Thursday, August 14, 2008

Orange Goodies

I'm not sure what is wrong with me....I'm actually thinking about Halloween. It just happens to be 100 degrees outside, I'm inside with air conditioner and Im thinking about Halloween?!?. lol. I went and did a little shopping today. Here's my loot...Orange cups, does anyone know what these are called? Is it carnival glass?? an orange egg cup. a tin that held cloves, a music book, a reader book a fun is all that?? and I found a couple of jars.
We had an exciting day today...a gal called us to say there had been a large, loud party next to her last night and she called the police. Then the other neighbor came over to tell us about this party, The manager of the complex down the hill called to tell me, a policeman called me, then all the neighbors called me...So we went and checked it out...sure enough, there were beer cans everywhere...the part that really bothered us...there were cig. butts all down the hill in the brush/ lucky they didn't start a fire. Then later in the day another policeman came by and talked to us for an hour...needless to say, they will be "movin on" Why didn't we hear anything, you ask...we sleep with a fan
Please remember I'm having a little givaway on the post before this! I'm loving all the words you all have come up with.


Natasha Burns said...

Halloween will be here before we know it Laurie!!! And i will be in the States to experience it! What fun!

Utah Grammie said...

Love the orange! And, although I love seeing the kids all dressed up - giving away candy that I could be eating - well now, you know how hard that must be! Anyway, I love the orange - reminds me of fall - one of my 4 favorite seasons!

Anonymous said...

I love your orange treasures! I think the orange cups are Carnival glass but maybe there is another name that would describe that particle color. Regardless it's all lovely!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Laurie, it's carnival glass. I like it too!