Friday, September 19, 2008

Spa...Taking Flight

I mentioned a book that I bought recently, Taking Flight. I have poured over the instructions, I absorb as much as i can, then I take all the info and work with this is what I came up with, when I paint I am so structured, the last few years I have worked on...not staying "within the lines" and "thinking outside the box", this is all of that. I used bubble wrap, stamps, smudging, gouging and just making a mess...SO MUCH FUN!!Then I wanted a bow and it wasnt the right color so I painted and painted still didn't I went the other route and added the col of the bow to the painting. I really like how it turned out. Please, let me know what you think.
Last night I put a picture on my blog and wrote a little something, I had some very nice comments. I wanted to edit the picture only and I deleted what I said and all the nice comments. I took another photo at the hotel hoping it would look better, so please trust me, it does look better in person then in my photos.
So, I took my panel up to the Hotel to pick up the other panel, I wanted to make sure it blended in with the wall color and other paintings that were in the same area...(the spa)
I matched up the green to perfection (I even impressed myself LOL) The operations manager loved it! WHEW!! This is one of the meeting rooms
A hint of the hallway and the entryway. Green and rust are the predominant colors.
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Miss Rhea said...

Wow, it is a great match Laurie. Hey, there is not one thing wrong with perfectionism when it comes to art. I am a very controlled painter as well and stress over the smallest details. It is what makes you so good girl !! :) Love the Bubbles and the ribbon. :) Here is a thought. I think you need to write a Children's book about a Bird and illustrate it with your Birdies. You can name the bird " Miss Rhea" if you absolutely have too !! Hee hee !! lol !! Seriously, forget the Miss Rhea part, but that would make a Wonderful book !! :)

Michaele said...

Talk about gorgeous!!!!

I agree with Miss Rhea- your birdies would make a wonderful kid's book. Oooh, how about a preschool or kindergarten aged one about colors? You've made such pretty colored birds (my favorite is still the black one!)~


Patricia said...

Yes, I just bought the book, ~Taking Flight~,also. I really love it. Your painting with the bird on canvas has inspred me to get going. Your pinks are beautiful and I enjoyed reading your post. Happy Pink Saturday!!!

TattingChic said...

That looks awesome! I think Rhea's idea is splendid! Isn't that a great word? "Splendid"!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I love hollyhocks and the colors are really pretty. I am enjoying some real hollyhocks in my garden and think it would be wonderful to have a painting hung up all year!