Sunday, September 7, 2008

Apron Pattern, Stiching Patterns

This is the last day this little birdie will be on my Ebay...

Pattie from are the winner of my little watercolors... I need your address...Did you get my Email?
I also put thesepatterns on cute is this little girls dress and apron
This is a funny pattern...but old
Pansy transfer design for stitching, listed on ebay
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Tammy said...

Oh how darling your little birdie is! You are so talented! I enjoy reading your blog.

Laurie and Chris said...

Your little blue bird is so cute. I love it.

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

You make the cutest pin cushions! I made a spoon one for my mom a long time ago.
Thank you for stopping by today!

Anonymous said...

OHHHHHHHHHH I'm so excited I won I won I won!!!!!!!!!!! :c} :c}

Thank you so much and I have the perfect spot up on my inspiration wall.

Sure I have email and soon even a blog:c} However I'm going to give you one of my sons' address to mail to. I will return to the States in Oct to meet my first grand baby:c} so I can bring it home then. It is very expensive to send here, but the worse part is many times we don't receive packages sent. They all to often grow legs and fly off. You know there's a problem when even the Mexican government doesn't use the mail service!!!:c{ Besides once the custom agent opens the package and sees how beautiful it is there will be no hope of receiving your paintings!!!!!

Pattie :c}
Mazatlan Mexico