Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Halloween is around the corner!!

Have you all experienced the excitement of working on something and when it is done all you can do is squeal with delight?? Thats what happened when I finished this one!! Even my hubbs commented that it was neat.
Love these little black velvety shoe/booties that I found, they aren't old, but the toes are a bit worn, which adds to the charm. I also added a piece of vintage lace to hang over the top, reminded me a bit like a cobweb...so, do you think I'm getting into the spirit?? This will be on my Ebay.


Julie said...

That one will sell in a flash! I am so ready for cooler temps and find myself leaning towards the fall colors too.

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Oh Laurie! I love everything about it--the bird's sweet expression, the "cobweb" and the subtle Halloween colors on the pins.

vivian said...

HI! I can see why you'd be squealing!! that is just too darn cute!

Virginia said...

Thanks for your visit, your things are soooooooo adorables. Have to stop at your E-Bay store.
Many Blessings, Virginia

vivian said...

Hi Laurie.. western new york.. Lake Ontario!

kari and kijsa said...

this is just too cute!! Thank you for your encouraging words... Thank you again for all your thoughtful comments, time and prayerse.

kari & kijsa

Robyn said...

So cute! Just love your birds!

Come by when you get a minute and check something out...I thought it was really cool and wanted to share! Part I & II!


Hello and Thanks for visiting me. It's so much fun meeting new gals. I love your little birdies in the shoes..:) Now I need to visit your shop. Let's visit again.
Warmly, Deb

jenjen said...

I love you site. It is so cute! Thanks for stopping by mine. Your birds are so cute! I will have to check out your store. Have a great day!

Jojo said...

Hi Laurie,
This little birdie tells me that this is a beautiful creation! Thank you for stopping by. Your creations are wonderful.


Neenee said...

I just love your bird pinkeep ~ it's adorable!

I replied to your message about the apple pattern - the link is in the reply.

Thanks for visiting!!


From A Creative Heart said...

Omg...I love your boot pincushion. Absolutely adorable!!!
Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog about my shoe. These things are addictive!!!

Shari Kraft said...

This is the sweetest little bird! Thanks for entering my contest, but you will have to go on the blog to actually enter. The button is on the left side where the crow is. You get a free ebook for entering! :)

Anonymous said...


Totally unexpected! A little black buck shoe. You're probably not old enough to remember Pat Boone's white bucks. ;-)