warm tone
This is one of those journals you can pick up for $1.00.I wanted to try out the same technique as I did on the canvas. It worked great!! I'm going to do up a few of these for the sept sale.

Shades of Green

This is what we got when we went on a country drive this weekend.
Duck eggs, they are the most beautiful colors.
They are sooo orange...yes, the omelet was de-lish!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday...PINK PINK PINK

These look a little washed out but the are a pretty pink...ready for a pincushion and embroidery
The sketch below I gave it a wash of color. It isn't watercolor paper so it was hard to get the color to float.
The bird a postcard...I am giving it away...Please sign up on this post.
Another sketch below...on watercolor paper. It too is washed out. It is so much fun!
Here is my question (I enjoyed the flowers that you all like!!) What bird is your favorite??

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Little Tiny Salt and Pepper Shakers

I'm trying to sketch a bit each day. I thought I would share a few pages with you. I'm going to be taking another class from Lisa Kaus next mo. I'm think some of these will work using her style of painting.

How cute are these little shakers. They have glass bottoms and then you unscrew the old silver part...I've been wanting to make some cute will these be?
My question for the next giveaway I try to clean them with polish, should I paint them...what do you suggest??

The winner of the Post Card is....Judy from just a little something for you.
The winner of the 3 Marilyn from the cutest cottage lamps
Thank you all for playing along!!!

I'll be offering another giveaway tomorrow!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Paintings Roses and Bird Nest

Last night I gessoed some canvas that I had. I then added Goldens Absorbant Ground. I painted the background and altered the texture of the paint. Then a little rubber stamping, a touch of inking, gel med, glazing med, then the painting of the rose and leaves. I then did some gluing and stitching...made this little pocket, it can hold flowers or tuck a little letter inside. I really like how it turned out.

This is the other one I made last night. This one I made to sit. I added a piece of cardboard to the bottom. A little jar to hold the flowers...
Don't for get my two giveaways...scroll is the postcard and one is the 3 tags. I'll be picking winners tomorrow.
My blogging buddy Diane has these wonderful suggestions "
Picture it hanging from a door, or on a hook on the wall, or from the knob of a cabinet...or next to a pretty dressing table...
Also lovely to tuck a gift inside!
Or potpourri

Friday, May 15, 2009

Pink Saturday Givaway

I hand painted these 3 tags to giveaway...acrylics, different pencils, inks, glazing med. Please leave me a comment on this blog...scroll down a bit and there is another giveaway.
Have a wonderful Pink Saturday...

My creation
Originally uploaded by lauriescharmingdesigns.

Update on Stacey's Friend

Remember a while back I mentioned Stacey's friend went to jail. I'll try to find the post and add a link, but I just wanted to give you a quick update...We were driving to lunch when she got a text message from Chris's dad saying he was released and back on probation. She shed a tear in happiness. Then 2 min. went by and she got a text saying...I am so sorry, I sent that first text by mistake...the judge ordered him to go back to jail for 30 more days while he talks to the other judges. Good news...he wasn't sent to prison for 10 years, just yet. Bad news is he has to wait another 30 days to find out what his sentencing will be. The guy in the next cell was the bomber from Woodburn that killed a police officer at a cell murderer. There was another guy that stabbed his girlfriend 24 times (she lived) he was given 5 years in prison...
Here and Here
The news didn't make for a very good lunch.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Birdie Pincushion and a Giveaway

This is a watercolor paper postcard...I altered the front, adding a bit of vintage paper, a little rubber stamping and layers and layers of paint.
If you would like to win this postcard, please leave me a comment on this post.
It was hard to get a true color photo, the light washed it out. It has gold metallic
rubbed on it. I will pick a winner on Wed.
Here is my question. What is your favorite flower??
This little pale green birdie has been on many car trips with me and was forgotten in the bottom of my bird box, so she flew out the other day wanting to be finished. I embroidered around her neck adding little felt flowers, that I cut out with very sharp scissors. The flower is a pretty pale pink. I glittered the pins with Martha Stewart's mint green.
Listed on my EBAY

Kitties and Birdies

This little bird is a star! She is in the latest issue of Somerset Life. I'll be listing her on Ebay
For Mothers day, Stacey bought some fimo and made me these caricatures of her kitties, with real whiskers. She made these because I made her these

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mothers Day to All

I love being a mother! I have the most wonderful Daughter. I know that you all have missed the fact I havent had any drama for 2 weeks now...until today. My husband and daughter (Stacey) took me to Macaroni Grill for Mothers Day We had the best time, the sun was shining, we walked around Bridgeport Village for awhile, we didn't want to go home just yet, when my husband heard a commercial for a car we called to find out where it was, not tooo far away. Stacey got a raise at work and knew she was just about ready to look for HER first know the kind...where they HAVE to make monthly payments. She's been saving and was just about ready for the down off we went, beautiful sunny day (did I mention that already??lol) We went to Kia first...we had a discussion on how much the car could cost and how much her payments could husband is very car sauvy so I figured I'd just be in the background and watch the two of them...what fun I had. We ended up leaving Kia after they lied to us. While we were there I called another place, which happened to be right down the road....ummmm they were waiting for Long story short....Stacey bought her first car after 6 hours, got a fantastic deal, because she stuck to her guns. She found out her credit score was waaay up there (good thing)...any way...I am one proud mamma. I'm glad I'm her mom!
Color...Pearly White with all the bells and whistles!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday!!

Beverly at How Sweet the Sound always does such a lovely job of getting us to join in the fun. If you want to see other Pink Yumminess go to her blog. I cant visit any Typepad blogs again. I don't know why and I dont know how to fix the problem. Can anyone help me??
Here is a small wall hanging I made today. I have it up for sale over at my ETSY, yep, I said Etsy. lol. My plan is to get these made up for the Sale that I'll be in, in Sept..I'll list a few now and again...if they don't sell, I'll have them ready.
Have you all seen the brave lady that was given a new, puts my lip problem way down on the list for At least now I know what a "stiff upper lip" is, not sure what it

Charming Designs Pincushion

I found this beautiful vintage silver holder the pincushion is in the frosted glass dish. I made the "flower nest" that birdie is sitting on out of a piece of vintage linen. I added a touch of froofroo on the handle using vintage netting. I'm listing this on my EBAY

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lipstick Ranch Workshop Project

I have been sooo busy. I signed up for KC's Lipstick Ranch Workshop

KC Willis Collage Camp click on the photo on the right

..I learned so much. She is a wonderful teacher, her videos are fabulous. She shares soooo much. This is a wall hanging. I love learning new things. If you can, take the class if you like working with fabric and fibers and doodads this is the class to take! I'm not sure it is finished but it's close.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Sunday

Saw a sign down the road on Friday that said "Auction on Sunday" I've never been to an auction. So I asked my husband if he would like to go with me...he said..."Ive never been to an auction" which really got me to laughing...we've been married 37 years this year...and we go everywhere together (except my summer trips to Calif. with Stacey) So, if I've never been...I was just sure hadn't So we went. Got there 5 min. before it began. I got my number...I was ready...the lady said I could look around and see what was in all the we walked and talked and poked, and lifted, reached high, squatted to see what was down low. Nothing I really wanted. I passed on a basket of lace...I would have had to bid 7.50, not sure what was in the basket. There was a box of dolls, not really what I wanted...but then there was a box of old test tubes....I really wanted those, so I wrote down the number...we went and sat down, we were asked to move( we were setting on the chairs they wanted to auction I had my number ready...ready-set-wait...45 min. later they weren't even close to getting to my little box of test tubes. So we went home...I couldn't stand half our later I drove back to the auction...I went to see my box of test tubes....ummmm, didn't see them...I missed
It was actually quite fun, but makes you wonder what people want with a box of 5 ball hitches, or quilts that were soooo ugly, Hope you had a nice weekend

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I had a fun day yesterday. I visited Thrift Stores, Fabric Stores, Antique Stores, Art Stores. I signed up for an online class at Lipstick Ranch (I just love that name) and needed a few supplies. I think I'm hasn't even started yet, but I'm ready.
I had an old friend (not old as in age ) contact me yesterday saying she wanted to start up a little Mixed Media Group that would get together once a mo. or so. I've been so attached to the computer lately that it would be nice to be with human
I don't have anything new to share..I've been working on getting goodies sent off to Somerset Life. I just received my goodies back that were shown in the latest Somerset. I'll unpack them and get them listed real soon.