Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm in LOVE

Just in time for Valentines...LOVE. I made an hour drive to to Pasadena in heavy traffic
to pick up my new was well worth it.
My new love...Derwent INKTENSE watercolor pencils... ohhhhh they are so lovely

I heard this was something else I needed to try...wonderful. light washes worked great

I redrew this gal last night, I wanted to try out my new pencils. I didn't get into major
highlight and shading, just wanted to see how the melt when water was applied. dreammmmy

Have any you tried them, I want to learn more. I saw a youtube about applying them
to fabric...cant wait to try it!!


Adrienne said...

Your work is wonderful - bet your new pencils won't last long, my friend!

Penny said...

Your picture is lovely - the young lady looks beautiful.