Monday, May 21, 2012


 I have been quiet for a few days..I am preparing...for future workshops...I'll be painting Roses with Christie Repasy, I'm taking lots of pictures of roses, I want to learn to paint my own...its not easy finding a perfect rose
 I study her paintings, then I grab my camera, hop on my bike and search for the perfect rose
Then I'm taking a delightful workshop from Nellie Wortman over at Artful Gathering, Her classes are wonderful, a great teacher, she shares so much information, she uses Silk Sari Ribbon in some of her work...I love the look of the Silk Sari Ribbon!
I purchased some silk blouses at the thrift store...some were very vibrant. After tearing them into strips, I soaked them in color remover, then dunked them in a coffee bath...I love how they all look different
I know its not quite the same, but I like to make do.


Nellie Wortman said...

I love your ribbons....the colors are amazing!!! Great job and thank you for mentioning my class. We are going to have such fun!!! said...

Great idea with the silks!!! I'm going to try that one.
and I can't wait to hear about your class with Christie.