Monday, October 31, 2011

Painting Page Part Dux

I tried One Step Crackle on the above pages. The one on the left I coated the whole thing, the one on the right I just did spots. It didn't work I think the plaster absorbed it.
Watercolors and a micron pen work great on sanded clear gesso
my favorite is scratching and glazing
More abstract scratching
These I waxed, since they are for pages, it went on to thick, as it was cooling, I scrapped as much off as I could then reheated with a heat gun. The one on the left has a bit of vintage lace, I plan to do a rub on transfer, the one in the middle I used a rubber stamp. The one on the right is watercolor, acrylic, scratching and wax.


Blessings from Cindy said...

Oh to have a class from you!! I LOVE YOUR WORK!! I am so fascinated by your techniques & I do appreciate you sharing what you used in each page. Someday I will experiment when I'm not trying to get trees done...or something else!

A New Creation said...

These are turning out GREAT! I also like the scratched and glazed. Thank you so much for sharing your progress.