Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Beautiful Mountains

Love going up into the trees, sitting a spell...I need to go back and sit and wait, yep, we are still waiting. No call came in today, not sure what that means.
This is a road that goes up out of Redlands. so beautiful (except for the flat tire we got!)


Ella said...

Gorgeous view; sorry about the flat tire! It looks like a great place for time out to reflect~

Barbara Jean said...

Hi Laurie.
Long time no see, on either end of our visits.

So, you used to live in this area?? of did you visit you grandma or Mom here??
We do not get out to enjoy our surroundings near as much as we should, but we did enjoy that outing.

We are heading to Point Arena for a week soon. Know anything about the area?? good flea markets??

Off to check out all your lovely work

barbara jean