Friday, May 15, 2009

Update on Stacey's Friend

Remember a while back I mentioned Stacey's friend went to jail. I'll try to find the post and add a link, but I just wanted to give you a quick update...We were driving to lunch when she got a text message from Chris's dad saying he was released and back on probation. She shed a tear in happiness. Then 2 min. went by and she got a text saying...I am so sorry, I sent that first text by mistake...the judge ordered him to go back to jail for 30 more days while he talks to the other judges. Good news...he wasn't sent to prison for 10 years, just yet. Bad news is he has to wait another 30 days to find out what his sentencing will be. The guy in the next cell was the bomber from Woodburn that killed a police officer at a cell murderer. There was another guy that stabbed his girlfriend 24 times (she lived) he was given 5 years in prison...
Here and Here
The news didn't make for a very good lunch.


Vicki C said...


Jadehollow said...

So sorry for the agony Stacy is going through worrying about her friend.. I will keep them both in my prayers.. comfort for her and courage, patience and the absence of despairing thoughts for him.

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

My. I hope things work out for them.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the update, So sorry things aren't going well. There is still hope , no news is good news.
Hugs and Prayers, Lisa