Saturday, November 15, 2008

Painted Snowmen, Snowlady's Spoons!!!

A little primitive guy
Snowman that LOVEs snow!!
All dressed up!
A bit of GLITTER
Just hanging around
I took these off Etsy, my little spoon easels. They are still easels, but I painted on them, I'm going to list them on Ebay, along with the others.
Hanging out together

Ok, you guys really it did it!!! Yes, I'm talking to you all that left me messages...Here's what happened. EXCITEMENT!! Uh huh. yep, BIG letters!! I go so excited about you all liking my snowman spoons and coming up with other ideas...I couldn't stop painting them!!! Last night, I kicked into gear...the first one...SO CUTE...then on to the next...lovin it!!! then on to the next, I think I started a little competition with!!
I thought I might tell you how I do these,
1st I clean the back of the with silver cleaner, then wash and dry them.
2. I have this Huge Orange hammer...I hit them a few times. Its sitting on a heavy metal thingy
3. Then I try to find something round to bend it around...remember the shovels I painted, one didn't sell, so its sitting in my office (until someone comes along and buys it) it has a great handle. so I carfully bend and bend and bend, then I squish the handle of the spoon down.
4. (are you still with me...)I coat the back of the spoon with J.W. UnderCover. I do this one at a time. This is mean stuff. It is water clean up until it dries...then it will never come up, or off.
5. I love giving it a coat of Goldens titanium White...or Gesso, but Gesso is so thin.
6. Using my Goldens Ground Absorbent, I thin it down with a damp brush and put on 3 coats, drying it with a hair dryer inbetween coats.
7. Bascoat...I use Golden Paints like watercolors, on the backround, Or I just basecoat.
8. Taking one of my zillion sketches and I start in painting, I don't put on a pattern, I just go for it.
9. When dry, I brush on waterbase varnish, then the second coat I have my glitter ready. And I SPRINKLE THE LOVE all over my painting.
I don't mass produce these, they are done one at a time and I don't usually do the same one twice. So back to you guys....THANK YOU, keep the ideas coming. I'm painting, painting, painting!!


TattingChic said...

Love 'em all! They are so adorable! The Christmas Wreath is beautiful! :)

Betty said...

The primitive snowman is my favorite of these. I had no idea you have to do all that 'stuff' to the wonder they turn out so cute!! Love them all.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

They are gorgeous little sweeties!
Glitter snowman with pink flowers screams cuteness.
And to share your "method" is very generous!
Now if only I could paint like you do...
How about a "red cardinal" and snowflake one...
Or a holly tied with ribbon they'd look super christmassy and pretty

Cassie said...

I really do love these! I also like the cardinal idea. Save some spoons for Easter, they would make super cute little decorated eggs and chicks! How about pink candy canes?

The Joy of Nesting said...

Gads Laurie,
Woooo you are on one awsome creating streak!!! I think they would be quite adorable all hanging out on a vintage feather tree :c)

Pattie :c)
Mazatlan mexico

Anonymous said...

I love the little primitive guy! They are all so cute! You are so creative!


You go girl...
I love my little snowman I won from you....he has the most precious grin! And glitter it up girlfriend! I posted on E-bay today...sold something today too! The excitement you shared is contagious...I am going back to my paintbrush!

Kathy said...

Absolutely adorable!

Anonymous said...

I just KNEW you were staying up painting into the wee hours!! Laurie, they're wonderful! You are really on to something, girl!

You'll get more than .99 cents for them! My fave is the one with the glitter. So festive!


PS: My undecorated tri-cone idea is waiting for supplies from etsy to fill it! I hope they arrive this week!

Victoria said...

Love the spoons! LOVE the idea of all the glitter! Would you mind sharing what kind of glitter to use? I'm working on some French ornaments, and I don't want to cover up the pictures. Many thank!

Victoria said...

Love the spoons!!! LOVE the gltter!! Your work is beautiful and inspires me. Would you mind sharing what type of glitter you use? I'm working on some French ornaments, and want the pictures to still show through, like yours do. Many thanks!

Barb said...

Goldens Ground Absorbant.
What is that?

Love your cute spoons. My fav. so far is the little snow guy peaking out of the flowers.

Thought i might try making something like yours till i saw how many steps it takes. I'll jsut enjoy yours.

Thanks for sharing how though.
Do you sell patterns of your birds?
Absolutely love them and the pin cushions.

Victoria said...

Sorry about the double post....It's my first time posting anything!

Catharina Maria said...

Oh , I love , love , love them all !!
Love Rini

Pearl said...

I love these spoons and your painting is out of this world. The colors and everything just amaze me. I'm new to your blog and I found you through my buddy Utah Grammie! Colleen don't ya just love her.